stay away from vips

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Hi Anne, you beautiful person! I just wanted your opinion on something. So many BTS fans are attacking VIPs now bc both will be going to the japanese A-Nation music fest and Big Bang is the headliner. honestly, there was not one mean comment towards bts from VIPs, but ARMYs were like " bts opas, stay away from those druggies, and why aren't bts oppas headlining they aren't sidekicks", makes me feel ashamed of army. I love BTS and want to support them by sending them love and support but now idk.

Is this on allkpop? If you look closely, those who write the stuff you’re talking about are just trolls they’re really not ARMYs. At this point, I truly believe that all ARMYs know how much Bangtan respects BigBang and there is no way if you’re really a fan that you’d talk bad about other groups in Bangtan’s or the fandom’s name. So you don’t have to worry, there are a lot more level headed fans.

Look, I feel there are really some fans who are atill obnoxious but I truly believe that it’s not as bad as it was before. Some fans just are really really proud of Bangtan and doesn’t know how to properly express themselves. BUT LATELY, there are more trolls that’s taking advantage of this reputation we have and pretends to be ARMYs and keeps commenting stupid things. So every time you come across one just simply tell other people that they’re trolls and to not engage more and just let them be. They’ll stop if no one is paying them any attention.

Also like allkpop comment section is always a mess.


First pic: Yes! Victory over the stupidity! Ahahahaha! :D

Every pic after: Oh, you have got to be KIDDING me! And now they’re gonna claim to be a VIP? I don’t think so! We don’t want people like you in our fandom, and I can GUARANTEE you that BIGBANG would not approve of this. Besides the fact that EXO DOES look up to BIGBANG, they’ve admitted this themselves.