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karasuno has 4 first years split up and take all 4 of them then run, they can't catch all of you

good plan. nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan

Ayyyyyy here’s that one thing kinda finished (i messed up the layers a bunch i’m so sorry)

This is basically how I sum up their relationship. This and Alex bursting into Ryland’s room blasting “What Makes you Beautiful” by One Direction. Which I have also illustrated. 

We could all use a friend like Alex honestly… cherish him Ryland… cherish hiiiiiim….

ben platt leaving deh

idk why people are getting upset @ ben. what did y'all expect??? there is a thing called a broadway contract that every actor needs to sign. it is basically their time w the show and once it runs out, they can leave. it’s v v v v rare that an actor will renew their contract w a show (unless you’re Nic Rouleau lmao). it’s not a huge surprise. you can literally google the contracts. it’s okay to be sad about it!! just don’t be rude to the actor. seriously. there is no point.

ALSO ben is 23! twenty fricken three!! he is so young and so so talented. leaving this show gives him so many more opportunities. like yo we might see him on the big screen??? like how cool would that be???? it will be the first time since Pitch Perfect! anyways. just be kind.

im out. peace.

mon-el: *leaves his people to die (even the girl he was fuckin lol), never shows any remorse for it, never mourns for them, never gives any indication that he gives a shit, chooses to stay on earth where it’s nice and comfy instead of taking responsability for his people and ending slavery on his planet*

mon-el stans: um i see some parallels between him and moses/jesus actually!!! i mean moses had slaves i think sooo if you hate him you basically hate moses. yeah he’s totally going to free his people.

anyone with a brain:


Introducing the cold urban guy, hwiyoung

lol can people shut the hell up? emma and killian are getting married. they are the main couple. emma is the main character. it’s her story. they will get focus and promo for their wedding. they deserve that and more. this isn’t about your faves. 

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Alex B4 and Angelica Jr E5 pleeeease "Why are you crying? Philip is right there, don't you see?"

“I know, Angie, sweetheart, he’s right there with us…”

Angie cut her hair before Philip’s duel. He would have said it’s too short.

Hope is heartbreaking :)

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