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Is there any fic where something bad happens to Stiles (like harassment or worse) and Derek is there to comfort him and it becomes fluff ?

Try hurt comfort and protective Derek :)

Anon #2: do you know of any fics where stiles and Derek are together but stiles thinks it’s really casual and Derek thinks they’re in a serious relationship? This blog is amazing, thanks xx

Mmm, misunderstandings is a pretty safe bet for those. Also, oblivious Stiles. Bless him.

Anon #3: Do you have any fluffy fics where Derek or Stiles doesn’t know how to tie a tie and the other does it for them? Either a wedding or prom fic?

Weddings! I love weddings – drinks all around! How about Stiles and Derek as wedding guests, or gettin’ hitched themselves? Ties not guaranteed, but likely ;)

Also, prom fics.

Anon #4: I looked for this tag but I don’t see it anywhere, but maybe it’s just worded differently? Do you have a tag for fics where they argue a lot and get so frustrated at each other that they sleep together?

Yaaasssss, angry sex!

Anon #5: hi do you have any trying for a baby fics? Rather than just general mpreg, but specifically trying for a baby?

Ummmmmm. How about breeding kink? Those usually mention babies (/pups?)

Anon #6: Oh god can you please just rec some fics where Derek wears a bulletproof vest I don’t care for anything else, thank you!!

Haha. Try police officer Derek and agent Derek. Featuring many bulletproof vests, and more besides: Derek in thigh holsters, Derek in obnoxious aviators, Derek staying late at the station just to crack this case… mmmhm…

Anon #7: Hey, I’d like to know if you could rec me some fics where either both or one of them almost dies.:)

I love that you added a smiley face at the end, there. Near death experiences are over here.

Anon #8: Hi. I was wondering if you a had like a politics/gov tag with stories like “A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel”. Things like 1st family, senators, or presidential fics?

Try the politics tag. Also coffeeinallcaps’ First Son Stiles Stilinski (tumblr fic) tag / drabbles will make you despair because she’s an awful human ♥ :)

Anon #9:  Hii sorry to be annoying but I’m kind of new to this fandom and I was just wondering if you had any fics where either if them are having a sexuality crisis? Random I know but yeah :)) sorry haha but thankyou in advance

U-S-T! U-S-T! For real, try the unresolved sexual tension tag. Also, try the coming out tag. Crises ahoy!

Anon #10: are there any fics where derek’s wolf wants to please stiles? like give him little gifts or s/t? or like the wolf’s simpler mind where he gets jealous easily over others being around stiles so the wolf tries to impress him?

General Derek wooing Stiles, and also jealous Derek. Failwolf Derek also has lots of terribly clumsy, cutesy attempts at wooing.