stay at home artist

Current desk vibes, listening to Spotify’s Detox playlist cause it’s the right kinda background chill for this sleepy Friday 🔮🌿✨

After years of keeping Tom company and helping him climb his way to the top. Barney the ladder put on his twitter feed that him and Tom have split. Barney will stay in Malacca when Tom returns home. Barney puts the split down to artistic differences but sources close to the couple say that Barney has been seen with a step stall named Graham. Tom has yet to comment. @ladywyldfire @clojury snugglyhiddles munchkin80 eve1978 the-haven-of-fiction vampirewithbedsidemanners angryschnauzer jdmookami d-m-jonas

Dear any future children I may have and niblings I will have,

You can be anything you want, I will support you. You can be a doctor, nurse, fashion designer, teacher, makeup artist, nail tech, stripper, escort, stay-at-home parent, YouTuber, etc. and I will support it. You can be gay, straight, bi, trans, agender, asexual, 2spirit, genderfluid, genderqueer, pan, ace, aro, etc. and I will love you. But. If you ever tell me, or I hear that, you’re 1. bullying someone or 2. a republican, libertarian, pro-life, MRA, or conservative, we’re going to have an issue.

I really like it when a person’s profession leaks into their everyday appearance. Whether it’s something very blatant like the tanned, callused hands of a farmer, or more subtle things, like the faint scent of baby powder that lingers on a stay at home mom. I love the ink stained finger prints of an artist, the grease stains on a mechanic’s trousers, I dunno man it’s just so cool how much you can learn about a person by looking at them