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some final fantasy 15 opinions

- brotherhood gladio was fucking hot

- noctis looks shit when he comes back

- Im glad ignis stayed disabled and not jst magically got his eyesight back Im glad they let us a have a visibly disabled character who is one of the Main Ones

- Im glad noctis is canonically disabled too even tho u can’t see it at first honestly watch kingsglaive

- luna and noctis after wedding scene wasn’t rly necessary

- tis fuckimg SHIT that nyx cameo in the game was his dead body hanging off the wall thanks square enix

- tis sad what they did to luna she had much more potential bt she ended up as character fuel cos :/ square enix Does That

- tis good that they still included prompto being careful w what he eats cos he’s scared of gaining weight Im ….. I love u prompto tis okay rly ur friends love you i love you

- I don’t fucking rly get who the hell ardyn was anyway


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When Lance sneezes he releases a small electric shock lololol do not get near him


hey you, yeah, you. the one reading this. you know, if you’re reading this that means you’re alive and you know what that means? that means you’re awesome. you’re awesome bc you’re alive and breathing. no matter what you’re going through i’m always here to talk just message me. you don’t even have to follow me bc my messages are always open to everyone! but even if you are going through a tough time, i think it’s cool that you’re still here and if you’re thinking of ending it, don’t. please. suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. it’s gonna be okay soon, i promise. just stay alive and stay strong and you can do anything you put your mind to. i love you and i care. stay alive! i believe in you and i’m proud of you, you beautiful human being!


Javier & Letty Mr & Mrs Diaz, fake married, but actually, not really. 1/?


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @rakkuguy @rakkuman !!!!!
Omg I’m really late but now that I got my new pens I wanted to whip this up in honor of our favorite part-time dork full-time amazing artist~ holy crap I look up to you dude, stay awesome @ w @


i just wanted to say that every single one of you reading this are beautiful. no matter what society says, no matter what the kids at school say, no matter what your siblings say, no matter what your parents or grandparents say. you are beautiful. inside and out and hopefully you see that and if you don’t, i hope one day you do. you are not fat. your hair looks amazing. your eyebrows are on point. your outfit is perfect. look in the mirror and tell yourself “i’m beautiful” and smile at yourself and i promise you, it’ll make your day so much better. you are amazing. you are beautiful. you are worth it. and above all you are loved. i love you. your parents love you. your family loves you. your idol loves you. please, never let anyone tell you who to be. you do you. you are your own person and what others say, it doesn’t matter at all. what you think of yourself, is the only opinion that matters. if any of you ever feel sad, lost, lonely or just want a friend, i’m always here to chat just message me! i love you, you’re beautiful. stay strong, stay alive. 🖤


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you’re almost at the end of the week, my friend! if you’re going through hard times right now, i’m so proud of you for making it through another one. you are so strong & beautiful, and you are such an inspiration to me & the people around you. i love you so much, and if you’re reading this, i wish you the absolute best for the rest of the week. ♡♡