stay beautiful

Beauty is Everywhere

This is Mihaela Noroc, a 29 years old photographer from Romania. Mihaela travels the globe, taking pictures of women all around the world in different countries and puts them into a book which she calls The Atlas of Beauty

Baltic City, Finland

Shiraz, Iran 

Omo Valley, Ethiopia 

Yangon, Myanmar 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Amazon Rainforest 

Colca Valley, Peru

El Pacio, Chile 


Nasir al-Mulk, Iran 

Little India, Singapore 

New York, USA 

Medellin, Columbia 

Havana, Cuba 

Chang Mai, Thailand 

Oxford, UK 

Tibetan Plateau, China 

Mawlamyine, Myanmar

Bogota, Colombia 

Havana, Cuba 

San Francisco, USA 

Sydney, Australia 

Taskent, Uzbekistan

Tbilisi, Georgia 

Otavalo, Ecuador 

Maori Temple, New Zealand 

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile 


Hi, I’m Tristian. This is my body.
I’m a burn survivor. Over half of my body is scarred. I’m overweight with paranoia, anxiety, depression and active schizophrenia.

These are my insecurities.

I’m making this post to reach out to any and everybody who’s ever felt ashamed of their body. I want to reach out to all of the kids and adult and teenagers who have ever felt insecure with themselves in any way possible. Anyone who feels as though they don’t fit in.

This world is filled with people who have flaws. People who have imperfections.
And I would like to strongly argue that you are fucking amazing and talented and noticed. You are beautiful and interesting and for the love of whatever you may believe in you are worth it.
Every person is worth the breath and life that we all live.

You are not the words inside of your head.

“sᴛᴀʏ ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛɪғᴜʟ. ᴋᴇᴇᴘ ɪᴛ ᴜɢʟʏ.”