stay calm and keep on

When your body is fighting against you, every day is a battle.
—  to all of my fellow spoonies. stay strong. stay brave. 

Requested by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing​: A Misha x reader x Jensen in which the reader is Misha’s girlfriend, but has a thing for Jensen. Jensen returns the feelings, and they surprise the reader by telling her they’ve shared before.

Word Count: 2100ish

Warning: smut, threesome

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy! XOXO

Misha knows.

You tried to ignore it, and since you realized that wasn’t going to help, you’ve just been trying to hide it. But he knows.

You’ve been caught staring at Jensen one too many times, have laughed too loudly at his jokes, have let yourself text him about silly things in the middle of the night, and now Misha knows.

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Are You Mine? *Part 1*

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Gif isn’t mine

Requested: Angst Request Please?, au where everyone see all in black and white until you see the eyes of your soulmate, reader see the colors when she see the eyes of Newt, but he can’t, she lies about the colors time pass and reader tells Tina “take care for him” and gellert hurts reader, she confess she loves newt and then dies. Years pass and Newt name his daughter like reader because reader Dreams about have scamander for last name. Sorry english is not my language. also Tina and Newt are soulmates! <3

Part 2

Thank you so much for the request! I was thinking of doing an angst fic but I wasn’t sure what to do, so this is a great request! I mean sad, but great lol

Warnings: Angst, angst angst angnsnsngnsnfddjffkdffjssjfdsj (im so sorry lmao)

Author: @xfandomqueenblrx (me)

Word count: 1,718

DO NOT post on other sites and claim as your work. 

Reblogs are fine.

Please leave feedback and ways I can improve my writing!! As they say, there’s always room to improve.

Now, enjoy!!


The sounds of trains and people rushing around filled your ears, the usual black and white colors flooding your vision. You held your bag close to you to avoid any pick pocketers walking around. You walked to the closest bench by platform three and waited. 

Today was the day you were going to meet your new co-worker. You were a trained medical assistant and you were sent by the Ministry of Magic to assist a man by the name of Newt Scamander. Reports told you that he was a researcher of magical animals, and he needed your help in case he ever got hurt. You’d never been in a situation where you’ve had to help a magizoologist before, heck, you’ve never even met one, but you were excited to start a new adventure. 

“Miss, excuse me, are you Miss Y/n?”

You looked up to see the most beautiful green eyes you could see. Your eyes widened, and looking around you started to see colors you would have never imagined to exist. A large grin settled upon your face and you couldn’t help but squeal and stand up from your seat. 

Everything looked so beautiful.

You looked back at the man standing in front of you. He had a long blue coat on and he was holding a worn out suitcase in his right hand. His eyebrows were furrowed in confusion, but he had a soft smile on his face. Freckles dotted his nose and cheeks, giving him a cute appearance. He had reddish brown, curly hair tousled on top of his head. Oh good God, could it be?

This was your soulmate!

“Miss, are you alright? Is there something wrong?”

Now it was your turn to be confused. Could he not see the colors too? No, that couldn’t be possible… Right?

Your smile slowly started to fade. “Y-yes, I’m Y/n. What’s your name?” 

“Newt Scamander. I believe you must be assisting me on my trips.” He held out his hand for you to shake. You took it, immediately feeling a spark when your skin touched. Surprised, you jolted a little bit before slowly shaking his hand and letting go.

“I’m sorry if I seem a little jumpy, I-I… Do you not see it too?” You slowly looked up to his face once again to see a confused expression on his face. 

That proved your suspicions right, then. He couldn’t see the colors.

“See what? Did one of my animals escape again?” Newt quickly looked down and checked the lock on his suitcase. He saw that it was closed shut, but just to be sure he turned around, surveying the area. 

You took this time to look down again. Tears began to fill your eyes. This man was supposed to be the love of your life, your soulmate, and here he was - unable to see the same colors as you.

It’s been a year and a half since you’ve met Newt. As of now, you were helping him research animals for his new book. Sure, it was hard knowing that he couldn’t see the same as you when you were around, but there was that small sliver of hope that still remained in your brain. Maybe it would just take him time to realize that you were supposed to be his soulmate? After all, there’s no way you couldn’t be.


As of now, you were in Newt’s case, sitting at his desk and editing his book. It was coming along well. There was still much research to be done, and Newt still had to write about some other animals, but you really felt like the book was coming to a positive end. You just hoped that you could continue traveling with Newt once his book was finished. You cherished the friendship you had with him, even if he didn’t think of you as a lover.

Meanwhile, Newt was keeping the case on top of his lap. The both of you had decided that it’d be best to board a ship to New York for your next adventure, and now it was really happening. Newt recommended that you stay in the case to keep the animals calm, and also so that he wouldn’t have to pay for another ticket. Props of having a magical case people can fit in. 

Once the ship had arrived in New York, Newt walked off the boat and went through customs. There were many other things that had happened, but Newt had refused to tell you of the events. As of now, the both of you were stuck in an apartment with two sisters. One was named Tina, and the other was named Queenie. Tina seemed to be quite nice, and so was Queenie. Newt had pulled you out of the case to introduce you to the both of them, and you learned that Queenie was a legilimens and Tina worked at MACUSA. There was also another person there, a man named Jacob. Newt told you that Jacob was just someone he met, which sounded quite suspicious, since Newt wasn’t the one to go up to strangers and talk to them. To be honest, all of this seemed suspicious.

Not only had the two of you been thrown in a strange situation, but Newt had been acting quite weird since he pulled you out of the case. You were both sitting on the couch, waiting as the Goldstein sisters prepared something to eat. When you asked Newt questions, his answers would always come out clipped and short. Not to mention, when he had introduced you to that Tina girl, he had been fidgeting so much you thought something was wrong. However, Newt wouldn’t answer any of your questions, leaving you annoyed and tired.

Queenie called for Newt and you to come sit at the dinner table to eat. Jacob had already been sitting there, fork and knife in his hands, ready to eat the delectable food. Newt sat down next to Jacob, while you sat next to him at the head of the table. Tina sat in front of Newt, while Queenie sat in front of Jacob.

You all began to dig in, except for Newt and Tina, who had been staring at each other ever since they sat down.

“Are you guys ok?” you asked.

Newt didn’t break his gaze from Tina. “W-we… Tina, can you…?”

Tina smiled and shyly looked down before bringing her head back up again. 

“I think you’re my soulmate Newt.”


This can’t… That’s not what was supposed to happen! He was supposed to be mine… mine.

Tears started to cloud your vision. You immediately dropped the silverware you had been holding, your appetite completely gone. The chair you had been sitting on screeched as you pushed back and ran out of the apartment. 

This wasn’t what was supposed to happen.

You continued running out of the complex, tears streaming down your face. After all this time, he wasn’t even yours to begin with. All that time wasted, hoping that he’d realize he was yours and you were his. Thoughts of having a family together, dreams of being able to travel and grow old together, all gone down the drain. 

Numb.That was all you felt as you kept running out on the streets, not even knowing where you were going. You bumped into numerous people, yet you kept on running. Once you started to run out of breath, you slowed down and walked into an alleyway, leaning against a wall and sliding down it. You fisted your hair and cried. It felt like your heart was broken in a million pieces.

What’s the point anymore? You’ve loved him for such a long time, only to have you feelings thrown away for a mistake made by the gods. What a tragedy, knowing that those beautiful colors you only saw around him was a mistake. What a waste of time and energy.

What a goddamn waste. 

Back in the apartment, everyone was staring at the chair you had last sat in. Jacob slowly started to begin eating again while attempting to start up conversation with Queenie. Tina was looking at Newt, analyzing his confused facial expression.

“Newt? Is your friend… ok?” Tina reached over the table to hold onto Newt’s hand. Newt looked down for a little bit, before shrugging off her hand and standing up from his chair. 

He rushed over to the coat hanger and grabbed his blue coat, wrapping it around himself. “I have to go find her.”

Queenie abruptly stood up from her chair, causing it to shriek loudly. “No, Newt you can’t.” She knew what you were going through, and she also knew that you needed time to think.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry Queenie but I have to go. I don’t want her to get hurt.” Newt grabbed his suitcase and began to make his way to the door. Queenie rushed towards him and grabbed onto his arm, stopping him from advancing any further.

“Newt, she needs time to think. I know you’re close friends, but I think It’d be best if we leave her be.”

He shrugged off her hand and looked up at her. There was a long pause, before he remembered that she was a leglimens, meaning she knew why you had left.

“Queenie… Why did she leave?”

Queenie immediately took a step back at that question. “Newt, no. Don’t ask me that. Please don’t try to use my ability to gain access to another person’s feelings. You need to talk to her on your own.” She then turned away and started to walk back to the kitchen. Newt ran his hand through his hair in stress and set down his suitcase. He proceeded to take off his coat and hang it back up.

“Queenie I’m sorry. I should’ve never asked you that, it was impolite. You’re right. I’ll just wait until she comes back.” Newt took a seat on the couch and hunched over his knees. He was extremely worried about you, and he was confused as to why you had left so abruptly. 

Tina walked over to Newt and sat down next to him. She began to rub small circles into his back, assuring him that everything would be ok. 

But for you, everything was so far from ok


ALRIGHT!!!! So I decided I would write a second part to this, because I made this wayyyyy longer than I intended for it to be. I really hope you like it though!! Also, feel free to send in requests!!! 

Love ya guys <3

Archie x Reader: Roof Top Tears

Warnings: none
Requested: no
A/N: (Y/H/C) = your hair colour

*Archie’s POV*

I woke up in a cold sweat, curtains blowing in the wind. I rolled over and grabbed my phone and started at the bright screen for a second as my eyes adjusted to the light. There was a text from (Y/N) saying to meet her on the roof of the drive-in at 3 and that she had to tell me something, it was 10 to 3 so I rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of gym shorts and a sweater. Making my way down the stairs, careful not to wake dad, I crept into the kitchen and grabbed some food in case she was hungry and made my way out the door towards the drive-in. As I walked down the street all I could think of was what she had to say. Was something wrong? I began to get nervous until I saw her beautiful figure on the roof of the drive-in.

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Daily Horoscopes - March 17th, 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to anyone who is celebrating! Please be safe during any rituals and drink responsibly (or get hella turnt but have someone keep an eye on you).

ARIES: You’re still trying to make nice-nice between family members who haven’t spoken in… oh, who knows how long? And why? You’ve put your all into it. Isn’t it time for them to start trying too? Let yourself off the hook.

TAURUS: You’re sure that keeping quiet for one second longer will drive you nuts, but give it a shot. Some secrets aren’t meant to be shared, not with anyone. This just might be one of them.

GEMINI: How can it feel like a holiday on a workday? It’s not surprising, since your coworkers are also your friends. Have some fun. You can work extra hard later on in the week.

CANCER: It’s time to get out there and see if you can find someone who’s not afraid to return a long, lingering stare without blinking. Even if they give in before you do – well, isn’t that even more appealing?

LEO: Don’t blame the family member that’s trying too hard to get on your good side. They know what they might be losing, and they don’t want that to happen. At least understand that they care.

VIRGO: After days of ‘being nice’ you’ve had it. It’s time to return to your usual style: blunt and honest. You may want to keep a secret under wraps for a few days longer, though. Think of it as mercy.

LIBRA: You’re about to meet someone you’ll find extremely interesting. The reason you’ll fine them interesting however, is because they’re just a bit ‘dangerous’. Be sure it’s only a bit.

SCORPIO: Be careful what you say now, because even if you don’t intend to be so, each and every syllable you utter could hurt someone. If you’re angry, your best bet might be to just keep quiet.

SAGITTARIUS: Someone who’s in the regular crew you associate with is considering what it would take for you to step up and take charge – basically, to assume control of the steering wheel. Don’t be modest. Agree. But ask for a contract.

CAPRICORN: What a great way to start the day – with a nice, strong dose of romance. Whether you’re single or attached, you’re going to feel like a teenager. And you just wait – there’s even more in store!

AQUARIUS: You’ve got energy to burn and it’s a good thing. The universe has arranged an extremely busy day for you – you might even call it frenetic. Just stay calm and keep the coffee intake to a minimum.

PISCES: Hopefully, you weren’t planning on getting any rest tonight, because that’s just not going to happen. You may be able to relax, but don’t count on getting to sleep early.

Don’t Tell Me You Actually Doubted Me

Marvel (Doctor Strange) One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Stephen Strange

Warnings: injury, blood, swearing and mentions of death

Request: “hi. can you please(if it’s not botherting you) write something about reader and dr. strange, where reader is injured and doctor lost his ring, and the reader needs surgery. and he had to do it himself? sorry for my english:)” - Anon

Word Count: 1,159

A/M: Your english is fine !!! Thank you for requesting, I think this is the first Doctor Strange request !

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All Coming Back to Me

A/N: This was written for @girl-next-door-writes 500 followers celebration challenge. I’ve been working on this for a while, but I’m still not entirely happy about it, I just have to post before I scrap the whole thing. Anyways, feedback is always appreciated. Betaed by the awesome @thorne93.  

Prompt: It’s All Coming Back To Me - Meatloaf

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff, language, Dean being a dick for a moment.

Wordcount: 3190

The GIF i recieved as a prompt. It fits in with the first flashback, but my computer is being stupid and it wont let me move it. 

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

Dean Winchester and I have known each other almost all of my life. Our fathers were both hunters and sometimes I would stay with the Winchesters or Sam and Dean would stay with us. We were in our teens the first time we slept together, Dean was eighteen, I was sixteen. Our relationship, if you can call it that, evolved from there, but we were never exclusive, we never had any conversations about what we were.

Over the years we grew closer, and when Sam left for Stanford, and John and Dean had a falling out, Dean came to find me. He cruised up our driveway and asked me to come with him, told me it would be him, me, the open roads and whatever cases we wanted to take. I didn’t even hesitate to jump in that shiny, black Impala of his and leave everything I knew behind. I was a good hunter, but I had never been hunting without my dad, and he was not pleased with me when I left.

For a while it was great. We hunted monsters, we helped people, and we saved lives. The adrenaline was taken out in between the thin sheets of whatever motel we were staying at.

Dean and John made up at some point and I was sure he would go running back to his father, but to my surprise he stayed with me. John was not happy about it, but after some convincing, he let Dean do his thing, with the promise that they would check in with each other every once in awhile.

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Kind People

My whole life I’ve been surrounded by people who have caused me pain. People who betray and tear me down. My mom would yell at me until I shut up. My dad turned out to be a sex offender. My family cast me out because I wasn’t what they wanted.
Neighbors that turned their backs. Friends that I couldn’t trust.
Everyone refused to help me.

I was a child. I was only a child. and everyone screamed at me. a frightened child, crying, surrounded by darkness. monsters in the dark that screamed at me. I was so scared. It was so cold. I had never truly felt loved. I was so scared. everything hurt. I was just a child.

until I turned 10 years old.
and then everything got worse


but then I met you.

you looked at me with the kindest eyes I had ever seen. a smile that struck right into my soul. I was amazed. astonished. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t believe that such a person existed. you taught me how to help others, how to be forgiving. you taught me about love.
and I clung to you.
I grabbed onto you and never let go.


you taught me to love myself, you told me I was doing a great job. you picked me up. you carried me. you did everything in your power to make me feel better. and I felt safe. I felt safe with you.

my mom dumped her problems on me

you told me to stay calm

my dad was sent to jail

you told me to keep going

my brother yelled and hit me

you told me you loved me

my mom screamed at me for not being good enough

you told me that I was brave

the world pushed me down

you helped me up

my life has been a hell hole of torture but you showed me what it meant to be calm. you were kind to me. no one has ever been kind to me.

I never knew kindness existed before I saw your face

you taught me to help others

you taught me to believe in myself

you taught me how to be myself

you taught me what kindness was

you taught me how to be amazing

you all saved my life

thank you

sincerely, a comforted boy

Shit Abled People Say #246

Lot’s of people: “you should put away your phone before you go to bed, and you wouldn’t have trouble falling asleep.”
Would be reasonable advise if i didn’t keep explaining that my anxiety gets worse at night and my phone keeps me distracted and calm until i get tired enough to fall asleep. Please listen.

anonymous asked:

RFA + V and Saeran (if you can) reacting to MC who is experiencing a panic attack?

I am so sorry this took so long. yes, I can. 

I am writing this with my own personal experience with panic and anxiety attacks. Again, they can be different for everyone. 

Fun fact, seven’s is almost exactly how one of my friends comforted me when I had a panic attack in public a few weeks ago. 


  • He’d panic. 
  • He’d want to do everything for them, but would also want to make sure to give them space and while all of that was happening he’d also want to be sure to make sure that he wasn’t worrying them even more with his nervousness 
  • If they were in public, he’d probably just pull his headphones out of his bag and give them to MC so they could focus on something other than all the sound around them. 
  • Hed try and lead them somewhere away from groups of people to somewhere quiet where they could calm down 
  • Again, he’d be willing to wait this out he wants to make sure MC is at least mostly okay before they go back  


  • She’s not especially well acquainted with how to react to a panic attack, but she does her best 
  • She’d probably keep telling them that they were going to be okay
  • She’d get them somewhere where they could sit and would try and help them focus on their breathing 
  • I know I say this a lot, but she’d probably bring them a warm drink 
  • maybe some blankets
  • She’s patient, she’d be willing to sit this out and if they want to talk about it afterwards, that’s great, if they don’t that’s fine too, whatever they want to do  


  • He would focus more on making sure it didn’t get worse than making sure it got better 
  • He’d ask a lot of questions, completely unrelated to whatever was upsetting them. 
  • Simple, easy to answer questions in a soft voice to keep them focused on something else . 
  • What’s your name? 
  • When’s your birthday? 
  • What are your parents’ names? 
  • Who am I? 
  • Where do you live? 
  • He’d probably also try and ask them about things they’re passionate about. 
  • Do they really love a certain book or television series or love talking about science or history? He’d ask them as many questions as he could think of on that topic 


  • He’s going to get upset. 
  • I’m going to be honest, he’d probably be pretty scared
  • He wouldn’t yell or anything, but he wouldn’t know what to do or how to help them and it would scare the shit out of him 
  • He’d probably end up singing to them or talking to them 
  • either way he’d tell them to just focus on him and to keep their breathing as steady as possible 
  • He’d get better with it in time 


  • He’d want to make it go away as quick as possible
  • He’d pull them into a tight hug, and would play with their hair or rub their back and tell them everything was going to be okay
  • No matter what he was working on or how important it was he’d pull up photos of kittens and would show them to MC
  • “Look how cute this little noodle is?” 
  • His main objective would be to make them smile or laugh, not necessarily to distract them from their suffering, but to genuinely make them feel better 
  • He’d tell them to breath with him, to look at him, not to worry about anything else because he has them now 


  • His methods would be very similar to Jumin’s 
  • He’d smile at them a lot 
  • Would probably hold their hand
  • Again, he’d ask them questions
  • What did you have for breakfast? 
  • Did you have any pets as a kid? 


  • He has experience here
  • He makes sure to get them somewhere calm and quiet. Preferrably somewhere with minimal, but not no background noise 
  • He wouldn’t leave them alone, but he’d also do his very best to stay calm as he talked to them, keeping his voice soft and even as he reassured them that they’d be fine and reminded them to just keep breathing 
  • He’d probably avoid touching them since he knows that can sometimes make things worse and he wouldn’t really be offended if they told him to stop talking 

anonymous asked:

hey, hun! sending you love as always. when you get a minute would you consider writing a blurb about Niall and his girl having a complication during pregnancy/delivery? just thought I'd ask xx


My hospital room looked like a flower shop.  I wasn’t exactly sure how the hell so many people sent flowers when as far as I knew no one even knew I was in the hospital, but apparently someone had seen Niall walk in with me and as things do with social media nowadays, word got around.  

Most of the flowers came from names I didn’t know which lead me to believe they were from fans.  I didn’t mind.  Shockingly enough Niall’s fans were super supportive of our relationship.  I don’t know how I’d gotten so lucky to not induce the hate I saw Harry’s girlfriend get, but they left us alone for the most part.

However the announcement that I was pregnant was met with more fan fare than the boys announcing their return to being a group.  So I shouldn’t really have been shocked that they found out the hospital and room number I was in.  I should have been shocked there wasn’t a crowd outside, but Niall reported that so far the hospital was bare of any fans.

Niall walked into the room with yet another huge vase full of colorful flowers.  He smiled,

“This one is actually from someone we know.  Bressie and the Boys.”

I smiled,

“Clearly they had a female voice of reason.”

Niall set down the vase and nodded,


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