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so for the remaining Top Five ask meme posts, i’ve decided to consolidate into a series of three huge posts instead of destroying people’s dashes with replies.  for a series of fun, ridiculous headcanons, follow the readmore!

  1. Playboy Nikiforov will cheat on Yuuri with the entire Russian Hockey team, and Yuuri will come crying to him and eat katsudon piroshky in his bed and Yurio will be allowed to brush the bangs out of his eyes as they lay facing each other, knees knocking together.  “You can stay as long as you want,” Yurio would say.  (Except Victor is incredibly devoted to Yuuri, and the Russian hockey team only has eyes for Yuuri anyway.)
  2. Victor dies from a Terrible Disease.  In his last conscious moments, he grabs Yurio by the hand.  “Take care of Yuuri,” he says. “He’s always loved you.”  “I will,” Yurio responds, unplugging the life support.
  3. “Yurio, the way you landed that quintuple axel jump after only two weeks of practicing, despite it being physically improbable makes me super hot,” Yuuri says, pushing him against the rough edge of the lockers.  “Please, take me now, take me now and wrap your well-toned and physically superior legs around me.”
  4. Victor Nikiforov decides to make a deal with an angel to see a reality where he’s never been born, where Yurio and Katsudon got together instead, and he sees how happy Katsudon is to be constantly challenged and sexually satisfied by Yurio he completely fades from existence.
  5. Yuuri showing up at his hotel room at three in the morning. His eyes are red.  His smile is shy, but real.  “Yuri,” he says, and the way that Yuuri says his name, his real name, is so open and meaningful.  “You’ve always been—I’ve always—“ Yuuri in his mind has said, but never finished.  Yuri’s never let it get past that.  It hurts too much.

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on inevitablity

More on Percy and mental illness, definitely a companion to “on panic” and “on being older”. Written for @arkhamarchitecture, who said something that made me think of it.

She can’t put her finger on when it happened, exactly.

Vex watches him, twisting the ring on her finger around and around. (It’s beautiful, and perfect, and so heavy on her hand.) She watches him start sketches in his notebook and never finish them. She watches him as he starts to sleep in even longer, then stay up for two nights straight because he let the responsibilities he took from Cassandra’s shoulders slip.

She watches him force himself into intimacy. He gets off, and he never pushes her away, but she’s started counting how long it will take if she doesn’t initiate affection herself.

“Trinket, dear, go let Percival pet you for a while.” She sends in the bear, because she knows that will be less pressure. (Vex wants to ask Trinket after, if Percy’s said anything to him, but that’s not fair.)

She joins them one day, her fiance’s face buried Trinket’s side as he strokes the soft fur. Vex sits beside them and leans into the bear as well. “Percy, I think we need to talk about something.”

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Mojo Rawley/OC: Mojo wants to show you just how long he can stay hyped after a match. Smut. Requested by anon.

Ya know, I was gonna stay away for a while longer, but then @fuckyeahbulletclub made a good point. What better day for me to come back than to a party? And it’s Thirst Party Saturday, bitches! And ya girl is back. It’s lit. 

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chico-nico  asked:

Jumin headcannon if MC stayed at the apartment (let's say the whole penthouse situation never happened) and ends up being almost kidnapped by Unknown and finding out. I really adore your blog and Jumin going into protective mode over the ppl he love \(^_^)/


I love this idea so much! And after you someone else sent me a similar request and omg I like this so much so I’m writing both because I didn’t realise how much I needed this until now. 

Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like my blog. 

These got really long. I’m not sure how good they are, sorry. I ended up taking a long break and it’s another one that’s kinda more like a fic in headcanon form, sorry.

Hope you like it!

Warning: there are so many spoilers here for like, every route tbh I don’t know where to start. 


  • He knew it was irrational to want MC to want to come stay with him, even if it was for their own good. They’d only met a few days ago and even then it was only online. 
  • Surely, from past experiences, especially experiences that happened less than a week ago, they should know better to trust people they meet online when they’re told to go to a stranger’s house. Even if they had spoken over the phone, they’d never seen him face to face, even in a video chat and in turn, he’d never even seen their face. 
  • Even thinking about it that way, it wasn’t logical to invite someone you met less than a week online to come and stay with you and they never asked if they could come
  • Not to mention the fact that even Seven seemed to be working his ass off to make sure that they were safe in that apartment. He knew about the cameras, the fact that the hacker was always watching to make sure everything was safe for them. Surely everything would be okay with someone constantly keeping an eye on them 
  • Even if MC came to stay with him, they’d be alone all the time. He still had to work and he knew, even with how much he loved her, that Elisabeth 3rd wasn’t the best company when you were completely alone all day…
  • So reluctantly he stayed quiet, put on a brave face and acted as happy as he could ever time he messaged MC in the apartment. Even if his calls became more frequent, more emotional in general he didn’t let any if his fear show. Nobody knew the hacker’s intentions for leading them to the apartment in the first place, but they hadn’t heard from him since and it had already been nearly a week, so it was possible that was it. 
  • Then the emails came, and everyone had had the same assumptions that they were just spam until it was clear that the one one of them to not get the email was Seven. 
  • Things only got worse from then on. 
  • Seven came into the chatroom in the middle of the night in a complete panic, not making any sense, but saying that MC was in danger and that they couldn’t leave the apartment under any circumstances. 
  • And he knew it was all his fault. If he’d tried to talk to them, tried to get her to come and stay with him, than he could have protected them, but he didn’t and they were in danger and  the hacker had resurfaced
  • And Seven was refusing to answer any of his phone calls no matter the fact that Jumin knew that the other constantly had his phone within arm’s reach in case something happened or MC called.
  •  MC was in danger and he had no way to help. He didn’t even know where the apartment was, let alone how to help her get somewhere safe and he didn’t even know what kind of danger they were in
  • V refused to answer any calls 
  • When he got the call he could hardly breath because all he could hear on the other end of the line was MC’s panicked breathing and the fact that they were sobbing so hard that they couldn’t speak 
  • After he finally managed to help them breath they managed to tell him just how afraid they were of everything that was going on and that they didn’t understand
  • The next day when Seven finally told everyone about the bomb was even worse. 
  • He took the day off from work. Instead he went to visit Seven’s house, barely containing his anger as he demanded to know where MC was, but Seven refused to say another word. 
  • Countless calls to V all in a row, scattered throughout the day, whenever he could, but there was still no response. He couldn’t help but think that V was avoiding him on purpose. 
  • It was nearly three in the morning, Jumin couldn’t sleep from the fear that something would happen to them, when he got the call from Seven. 
  • It was a quick call and he could hear the exhaustion in both of their voices as the spoke, as Seven gave him the address, begging him not to go there in person Or MC would be in even greater danger. Still, that was all he needed to know to get guards to the apartment. 
  • It wasn’t as much as he wanted to do, but it was something. 
  • Ideally he’d be there with them, somewhere safe, but he wasn’t. They weren’t. 
  • He got a call from one of the guards a few hours later, early enough in the morning that he’d started to think that nothing would happen, that there’d been someone in the apartment, that they’d tried to hurt MC and that they were okay, but they were in a complete panic 
  • He didn’t hesitate to hurry to the apartment and get them out of there. 
  • He brought them to the penthouse with them. it didn’t matter that they’d met a week ago. it didn’t matter that they’d only spoken online and through their phones. He cared about them and almost losing them like this terrified him more than he thought was possible. 
treasures once found  - preview

continuation of treasures along the shores of Busan

Genre: romance, angst, supernatural

Rating: T+

A/N: I wanted to have the entire series finished for Hoseok’s birthday, but I had another long fic to write the past few days. The first part will be up next Saturday. 

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the cold end of winter passes
until the spring days come again
until the flowers bloom
just stay a little longer in that place
please stay

-“Spring Day” by BTS

** Excerpt:

You huddled deeper into your coat, hiding your nose in the collar and pulling your bag onto your lap. Tipped over onto the window, you could look outside at the world flying by, the dried, brittle grasslands of the countryside dusted with a fresh coat of snow. A small town flashed into your sight for several seconds before passing by in a whirl of color, christmas lights wrapped around suburban homes and barren trees beneath a grey, cloudy sky.

The train felt cold, colder than it had when you’d been sitting on the platform that morning, long before the sun had risen over Seoul, but you could ignore the chill slipping through your coat and jeans with the knowledge that you’d be home in less than an hour, that your parents would be waiting for you at the station with the hug you’d been aching for since you’d headed back to school two months earlier, that it would take just ten minutes to get back to your home and snuggle under the covers of your bed and just sleep until Christmas.

When the glass started to freeze your forehead and burn, you sat back in your seat and shoved your hands in your pockets. A sharp cut broke across your thumb, and after flinching slightly, you pulled the photograph out of your pocket. With a quick check at the only other person in the compartment, the elderly woman wrapped in several shawls that had picked the large, handicap seating on the other end, you lifted the picture in your fingers.

A boy with bright orange hair and warm brown eyes waved at you from the frame, his lips stretched in a wide grin, the sun catching onto his bare back and casting a gold outline over his skin. He’s half immersed in the ocean, the water’s surface settling around his waist and clouding the top of his tail with brine and sea foam, but the cresting of bright green and blue scales began from the hops and descended deeper into the murky water, a hint of what lied beneath the surface.


You looked over the photo, from the tight, wet curls in his hair, his golden skin smooth and bare in the afternoon light, the almost childlike innocence and curiosity in his eyes. It’d been a long time since you’d smiled like that. You’d taken the photo just before you’d had to head back up to your house to pack, after he had introduced you to his friends. Or rather Hoseok had introduced his friends to the human that had saved him from being sold at an auction or something just as terrible. His friends had been equal parts cautious, curious, and excited to talk with a human—well, the younger ones, Taehyung and Jimin , had been at least. The older ones had hung back around the deeper waters of the shore, watching over the two youngest and Hoseok protectively. You were pretty sure the smaller one with black hair had been holding a weapon. But they had all thanked you for saving Hoseok’s life.

That night and the following day still felt like a fever dream. The dock, the tarp, the avalanche of fish. The shock of finding Hoseok, the almost immediate realignment of your worldview—Wow, mermen, evidently a thing. Dragging him and his tail down to dock. Watching him slip into the water, and then rising again from the ocean the following afternoon, six more in tow. The photograph had reminded you that: no, the stress and the anxiety of returning to Seoul, your shitty dorm room, your hectic, nauseous life had not driven you into a psychotic break. Mermaids were real. Mermen. Mer…people.

The door opened at the end of the train car, and a ticketmaster walked through, his puncher held in his right hand. You quickly stuffed the photograph back in your pocket and pulled your ticket out of your bag. He glanced it over before nodding and stamping the fold and handing it back to you without another word. When he walked over to the grandmother at the back, you sighed and tugged your coat tighter around you again.

It’d be smarter to move further away from the window, where the chill of the winter outside continued to slip through cracks in the frame or permeate the glass. But you wanted to watch the landscape grow more familiar with every mile that flew by, wanted to know the exact moment that you were home.

So you leaned your head against the headrest and stared outside, your thumb brushing over the folded photograph in your pocket.

A/N: hope you’ll look forward to this :) it was inspired by Spring Day to an extent.

I want opinions-

Do you think Eleven will meet her mother Terry Ives in Season 2? Do you think she’ll meet her aunt as well?

I’m curious to see how that would play out, considering Eleven’s aunt doesn’t really believe Terry that she’s alive, I imagine she’d be a bit shocked meeting her for the first time, and who knows how it’ll go down if they see Eleven’s powers. What do you think?

storiesfromthevoices  asked:

I have been with my gf for 5 years now. We are thinking of getting married. She knows I want to transition from male to female. She supports it and she is bisexual (technically), but she is obsessed with how hrt will impact erections and with the fact that she will be seen as a lesbian. She said we might not stay together if I transition but that I should anyway. She seems to think that I am feminine looking enough, so I don't need hrt. I don't even know what I want to ask, I'm just distressed.

I am impressed with her honesty, but I personally believe you should do what you want with your body. 

My only advice is to have a sit down, a long talk about where you both stand with this relationship. What you both want as individuals and together. I understand you want to be together, but if hormonal transitioning is something you really want to do, you need to do what makes you happy. It’s always good to get the views of your friends, family, and partner, but ultimately the decision is yours.

I hope that helps


anonymous asked:

I'm like the opposite of what you just said in that personal post tbh. I really want a gf, but I don't really feel comfortable outing myself to anyone really, but especially someone that doesn't feel the same (aka straight girls) so I'd rather just date a guy and maybe come out after I've gotten comfortable with him and stuff (regardless of if he was straight or not, like I feel like if he was also bi, (or pan or whatever) I still wouldn't want to say something right away)

I’ve felt that way for a long time as well! I’m not in a place (both physically and mentally) where i feel comfortable coming out, or risk getting outed. I’ve tried casually dating straight guys, but me staying in the closet means i’ve to keep a huge chunk of myself away from them, you know? That blocks me from fully connecting with them, so the romantic bond never really forms. :/
I also don’t prefer dating cishet guys in general because i feel like they don’t really understand. I know there are great guys out there, who empathize and recognize their privilege, but they’re not common to run into, esp not where i’m from. I feel a strong kinship with other queer people, i feel like we really get each other, and with cishet guys i just can’t have that connection? I can’t risk forming a close bond with someone and then hear them sprout homophobic bullshit afterwards. I’m sorta all or nothing, and if i’m in a relationship i really commit to my partner. I don’t think i could risk that kind of disappointment. Which leads me to be this awkward bean who avoids romantic relationships like hell-hounds are on my heels lol

eta: don’t reblog this or discourse over it lmfao we’re just talking dating preferences wth

anonymous asked:

it was something along the lines of: my problem isnt as big as the other anon but i want some advice too... my friend just started cursing at me and calling me stuff that really hurt my feelings like pointing out my insecurities and all of that ... "youre no good you are too obsessive and annoying you dont know when to quit or what boundries are you arent anything but a short piece of shit who wants nothing but attention because they're self conscious"and i dont know where i went wrong..

Yo, constructive criticism is one thing. They may think they are helping you but tbh as long as they are putting you in the spot and refusing to talk to you properly they are making a dick move. Is it possible to stay away from them?

anonymous asked:

I am writing about a boy who is in love with the most loved girl in a school; they are in a secret relationship and are actively keeping it that way. I have wrote one chapter already, but no idea what to do next, could you help?

I can try! :D

1. Let someone else in on the secret. This is great for adding drama, especially if this someone is threatening to tell. Secret relationships generally don’t stay totally secret for long, so let someone catch them locking lips or holding hands.

2. Explore WHY they’re keeping it a secret. You may have explained this in the first chapter, but if not, definitely explore it here. Does the girl want to protect her reputation? Is the boy afraid of how people will react? Does this cause tension between them, or is it a mutual decision?

3. Introduce an outside conflict. One of their parents’ getting divorced, a sibling with a chronic illness, a struggle for a college scholarship, or a classmate being murdered are just a few of the things that can make it harder for them to remember that they’re supposed to be hiding their relationship.

4. Make them suspicious of each other. Not going to lie, I hate the “you’re talking to that person an awful lot, are you cheating on me” trope, but that’s a personal choice. There’s a reason it’s incredibly popular, and if they’re hiding their relationship, it’ll be easy to let their minds play tricks on them.

5. BACKSTORY! Explain how they ended up together, or go back farther, to how they met. Why is she the most loved girl in school? Is he unpopular, or somewhere in the middle of the popularity chain? Have they always lived in the same town?

These are just a few different options. I hope one of them helps! :D


So Im going to disappear for a little bit. Today I did something stupid, let my mind and thoughts and want to die get the best of me and I most likely fucked up two friendships. The people involved could say I didnt but I did. I need to leave for a little while and think about what I did, and to try and figure out a couple of things. Its my fault, dont lie and say it isn’t because it wont help me. 

So I dont know how long I’ll be gone. If you unfollow that’s fine dont pressure people to stay, really I dont. IF you stick around. Awesome that’s very kind of you. I just need to step off and think about some things. 

Thanks for those who have supported me and shown or taken the chance to care about me.

I just hate myself too much right now. And what I do. I will draw when Im gone, posting most of it on a new DA account that I made, no I wont be sharing. I’d rather be left alone. When I come back I’ll post something. So you know I’ve returned and things are somewhat okay. 

If you try to contact me whether its here, skype, or my personal phone number and I dont respond or take a bit. Its mostly because I’m not ready or I’m just really bad at responding to people. Which I am. 

So I hope you all have a wonderful day and week, I’ll be back when I can

Hypno :)

anonymous asked:

Could you see any of the main cast leaving next year is season 7 is a go? I just can't see the show staying on its feet with any kind of cushion and support to bridge the gap. The only idea I think would work to everybody's advantage is having either half or a full season 7 with as much as the main cast as possible and ending it properly. I know Adam and Eddy have a vision, and I get they would want to continue the show as long as possible.

Could I see any of the main cast leaving next year if season 7 is a go?

Yes, I could definitely see Robert leaving. It’s clear he’s over it (refusal to show at SDCC when he was scheduled to be there) And if he’s gone, I wouldn’t be surprised if Emilie is not back either.  I’m not sure there is a point to Belle without him. 

Other than that, if the show wants the rest of the regulars back, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see them all return. We know where JMo stands from her interview. I know many people have speculated about Josh and Ginny wanting out, but the show has been pretty dang good to them. Reducing their storyline (ie the amount they have to work) when the kids came along etc. Seems like a pretty sweet gig to me, especially when it’s probably for just one more year. 

vivithefolle  asked:

It feels so nice to see the Black Cube win at life. This episode really feels like it wants to comfort you and it's great.

I think the whole show wants to comfort everyone with its positive attitude and lessons but yeah, “The Black Cube” is definitely one of the best examples of that.

Cube himself, well, he still has his road to pave, which is good, that’s how the life works. And despite the rocky start he’s on a good path. As long as he stays good and kind and will keep friends close he should be fine.

I’m so confused because I completely disagree with @thelittleimagination?? I don’t “worship the goddess “Ana”“, I don’t think I even personify ana. (Oh but then god is not a person but anyway)

I know that "ana” is a short term for anorexia, but the term itself can refer to many meanings. To me, “ana” is a side of myself that I have developed not a long ago. I found myself obsessing over my body/weight and wanting to fast because I wanted to lose weight. It sometimes stays quiet but it sometimes can emerge for weeks.

I am not anorexic, but it is true that this side of me is unhealthy. You should be reminded that I am serious about this topic and wouldn’t mock people with anorexia.

This kind of “need of a validation” when it comes to mental disorder community is really narrow minded. Anyway I posted this publicly not directly messaged to the person because I want to hear more people.