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Raise the Flag for Childhood


Imagine this:

Tim Drake retreating to the Manor to recuperate from an injury. On the tail end of his stay, he’s fed up with Damian’s snide remarks and attitude and dismissive manner and taunts. He wants to fight back but he keeps thinking of Stephanie Brown, can’t get her out of his head: “Kill ‘im with kindness.”

So he starts gathering pillows and blankets and dragging tables and chairs. The Manor has plenty. Damian, sure enough, notices, and hangs around watching.

“What are you doing?” he finally asks, when he can’t stand it.

“Building a fort. Want to help?” Tim says and offers.

A fort sounds warlike so Damian is game. Any chance to thrash Tim and get away with it. They build together, testing and reinforcing and adjusting.

Once finished, it’s huge and low-ceilinged and cozy. They climb inside with flashlights and Damian asks, “What are the rules of engagement? How is the winner decided?”

“Nobody wins,” Tim says, flopping back with his laptop to watch a movie. “It’s just for hiding in.”

Damian is torn. He feels cheated– this was going to be a battle, right? But no, Tim had never said anything about a battle. He’d just said 'fort.’

He doesn’t want to abandon it. He’d worked on it, too.

And it’s so comfortable.

So, with a low and quiet growl at himself, Damian slouches down next to Tim to watch a movie.

In their fort.

That they made together.

Tim feels like it’s a minor victory. He doesn’t realize how big it really is until the next time he sleeps over at the Manor and wakes to an armful of blankets dumped on his head and an insistent, but not derisive, voice saying,

“We are wasting daylight. Wake up. I have some ideas to improve our previous model.”

And it’s just the thing they do now, their white flag area, a neutral territory. It’s a safe place.

Plus, it’s super cozy.

9.5.16 Hi to all my new snapchat followers! Love you guys so much. Floor plans was yesterday’s focus so I was working on an A1 sheet! I’m a little worried that my models going to be too small but I didn’t want it to be big to be honest. All of what I do is small nowadays, which I really love. The floor plans required a lot of maths, so this proves you definitely need trigonometry in real life! I’m on Costa coffee free day 4 now so I’ve earned the hardcover Throne of Glass! Stay fed guys xxx emily

When we were at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa/Botswana, we learned about a lioness named Jody who is completely blind. She spends her time avoiding other lions and has never joined a pride because she can’t hunt, but somehow managed to live on her own for years. She even managed to rear 4 cubs, which is quite a feat for any lion, let alone an isolated blind lioness. The rangers couldn’t figure out how she managed so stay so well fed in the absence of assistance from a pride, so they tracked her around the park and found out that she had spent her life traveling from one warthog den to the next, dragging them out and eating them as she went. Now, lions never eat warthogs, so Jody has no competition for food. She just walks around and eats as many warthogs as she wants, occasionally getting mated by a wandering male. The best part is that her offspring have been seen in prides around the park, and can be easily identified because they are the only lions that dig out warthogs from their burrows and eat them. So basically this one enterprising blind lioness has initiated a cultural transmission of warthog eating in this park. Jody is a badass.

10 Meal Ideas for Broke College Students

Long hours on campus can be grueling, especially on an empty stomach. Cafeteria and vending machine food is always extremely pricey, and it’s almost impossible to get a decent, affordable meal on a budget. I’ve created a list of 10 meal ideas for college students to bring to school with them to stay fed and sane. Each meal should cost $2 or less, an average of $10/week.

The ingredients listed are meant to be bought in bulk and parceled out to save money. Tupperware containers are also assumed to be available. Check the Dollar Tree for great deals on Tupperware!

10 College Meal Ideas for under $2

~ Canned soup ($1.25), ziplock of mixed veggies ($.25), tbsp hummus ($.25)

~ Egg salad sandwich ($1.25), handful of mixed nuts ($.75)

~ Protein bar ($1), tbsp peanut butter

~ Caesar salad (from salad kit, bring half in Tupperware save other half for dinner) ($1) , add ½ avocado and fresh tomato slices for ($1)

~ 2 Baja Cafe burritos ($1), ziplock of tortilla chips ($.25), tbsp salsa, dip or hummus ($.75)

~ Grilled cheese ($1), tomato soup ($1)

~ Small grilled and sliced chicken breast ($1.50), roasted veggies and brown rice ($.50)

~ ½ cup cottage cheese ($.50), hard boiled egg ($.25), slice of whole grain toast ($.25)

~ 2 slices of pizza (from frozen) ($1), ziplock of baby carrots ($.50), tbsp ranch dressing ($.25)

~ Frozen entree (Lean Cuisine, Hungry Man, etc.) ($2)

I have been struggling trying to budget for this upcoming school year, so I hope this helps out some other starving students (and everyone else!)

every time i hear a straight girl say the word yaoi a year is taken off my lifespan


His words beat at her ears like the pounding of a drum, and suddenly it was more than Arya could stand. She wanted Riverrun, not Acorn Hall; she wanted her mother and her brother Robb, not Lady Smallwood or some uncle she never knew.

ASoIaF AU: Arya stays with Ravella Smallwood (but keeps trying to get away and find her family)
(requested by anonymous)

//  Anuk Steffen as Arya Stark and Eve Best as Ravella Smallwood (neé Swann)


6.6.16 pretty cool date today! Sorting out all of the things I can do around the house and with this blog now that I’m on summer holidays! Was feeling okay this morning so made a mug cake for breakfast! They’re so so easy to make in one mug, cooked in one go in the microwave! This one’s banana bread, with a cream cheese and lemon icing. Stay fed guys. Xxx emily

anonymous asked:

I have just recently came out as genderfluid, and my family is refusing to talk to me because they believe I'm just going through a faze and not talking to me will help me "get over it" faster. Any ideas?

please stay safe. it sounds as if your fam isn’t at a place where you can be yourself around them. if you need to, distract them with another topic or act as if it is not of importance to you anymore. do what you need to do to stay protected and fed etc, okay? there are lots of other people (like us!) who will love you and listen to you about your identity without risking your safety. 


The curse of kings and queens- Teen wolf AU

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A/N: it’s been a while… but I started to write this and figured I may as well share it. There’s a long introduction and backstory so bear with me XD
Words: 1294

When you were only a baby, your mother, Melissa and father, peter were kings and queens of a small country. Even though they didn’t possess a lot of land, the people stay fed, there was a rich supply of trading goods and a battle was never lost. You attributed this to the skill of the warriors in your mother’s famous army. One she had put her heart and soul into. They protected the lands and the people. Their job was more than just being a weapon, they were guardians. Other wealthy families tended to look down on your family, because of your untraditional way of ruling. Women normally held only a small amount of power, yet your mother was one of the most powerful members of royalty across the whole continent. This sadly made her a target for jealous leaders.

You had heard stories growing up about what had happened to your family, each one giving more of an insight to the truth, as you pieced together parts of information from different sources who had worked closely alongside your family. Allies you could trust.

Your mother wasn’t just one of the most feared leaders, she was also a healer, being skilled in crafting potions to heal the sick. Your father was a formidable king, he had a secret selection of spies, dispersed in every country. He handpicked these people himself and he was said to have given them the skills required to hide in forests and track, by being given just an item of their clothing, royals.

The secret to your parents luck and fortune lay in an old mountain to the west of your home. It was a place where nobody went, as rumours of the danger there spread fear throughout the country. Occasionally a foolish man would stumble to the mountain, only to return disappointed. To show courage to others they would make up stories of monstrous trolls who hid in the sides of the mountain, or dragons made of stone with diamond hearts and most of the time their tales involved an echoing howl that haunted their dreams.

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Klance and Shallura fanfic role swap, where Klance is the domestic, side relationship occasionally there for moral support and Shallura is the main flirty awkward, the fuck are we doing, holy shit I fucked up, relationship.


“Listen, Satan. You better high tail it out of my brother’s head, or I’ll stick an angel blade where the sun don’t shine!” Dean growled, looking around the room wildly.

Sam sighed, looking down at his boots. “He said, ‘Only my friends call me Satan’ and, ‘Good luck finding me.’“ The younger Winchester muttered.

Dean bared his teeth in aggression, pacing uselessly. “We have to do something! Sam can’t stay like this forever!”

Fed up with Dean’s aggression, and the pained look on Sam’s face, you let out an exasperated sigh. “Lucifer, would you pretty please with cherries on top get out of Sam’s head?” You were only half-serious, seeing as threats were getting you nowhere.

Dean raised an eyebrow at your approach. “Do you really think asking nicely will work?”

You shrugged and looked over to Sam. “What is he saying?”

Sam blinked multiple times, looked into the corner of the room where you had to assume Lucifer was, then whipped his head to you. His eyes were wide in shock and his spine was straight. “Y/N, it…worked! He just vanished!”

Dean looked just shocked as Sam did. The older Winchester looked at you with new-found respect. “Well, I guess we can call you the Lucifer-whisperer.”

Schoolteacher!Obi-Wan who has Luke and Leia in his second grade class and Ahsoka is his TA. Padme and Anakin are divorced but have joint custody so they alternate attending parent-teacher conferences and chaperoning school field trips. Whenever it’s Padme’s turn, things go smoothly on field trips - all the kids stay clean, get fed, and don’t get lost - and she takes notes during their meetings on how the twins are doing and what they’re learning in class.

But then whenever it’s Anakin’s turn on field trips, it’s like they have an extra kid in the class instead of an extra adult. He gets bored at the museum and wanders off with his group. They come back with scrapes and mud-spattered clothes like they were rolling around in the grass. They’re also all hyped up from candy and soda and Obi-Wan’s dreading the 45-minute return trip to the school. He swears he’s never approving Anakin to be a chaperone again but then during the bus ride, the kids crash from the sugar high and fall asleep. Anakin falls asleep next to him, head resting on his shoulder and twins sleeping against his chest. And Obi-Wan finds that so endearing that he rescinds his vow to never take Anakin on a field trip again. 

(Those parent-teacher conferences, though? Totally useless when it’s Anakin’s turn. He spends the whole time flirting with Obi-Wan and asking him out to dinner and all Obi-Wan can think of to say is: “I’m your kids’ teacher, Anakin. It’s not appropriate!” with a blush to which Anakin responds with: “Okay, then how about dinner in three months when school’s out and the twins are moving on to third grade?” Obi-Wan says yes to get Anakin to stop asking and start discussing the twins’ schoolwork. He doesn’t expect Anakin to remember it but he shows up the day after the second grade graduation ceremony with flowers in his hand and a reservation at Obi-Wan’s favorite restaurant (and how he ever found that out, Obi-Wan doesn’t want to know).)

The end.


Here are the explanations from the video, based on the hypothetical life of Grizmo the cat:

  • Why cats love the highest spot in the house: “Enabled by their unique muscular structure and keen balancing abilities, cats climbed to high vantage points to survey their territory and spot prey in the wild. Grizmo doesn’t need these particular skills to find and hunt down dinner in her food bowl today, but, instinctually, viewing the living room from the top of the bookcase is exactly what she’s evolved to do.”
  • Why they are always ready to attack small objects: “As wild predators, cats are opportunistic and hunt whenever prey is available. Since most cat prey are small, cats in the wild need to eat many times each day, and use a stalk-pounce-kill-eat strategy to stay fed. This is why Grizmo prefers to chase and pounce on little toys, and eats small meals over the course of the day and night.”
  • Why they peer and go into small spaces: “Small prey tend to hide in tiny spaces in their natural environments. So one explanation for Grizmo’s propensity to reach into containers and openings is that she’s compelled by the same curiosity that helped ensure the continuation of her species for millions of years before.”
  • Why cats sharpen their claws on the couch: “In the wild, cats needed sharp claws for climbing, hunting, and self-defense. Sharpening their claws on nearby surfaces kept them conditioned and ready, helped stretch their back and leg muscles, and relieved some stress, too. So it’s not that Grizmo hates your couch, chair, ottoman, pillows, curtains, and everything else you put in her environment. She’s ripping these things to shreds and keeping her claws in tip-top shape because this is exactly what her ancestors did in order to survive.”
  • Why they are always finding strange places to sleep: “As animals that were preyed upon, cats evolved to not get caught. And in the wild, the cats that were the best at avoiding predators thrived. So at your house today, Grizmo is an expert at squeezing into small spaces and seeking out and hiding in unconventional spots. It also explains why she prefers a clean and odor-free litter box; that’s less likely to give away her location to any predators that may be sniffing around nearby.”
  • Why cats purr: “Considering everything we do know about cats, it seems that one of their most predominant behaviors is still one of the most mysterious. Cats may purr for any number of reasons, such as happiness, stress, and hunger. But curiously, the frequency of their purrs — between 25 and 150 hertz — is within a range that can promote tissue regeneration. So while her purring makes Grizmo an excellent nap companion, it is also possible that her purr is healing her muscles and bones — and maybe even yours, too.”

So cats are essentially wild animals adapting to unusual domestic environments built mainly for humans. Not surprisingly, that can get a little weird along the way.

Me, when I hear people blaming Pokemon Go for people walking into traffic or off cliffs...

It’s like when people were blaming tv or music for killing. People make their own choices and do things on their own. Follow the main freaking rule… 

Eternally Yours | Loki & Eva AU | frombehindpaleeyes | closed

Loki sat along the side of the bar. His finger tracing along the edge of his glass of whiskey. From this vantage point he could see most of the customers of the small pub without being to conspicuous. He was looking for the perfect mark to sate his hunger. The thousand year old vampire was careful who he chose and where he fed. Staying off the radar was very important. Especially in this day and age. 

His dark green eyes watched as the group in the corner slowly began to rise to leave. Giving him a clear view for the first time of the pretty brunette that had been sitting with them. Loki licked his lips expectantly as he watched her friends exit the pub while she remained behind. Perhaps, it was fate. For the young vampire was definitely intrigued as he slowly made his way toward her table. 


You do not understand. Or perhaps …you do.

RvB12-9 “The Federal Army of Chorus”

Rewatching bits of season 12, and it just occurred to me.  Up until “Cloak and Dagger,” Locus thought Washington knew about the plan.

Think about it from his perspective.  Agent Washington is a True Soldier™, so what does Locus think he’s doing with the Reds and Blues?  He thinks Wash got the meaningless people to make him their leader, like Locus did with Doyle.  Wash has been using the Reds and Blues to stay alive and out of prison, just like he just agreed to use the Feds to stay alive and get off Chorus. But Washington, unlike the Feds and News, isn’t an idiot, so of course he can see what he and Felix are doing; it’s ridiculously obvious anyway.  All he has to say about it is, “Just stay away from me and my men,” which means, “These particular meaningless people are my pawns to kill when I please; stick to your own.”

If Dr. Grey hadn’t interrupted, Wash would’ve gotten a job offer.

For those weeks, Locus didn’t think Wash disapproved of killing off the population of Chorus; he just thought Wash was too territorial.  Or that he lacked ambition.