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Thought: If Rick and Michonne hadn’t consummated their relationship the night before...

I am still confident that these two things still would have happened.  You touch a Grimes boy, bitch, you gone get slapped!

And let’s keep it real–Rick was Michonne!whipped all the way back to “30 Days Without An Accident.”

[“We can”/ “Yeah” gifs by @richonnegrimes]

Michonne was all like–”I’m going after the Governor.”  And what did Rick do? Quietly fume and make faces even though we all know he wanted her to stay home.  And when Rick was all, “I can come with you [and Carl]” and Michonne was all, “Boy, sit that ass down!” and he was like “Alright.”  Or when she was like, “I need to go to Washington,” and Rick was like, “Let’s pack up and go!” Or when Rick was like “This stuff is ours–we’re staying in this funky ass barn,” and Michonne was like, “Oh, hellllllllllllllllllllll naw, we raising up outta here”, and Rick was like, “Damn Bae, chill.  We going…”

So yeah, even if they hadn’t touched that dream the night before…they were still ride or die regardless.  Rick still would have yielded to Michonne’s, “We can.”

[But omg, the face he makes, lmao.  You can tell he is mad as hell about it, but he isn’t contradicting her.  Especially not in front of new company/strangers.  And it’s her and he’s whipped, so he just takes it.]

And that’s a big part of why I love them, and know with certainty they’re coming out of this thing on the other side together.  Like, when the series ends, they’ll be either old and happy together, or dying together.  The main part of that is, they’ll be together.  They don’t know how else to be.