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Hawaii Five 0 7.18 sneak peek

Danno talks about retirement… can he stay away from Steve?

I can’t see him making lasagna worrying about Steve still out there running after bad guys :P 

reminders for the young wlw out there
  • it’s okay to want to have sex with a girl
  • it’s also okay to be totally terrified at the thought of having sex with a girl- internalized homophobia affects all of us to a certain extent
  • it’s okay to want to make out with a girl for hours on end (seriously, it’s totally an okay thing to think about)
  • it’s okay to fantasize about girls, even in a sexual way. you are not dirty for doing this.
  • you can absolutely wear clothes that are stereotypically lesbian, such as flannels. in the same note, you can totally cut your hair short if you want. you aren’t perpetuating a stereotype, you’re embracing who you are
  • you can also completely stay away from any clothing that would signify you might be a wlw (especially if you’re in a situation where the suspicion that you’re a wlw could cause you harm)- it’s completely your choice, just don’t shame anybody that does decide to take on that style.
  • it’s okay to not immediately date a girl once you come out. take some time to figure out your feelings, it’s okay. you’ll find somebody that you want to date in your own time, or you can just decide you don’t want to ever date anybody. that’s also perfectly okay.
  • it’s okay to dream about a future with a wife
  • it’s okay to hold your girlfriend’s hand in public and be affectionate in public. it’s not gross or icky, it’s good and cute, i promise.
  • it’s okay to come out to everybody you speak to (there’s nothing wrong with you, and if people judge you, they’re the ones who are wrong), but it’s also valid to only come out to a small select group of people. both approaches are fine.
  • it’s okay to masturbate while thinking about girls. it’s okay, you’re not weird for doing this. it’s a common thing.
  • it’s okay to watch movies or tv shows with wlw, even the ones that are cliche and really cheesy. if they make you feel validated and happy, continue doing so.
  • being a wlw is not shameful
  • you are not broken
  • you aren’t somebody that needs to be “fixed”
  • your thoughts and feelings are valid
  • you are not alone
  • you are loved

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Hello! Please, I love good pining stories. I especially love it when it's Viktor who does it, too. Could you please recommend deliciously painful pining stories but with good endings? :)

Thanks for the requests! Mutual pining fics are my some of my favourites! Here is a TON of mutual pining fics because why not? They’re amazing!

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Mutual Pining

Break the Cycle by SigmundFreud, Explicit, 26k
College AU where ex boyfriends Yuuri and Victor can’t stay away from each other. LOTS of mutual pining, arguments, miscommunication, and, of course, angst. Thumbs up!

a certain playboy by fan_nerd, Gen, 3.9k
There’s no way that Victor, Yuuri’s childhood idol, could be calling Yuuri a handsome playboy, just because they’d met eyes at two skating events. Besides, a total stranger had given Yuuri the tickets. It would be totally absurd. Love!

On My Love by RikoJasmine, Teen, 48k (WIP)
Time travel AU where Yuuri and Victor are happy aged and married, but an accident occurs and suddenly Yuuri wakes up back in Detroit, in a time before he had even met Victor. Angst and pining ensues. Great fic!

of dusk and dawn and a love beyond by exile_wrath, Gen, 5.5k
The King of Day, Victor, drops flowers to the Ruler of Night, Yuuri, to express his love for him; yet, they are always returned, as Yuuri thinks that they’re dropped by mistake. Day and Night AU!

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya, Explicit, 166k (WIP)
The ULTIMATE angst fic filled with all the pining, miscommunications, and more. Rival AU where Yuuri’s life goal, since he was a child, is to beat Victor and win the GPF. HOT and a must read.

lie to make me like you by cityboys, Mature, 80k
It’s become a game, of sorts, to anyone privy to the fact that the pattern exists in the first place: ask Victor out at the beginning of the month, date for however many days, and wait for the end to come and for Victor to say, always: I couldn’t fall in love with you. Let’s break up. OMG so good!

On Cruelty and Confusion by Torchlite, Teen, 6.8k (WIP)
The timers show three sets of numbers: the wearer’s heart rate, their soulmate’s heart rate, and the number of heartbeats until they see each other in person. Viktor’s timer goes off the moment he lays eyes on Yuuri. Yuuri’s does not. Great soulmate timer AU!

Kingdoms of the Sun and Moon by OathKeeper, Explicit, 12k (WIP)
Yuuri is the Prince and Heir to the throne of the Sun Kingdom. Before his twentieth birthday, he is due to marry Princess Mila from the Moon Kingdom, to whom he’s been engaged since childhood. Victor comes along and everything gets flipped upside down. THIS FIC IS AMAZING PLEASE ENCOURAGE THE AUTHOR TO WRITE MORE IT’S SO GOOD

Sky of Endless Love by CagedBirdSings, Gen, 3.2k (WIP)
In a Realm far above the Earth, the King of Day leaves behind roses of vivid red - all in the hopes of having his feelings reach the King of Night. Meanwhile, Yuuri wonders why Victor keeps dropping his roses. I love this AU!!

Nerve Endings by Phyona, Explicit, 42k (WIP)
When Yuuri moves in with Victor in St. Petersburg, they have to work through Yuuri’s anxiety and Victor’s secretiveness to find their balance. THIS IS SO, SO AMAZING

Like a Fairytale by lucycamui, Teen, 30k (WIP)
In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri. Lovely Cinderella AU!

Healthy Impropriety by mtothedestiel, Explicit, 29k
Victor is the wealthy master of the Nikiforov estate. At a society party he’s swept off his feet by the mysterious, suave, and very drunk Katsuki Yuuri. Victor aims to declare his love and secure Mr. Katsuki’s hand in marriage, but first he has to find him! THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVE FICS EVER

Lessons in Love by fangirlandiknowit, Mature, 21k (WIP)
All Viktor wants is for his son to be happy - and if that means spending countless hours at the ice rink, a million more in the ballet studio, and devotedly cheering for Katsuki Yuuri at every competition he enters, then that is precisely what he’ll do. LOVE!

Everything on Fire by SakanatoAi, Teen, 28k (WIP)
In an alternate universe where the physical closeness between two soulmates is measured by body temperature, Yuuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov have spent their entire lives chasing after fleeting moments of warmth. Awesome soulmate AU!

Masks off by emulikule, Teen, 27k
And so the story goes that a playboy comes to a town, makes it fall in love with him and then proceeds to get himself enticed by the most mysterious person there. SO GOOD OMG

Chocolate and Ice | Yuri!!! on Ice by TheLoyalMouse, Explicit, 2k
Victor wants to touch him so badly - but how can he, if it means it would taint the most perfect, innocent and pure human being he ever met? Surely, Yuri’s heart is not for him to take… Bonus Victor POV!

Dancing Daffodils by grayclouds, Mature, 33k (WIP)
Greek God AU where Yuuri is the god of Eros who falls for Victor, a man secluded/banished from the rest of society. Very sweet, and the mix of Greek mythology and YOI works amazingly well. Definitely recommend!

Looking for Courage by icterine, Explicit, 17k
Victor’s soul rejoices with their meeting. A fleeting attempt to steady a drunken stranger sets his heart afire. It’s all he’s ever dared to wish for. LOVE!

centripetal force by braveten, Explicit, 60k (WIP)
Victor speaks seven languages. (Physics isn’t one of them.) Luckily, though, he ends up rooming with his antithesis: a shy, black-haired boy who just so happens to be a physics major. LOVE this!

Super Sappy Lines Prompt List

Because sometimes you just want to write the sappiest shit you can handle.

  1. “I’m in love with you.”
  2. “Please don’t leave me.”
  3. “It’s always been you.”
  4. “Shut up and kiss me.”
  5. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”
  6. “I can’t wait any longer.”
  7. “Can I kiss you?”
  8. “Can I touch you?”
  9.  “I missed you so much.”
  10. “Stay with me forever.”
  11. “I thought you didn’t want me.”
  12. “I want you. Only you.”
  13. “The way I feel when I’m with you…”
  14. “I’ll always love you.”
  15. “Please marry me.”
  16. “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”
  17. “Because I love you!”
  18. “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”
  19. “I can’t stay away from you.”
  20. “I’ve been waiting all my life for you.”
  21. “I’m better when I’m with you.”
  22. “You make me so happy.”

PS if you write anything from this list, will you tag with #sappyprompts so I can see it? <3

i made this little doodle for twitter for a little pick-up-er i hope it helps ;-; have some smiley Gabe and cheeky Jesse

in this very.. dark time.. uogh my sister and i stayed up till very late watching the tellie and we all feel like death -lies on the floor- the weather here in nyc shows it tbh.. 

Gabriel Reyes & Jesse McCree©Overwatch/Blizzard
-lies on the floor-©me

but on a serious note most people don’t have the same intentions for you as you do for them and you’ll break your head tryna figure out why you’re not good enough when really it’s them who don’t deserve you in their life.

things about this text message + pic update that Kill me;

  • the communication. they’re regularly texting now, even hasn’t disappeared and is actually starting conversations, isak doesn’t hesitate when he admits to stalking him, heart emojis, the whole i’ve-gotten-used-to-your-bed-so-i-dont-like-mine-anymore. my god, they’re so open and honest with each other. isak even asks who mikael is and doesn’t seem embarassed by it all i’m Thriving
  • heart emojis
  • heart emojis
  • even checking up on isak and making sure he’s doing his work, even offering to help him study
  • they’re in such a honeymoon stage, they literally can’t stay away from each other, or keep their hands off of each other.
  • even ! serenading! isak ! is a thing!!!!!! on text and off text!!
    • he probably sent isak those lyrics bc it reminded him of isak
  • they’re so into each other!!!! and they’re not trying to deny it!!! they both want to be with each other all the time and tell each other that!!! wow!!
  • they’re so happy and Soft and Together
  • can i repeat; 5 days that Isak and Even have been together and Happy. 5 whole days. we’re so blessed i love them
  • even practically lives at isak’s place and no one seems bothered by this im
  • ahhhh!!!!!
Subject: whatever

I am sorry about what i said to you these morning when you took my quiz from me, and to let you know i was not cheating I was reading through the section in the book. Not to find the answers butto study so ya. I did what i did for a good reason i did study for the quiz and just did not get it so i opened my book to look it over. I am sorry for what you call cheating which it was not. So I wanted to tell you that i am sorry for saying the things I did, and will not happen again if you stay away from me and don’t get me mad . So on Monday we can start fresh and you should not touch me things.

How dare they threaten our lord and saviour Maccachin like this


Look at you, so scared. When did you become this person who fear everyone and everything? When did you started to worry about what they think of you? You can just be you. You can listen to your favorite songs without worry about what the others gonna think. You can stay away from people who don’t add you in anything, but decrease your identity and stole you away from the person you are. You can be all by yourself, if that’s what you want. You can say yes to yourself. You can sing out load and dance until your legs hurt. You can have fun by yourself. You can say what you think, say what you wanna say, since your words don’t hurt anyone, or affect in negative ways, since it’s what you wanna do, since you’re not what they want you to be. Why are you so scared? You deserve better, have to give yourself the better. Don’t let people ruin you. Put your positive energy in things that make yourself confidence and well being better. It’s your life. Don’t wast time waiting for tomorrow to live. Take risks. Say no when you want to say it. Don’t be scared. Be yourself!
I May Have Made Her Mad

Peter x Reader

Derek wasn’t sure when, how or why he’d befriended you or when exactly you’d ended up living with him and Peter in the newly renovated loft but it had happened and he wasn’t going to complain about it. Peter thought you moving in was the best idea Derek had ever had, he adored how frustrated he could get you just by smirking after a mean comment, or how if you got to upset Derek would step in.


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Reaction (Big Bang): When someone flirts with their girlfriend (you)

T.O.P: (Ignore caption) “You stay the fuck away from my girlfriend.”

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G-Dragon: “You enjoy that while you can, because she’s going home with me, not you.”

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Taeyang: “This guy is testing my patience.”

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Daesung: “Oh haha you’re so funny. Now leave her alone.”

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Seungri: “Look G, this fool thinks he has a chance with my girl.”

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I got released early, which is a blessing (cuz fuck cannulas in general), tho I still need to take it easy next week.

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He’s got Harry’s schedule memorized, more because the guy keeps following him around than anything, so he doesn’t bother looking around before climbing behind the wheel and setting his bag on the passenger seat. It’s a Monday, which means that Harry doesn’t even get out of bed before noon unless he’s planning on harassing Louis.

a college AU set in San Francisco where two lost boys who seemingly have nothing in common find inspiration, each other, and themselves in the process.

Louis Tomlinson hates Harry Styles and wants absolutely nothing to do with him. Too bad fate has other plans.

[AU where Louis does ballet and Harry is the epitome of everything Louis’ friends want him to stay away from]

Few can handle Louis Tomlinson on the dance floor, much less match him in skill and fervor. Louis has obviously met his soul mate; he just never expected him to be wearing a red snapback and to chew gum like an entitled Mercedes owner.

Harry’s a frat boy who is head over heels for Louis and Louis wants nothing to do with him.

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