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For the soulmates, #18 for stoncy please!

may or may not have read the prompt slightly wrong so instead of getting the song stuck in in your head when they sing it it’s when they listen to it. apologies for my poor reading comprehension opps.

“This isn’t going to be another one of those pretentious songs that I’m going to have to pretend to like to keep the peace, is it?” Steve’s grinning lazily over at him, an arm wrapped around Nancy’s waist. 

He still has to swallow down jealousy at the sight of them, but it’s getting easier to deal with. It hurts knowing he never had a shot with her, because he was so sure that she was his soulmate, but she has Steve. Her friendship isn’t a consolation prize either, and he doesn’t want to act like it it, so he just holds back any misguided feelings and watches her with her actual soulmate. Steve’s not a bad guy, really, once Jonathan’s gotten a chance to know him, even if he does have shit taste in music. 

“You think anything that takes more than two brain cells to enjoy counts as pretentious. Besides, The Clash is incredible, even you wont be able to argue that.” Jonathan moves to join them sitting on the bed as the opening guitar riff starts, but the stricken look on both their faces stops him.

“Jonathan,” Nancy says, her voice strangled. They’re both still looking at him, and it’s like he’s done something wrong but he can’t figure out what it is. Nancy clears her throat and starts again. “Jonathan, how often do you listen to this song?”

“Pretty often, I guess. It’s Will’s favorite, so…” he trails off, because Steve looks like he might cry and Nancy’s standing now and stepping towards him. 

“Did you used to hear a lot of classical music when you were younger?” He swallows and nods because she’s in his space right now, and he hasn’t been this close to her face-to-face since that night and he still doesn’t know what to do. He can’t figure out why Steve hasn’t stopped any of this, and when he looks over at him, Steve just looks tense and anxious, like he’s waiting for something. 

“Jonathan,” Nancy’s voice is nearly a whisper this time, “Did you ever hear two song at once?” His breath catches in his throat at that question, because he gets it now. He looks between the two of them, and everything makes sense now. He’d never told anyone about hearing the different songs at the same time, thinking it was a fluke or maybe his soulmate just liked listening to two songs at once. And then he’d been so sure it was Nancy that night at the pool, when I Melt With You had been playing in his head before he’d come across the party, but Steve was there too. 

“Oh,” he says, and feels like an idiot. It doesn’t stop him from repeating it though. “Oh.”

Jonathan was never fully sure he would find his soulmate, and now he has two. They’re both looking at him with what he thinks is hope, and Jonathan feels…

He feels. 

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when even william knows that miss ika wong is running circles around kevin and that kevin would have been gone if it weren’t for him but dre stays trivializing ika’s game.