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So many big milestones have been reached recently and it’s absolutely astonishing! My blog has reached over 5,000 followers (which is insane holy cow!) and recently turned 1 year old!!! Splatoon as well just had its first anniversary which is super exciting!!! :D It’s been a fantastic year and I couldn’t have asked for more! Through this blog and splatoon I’ve got to meet a ton of awesome people and made a lot of great friends along the way! :) I’m super appreciative of everyone who’s stuck around, new or old! You guys are always there for me and super fun to talk to and even to play splatoon with! Here’s to another year of splatting and obsessing over nintendo!!! c:

Also here are some INKcredible mutuals I’ve made a long the way that deserve some love! ^^

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Thank you guys sooooo much! Even if you aren’t on this list, there’s so many of you guys out there who have a special place in my heart because I always see your url in my notifications or you always leave replies and asks, and I can’t thank you enough because I really appreciate it! ;u; 


New years eve with Sherlock

A bit late but it’s something i guess. 


“It will be fun! "Y/N” I promise, just a small party. No one should spend new years eve alone.“

"I  won’t be alone” You said, “I’ll have my book! and don't underestimate the companionship that a whole season of Doctor who can bring." 

"You have to go outside, you can’t stay inside forever, Get some fresh air in those lungs!” Your roommate hit your stomach.

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His Due

Title: His Due
Fandom: Tokyo Ghoul
Verse: None
Pairing: KaneHide, TsukiyamaFood 
Warnings: Tsukiyama Shuu, unbeta’d
Summary:  These are all pleasures that are owed to Tsukiyama. He has sacrificed so much, laid waste to his sanctuary, lead comrades to their deaths, faced loss of limb and life in order to nurture and protect Kaneki. He has fasted and partaken of food unworthy of his attentions –all so he can enjoy his due when it has reached its peak flavor.

So why…

Why is it that a mere human reaps his reward?

A/N: I feel like writing this involved lots of playful dancing across the line between ‘is this TsukiyamaKaneki or is it not?’ and mostly, I don’t think it is but it can definitely be viewed as such if one has the mind to. Tsukiyama’s portrayal was loosely based off eyepatch-centipede’s headcanon here, and I’m afraid I failed to do it justice.

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