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When BTS Gets Jealous That Their Girlfriend is Close to Another Member

Jin: Jin wouldn’t mind you being close to the other guys, after all, he was the “father” to them and you their “mother”. However, Jin would get a little sad if you’d start to ignore him for long periods of time because of the other members. He was yours after all, and he needed attention from you too.

 “Jagiya, why are you spending so much Namjoon lately? Why can’t you spend more time with me? I am your boyfriend after all, and I am much prettier than he is. You should stay with me for a few days, so he doesn’t get the wrong idea. Let’s go cook something together, I’ll even let you lick the spoon.”

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Suga: Yoongi would get so upset and jealous. He doesn’t want to share you with anyone, especially his pervy bandmates. Even though he loves his members, he wouldn’t like you giving away all your smiles and laughs and attention to someone other than him. He’d get really sulky really quick.

*is giving the silent treatment because you left the warm comfort of his lap to go play video games with Jungkook*

“Yoongi, c’mon, I couldn’t let my high score get beaten by that maknae. You know I love only you right?”


“Baby, talk to me, please?”


“Fine, I’ll just go back to Kookie and play-”

*Yoongi pulls you back in his lap, burying his face in your hair*

“No. You’re supposed to be my baby Y/N. Ignore that stupid maknae and love me instead.”

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J-Hope: Hoseok wouldn’t mind you being close with the other members. You both were very similar and needed to be around other people to play, joke, and have fun with. However, Hoseok did value the alone time you two spent together, and when he’d notice it start to get thinner and thinner because you were spending more time with the other guys, he’d become a whining and attention seeking ball of fluff for you.

“Baby!!! Look! We’re wearing matching clothes today, aren’t we cute?”

“Jagi, can you spend time with me today? You’ve been hanging with Jimin a lot lately. You’re Hope needs to be rejuvenated by you!”

“Kisses? Please? Baby? Please love me? Hugs and cuddles too?”

“Yay!!! I’ve been noticed again!”

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Rap Monster: Namjoon is a pretty easy going guy, so I don’t think he would mind too much if you spent time with the other guys. But Namjoon would get really jealous easily when he saw you hugging or playfully shoving the other members around. He’d get possessive real quick, wanting reassurance that you were still the only one for him.

“Babe, why do you keep hugging and pinching Taehyung’s cheeks? Why can’t you be all cute like that with me? You do still only love me right? Because I love you with all my heart. Now, can’t you give your boyfriend some loving?”

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Jimin: Jimin would be like kind of like J-Hope, except he would be more pouty instead of needy. When he saw you being all touchy feely with another band member he would pout an ignore your further advances on him until he got an apology for you ignoring him.

“Jimin, c’mon, you’re being ridiculous, y’know I love you and only you, no matter how many times I may smack Yoongi. Do you want to get ice cream with me?”

*he nods, proceeding to wrap you in back hug with his floofy sweater surrounding you two as you waddle down to the ice cream shop since Jimin refuses to let you go*

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V: V wouldn’t mind you being close to the other members. He’d be happy that you got along so well with his second family. If you were overly touchy with them, I don’t think he would care since he is like that with them as well. He could get lonely though if you spend too much time away from this man puppy, so be careful with how much time you spend with each member and make sure to give him love and affection too!

“Jagi, could you cuddle with me today? I know you want to learn that new recipe from Jin, but maybe you could spend time with me today? Look, I’m so cute you can’t resist me, right jagi?”

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Jungkook: Jungkook is possessive, we all know this by now. If you got too close with his other members and spent too much time without him, Jungkook would get really possessive and a little insecure. Did you not love him as much as the other guys? You’d have to shower him with love for him to feel confident again, so please be careful when dealing with this jealous maknae.

“Baby, why do you keep spending time with hyung? Do you not like me anymore? I’m sorry I’m not as quirky or as fun as he is, but I do love you more than he does. Stay with me today and let me hold you, I don’t want to lose you to another man. Please, let me love you today? I’ll show you how much I love you and why I’m better than him.”

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ALIVE (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Can i have a modern Bellamy x reader request where reader is in a car accident and they have secret feelings for each other. So when the reader is discharged from the hospital bellamy stays at her place with grinding and smut.
 Can i please have a LONG Bellamy x reader request where reader has been in a car accident and her heart stops a few times. And bellamy and squad group are reminiscing about the times the reader has helped them in their worst experiences. After the reader is released, Bellamy stays at her house cause he’s secretly in love with her and they end of grinding on eachother. WITH SMUT PLEASE!! <3

A/N: Hii, sorry it took long to post this, my inbox has been pretty full and it was a bit difficult because you wanted it long but here you go xoxo 

Bellamy runs into the emergency room faster than he’s ever ran in his entire life. Everything is moving in a blurry haze as anxiety and adrenaline pump through his system. He doesn’t know how he was able to maneuver his way into the hospital without being told where to go, he just followed his gut feeling and it led him straight to your room in the ICU. When he sees you lying there silently, surrounded by doctors and nurses, he stands completely still.

He’s not sure if this is really happening or if this is just some sick nightmare his twisted brain is coming up with. May it be noted that Bellamy Blake has never been anyones emergency contact so when he got a call from the paramedic on sight, his heart had stopped. 

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Bts reaction to their s/o waking them up and asking for a skype call because he/she misses them

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Jin: I feel like Jin would go on Skype as soon as possible. He’d quickly tell you that he missed you as well and for the rest of the tour would try to call, message or facetime with you whenever he could beacuse he doesn’t want to see you sad.

Suga: When you called him at 2am he’d be more than pissed but when he found out the reason behind your call, he’d stay on the phone talking to you for as long as you wanted until you grew tired and maybe even until you fell asleep. He wouldn’t skype you though, claiming that he was too tired to open his laptop, but would probably send you selcas of him.

Rap Monster: Namjoon would be very sad, after you said how much you missed him. He’d go on skype but until his laptop opens up etc, he’d be still talking to you over  the phone. You’d probably skype for an hour or so before he fell asleep from how tired he was, because of tour.

J-Hope,V,Jimin: I feel like these three would have a very simular reaction. Once you rang them up saying you miss them and that you wanna see their face, they’d immidiately call you one skype. They will most likely hang up once they see you’ve fallen asleep. Jimin and Taehyung would also be the type of guy to sing to you, in order to calm down.

Jungkook: When he received your call at 3 in the morning he’d be very confused as why you called. When you explained that you missed him and that you just wanted to see his face, he’d go on skype but would feel very insecure and awkward since he is not wearing any make up and his hair is a mess.

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Muahaha, time for me to bring in the angst! Scenario imagine for Rin, Makoto, and any other Free! characters you'd like; let them react to their S/O having no choice but to break up with them due to her moving to a far university/school? And gender neutral would be great ≧◡≦ —Ellie

How about I add Haru and Sousuke too?


Haru: “W-Why??” Haru was almost crying the moment your words sank in. You also had tears in your eyes, but you were doing your best to stop them. Your studies are your priority, and after getting accepted to your dream University, you knew that you two would be in a long-distance relationship and you don’t want Haru to wait for you without any reassurance that you would be able to stay together. 

“My decision is final. I’m sorry,” You said for the last time before walking away. The tears that you’ve been holding in have finally spilled once you turned your back to him. 

Makoto: “I understand.” It’s a lie, and you knew it. His eyes clearly reflected sadness that you’d never seen before in him. As much as you hated this because you knew that you’ll hurt him, you didn’t also want to hurt him even more by making him wait for a relationship that has no reassurance due to distance. 

“I want you to make your dreams come true, even if that means that you’ll have to break up with me. I want you to be happy.” He took your hand and held it close to his face. You felt your heart breaking, but you managed to smile for him for the last time. 

Rin: “I thought we’d be together forever!?” Angry. Rin was definitely angry at your confession, but it was also clear that he was devastated upon hearing about your plans of breaking up with him due to you moving away to study at your dream University. Tears were already welling in your eyes when he placed his hands over your shoulders and shake you, in hopes of knocking some sense into you and make you change your mind about your decision. But he also knew that he couldn’t be selfish. When he started crying, he pulled you to his chest and hugged you tight, not wanting to let go because this will probably be the last time that you’ll be together. He wanted to cherish your last moment together. 

Sousuke: “I see,” His stare felt cold today, which were completely different from the beautiful teal eyes that always looks at you with love and compassion before. You didn’t want to do this, it hurts you more than it hurts him but Sousuke also has the dreams that he wanted to pursue. With one last goodbyes to each other, he turned on his heel and left. You sank to your knees and broke down, releasing the pain that you’ve been bottling up during the past few weeks while you were thinking about your choices. It’s for the best, you tried to content yourself with that thought. 

Sousuke, on the other hand, cried himself to sleep that evening. He wouldn’t be able to forget about you– ever. 


On Saturday, I marched to The White House.

When I think about why.

Safety is the easiest retreat that exists. You can hide fear because it fits perfectly under your income, your possessions, the progress you think you’re making. It’s easier to go along with your husband’s worldview than to challenge it and risk alienating him. My mom actually flinched when she showed my dad the shirt I bought her from the march. My dad laughed at it. It said “Keep it coming. Shatter glass ceilings.” Disrespect normalizes, yelling normalizes and creates fear. Oppression normalizes some bizarre worldviews.

For every protestor from the 1960s and 1970s whose voice became lost or diluted through the years because you stopped wanting to piss people off and you wanted a normal, agreeable life, now is not the time to stay quiet. Maybe a long time ago, when you first met “your person” they were opinionated and smart and inherently good, and through the blunt force of the internet and the news, that person let lies and fear turn them into someone they’re not, with a belief system so far from what you know to be right. You don’t have to agree. Go march, come fight, you’re wanted, and you’re loved.

I know too many smart women who have rationalized a ton of garbage for the sake of safety, security, and a backwards view of what love is. Love doesn’t control, love fights fair. Love doesn’t corrupt or break down, it’s a tool to build. Love doesn’t silence you for a day, a month, a year, ten years, fifty years. Love doesn’t demand of you or talk at you. Love doesn’t mean paying the bills, the mortgage, the cars, and love can not be quantified with an income. Love doesn’t do that, ever.

Men, real men, are not scared of equality. We have never been scared of equality, and we’ll join you and fight with you, for you. Mom, I’m out there fighting for you because you’re equal, you matter. Nothing made me happier than you and Gerry marching in Philly. Don’t be afraid of anything anymore. Fight. Allyse, you weren’t here, but I marched on your behalf. You’ve been through a ton, and you matter. You’re strong and important and I’ll see you at the next one.

And late at night, when you feel that pang, the yearning for something more, something authentic, the way you used to feel, there is a whole community waiting for your voice. We need it.


It is staying as late as i want watching my favourite netflix show, feeling the cold of the water of my grandma’s pool hit my skin, laying down on the grass, listening to good music with my friends and laughing with them all day long, smiling and wearing nice dresses with flowers. 

It is feeling like you’ll always be young and you’ll always be free an happy                                                 

I was tagged to post 10 facts about myself by the amazing, gorgeous, drop dead stunning @mpci (I LOVE YOU. YOUR ICON GIVES ME LIFE!)

1) I have a long torso and short legs so clothes shopping isn’t a thing I do cause I need long shirts cause my fat tummy exposure isn’t something the world needs to see rip (ALSO I LOVE MY EYES. LOOK ON MY IG IF YOU WANNA SEE)

2) I adopted my cat 3 1/3 years ago cause I was hungover af From night of tequila and bad decisions. My friend at the time didn’t want me to go home like that so I stayed over there and in the morning we watched a porn documentary and there was this clip of a kitten and my friend said “let’s get a kitten!” And we shared her for a month before my friend told me I could keep her for myself so ^^ (well i was the one who paid for Her at the SPCA anyways)

3) both of my parents have almost died. My mom had a tubal pregnancy and she was bleeding out for like 6 weeks. And my dad had an I beam fall 22 feet and landed right on him. If he wasn’t wearing his hard hat he wouldn’t be here and I tear up a little every time I think about these things :(

4) I have 2 tattoos. One is of EXO on my left hand I got almost 2 years ago and the other is a kingdom Hearts symbol I got about 5 years ago ^^ that’s on my right wrist.

5) I’ve been living with depression for 12 years. I have tried things but I’m not in a dark place as I was before. Life is looking good. I mean I still have days where I cry and question my existence but for the most part I’m getting a little better.

6) I’m an artist. I draw, paint, sing, dance, act, write, photograph, model, cook… basically anything involving art and creating I love.

7) I’m a gamer girl. Always have been. Whether it’s on the PS2, PS3, DS, PSP, Xbox… I game. I’m a nerd.

8) I’m pansexual. But I’ve always told people here I was lesbian cause the boys here all all fuckboys. And I don’t mess with fuckboys. Yet I have always had a thing for both, I just didn’t want guys up in my grill. You feel me?

9) My hair is long. Past 2 feet and it’ll keep growing. People envy me and say “wow your hair is so long” thanks. I grew it myself 😎haha my cousins always run their fingers through it, and I love when people play with my hair but nobody ever does :( I don’t have a sister so I find new hair styles and do my own thing myself.

10) I have no allergies. None. My body is simple and amazing ok. The closest thing I was tested to be allergic to was mustard and I put that shit on everything!

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number 80

“Does he know about the baby?” Conor asked Jack as they sat at the kitchen table.

“No. Not yet.” Jack shook his head, fiddling with his phone, flipping it repeatedly. “I don’t want to just tell him over the phone.”

“He deserves to know, Jack.”

“I know, Con. I know.” The younger brother sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“You’re scared.”

“Bloody terrified.”

“It’s going to be fine,” Conor reached over to place a comforting hand on his brothers. “You two will be amazing.”

“What if he doesn’t want to do it?”

“Joe has talked about nothing but this child for a long time. I don’t think you have to worry.”

“True.” Jack smiled, “Will you stay while I tell him?”

“Of course.” Conor smiled. Both brothers turned their head towards the front door as they heard it open. Glancing over at Jack, Conor asked: “You ready?”

“I think so.” He nodded. “Hey, Joe?”

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I would like to talk, but its kind of a long history and I also don't want make you feel bad

It’s okay, anon. I’m happy to listen. I may take a while to respond, depending, but if you’re okay with that feel free to send me a message. (You can stay anon if you want, or if you’d rather it not appear publicly, you can send me something on tumblr messenger. Whichever works better for you.)

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Does insomnia even make sense to robots? i guess it's like if you overheated and everything shut down, but still stayed overheated for a really long time. All you want to do is recover and restart, but that last program won't quit even though everything else is shut down. Know what I mean?

Without them always remember where modern social. insomnia? overheated?

Have You Ever:

Tagged by @fogsblue! Thank you! I’m sitting here at 6:50am bored and unable to sleep so thank you for the distraction.

- Said “I love you”?
yeah i say it at least once a day
- Waited all night for a phone call?
- Stayed out literally all night?
- Snuck out?
no i never had to sneak anywhere, i never really wanted to go anywhere ‘bad’ tbh. it was more likely that i would be using my mum as an excuse “sorry mum says i can’t go :( ’”
- Smoked a cigarette? 
- Slept in a bed with a person of the same sex?
- Stolen money from a friend? 
- Been on an airplane?
- Slept all day? 
i work nights so i sleep most days
- Missed someone so much it hurt? 

- Fallen asleep during school?
i’ve had a few mini naps but no actual full on sleep
- Been lonely?
i don’t really get lonely
- Cheated at a game?
maybe as kid but nothing i remember
- Gotten lost?
plenty of times getting lost driving
- Been in a car accident?
- Had detention?
yeah, wasn’t often though. i was pretty quiet 
- Given money to a homeless person?
a couple of times but i don’t really see a lot of homeless people
- Been so happy you cried?
I've cried from laughter but not happiness 
- Regretted loving someone?
- Got in trouble with the law?
no unless you count traffic offences, which were very minor 
- Have you ever had a secret admirer?
i don’t know - it’s a secret?                                      
- Been scuba diving?
no - i went snorkelling which was the closest i came. but i did see a shark and lots of little fishes 
- Broken a bone?
my leg when i was little - i fell off a fence, and my nose a few years ago at a the living end concert 🤘🤘
- Been told you have an accent?
everyone has an accent… so i guess anytime i leave the country? 

To any of of you who are thinking of going to protests:

- Bring water and snacks.
- If you get pepper sprayed or tear gassed, use soap and water. Do not put soap directly in your eye. (One person recommended baby Johnson’s shampoo, but I haven’t been able to find a source to support this)
- Bring anxiety medication if you need it
- if you have a form of medical ID, do not wear it around your neck. Someone could yank on it and hurt you. This also applies to jewelry and accessories that goes around the neck.
- Wear boots. Trust me on this one.
- Also goggles.
- Have a plan B/emergency contact in case you need a way to leave quickly.
- Wear long sleeves and long pants to reduce chance of injury.
- Bring a flashlight
- Write down the number of your emergency contact with a pen on your arm just in case.

I’ve added a lot of edits to this post thanks to a lot of kind and intelligent people.

Your safety is important. If you have any corrections to this post or things to add, please do. I want people to be informed.

Stay safe. Stay strong.

i. january

the feeling of another’s hands on your thighs will not make losing him hurt any less. you loved him deeply, more than anyone before. give yourself time, darling. time will heal everything.

ii. february

don’t wait for words you’ll never hear. he doesn’t love you; he only wanted you because toying with you was entertaining. don’t fool yourself.

iii. march

you are more in control of your life than you realize. do the things you always wanted. stay out until 3 am singing karaoke. fall in love with someone new. be fearless.

iv. april

you are capable of being loved. and boy, did he fall in love with you. you were enchanting and mysterious and bright. you longed to illuminate his darkness.

v. may

listen to your heart. sometimes love is one-sided. you learned this with the other boy, the one who broke your heart. sometimes you have to do the heartbreaking.

vi. june

let go. you have to forget about the one who broke your heart and you have to stop stalling and leave the one you do not love.

vii. july

don’t be afraid of new things. try being a vegetarian. dye your hair the color you were always too afraid to go for. swim with the sharks for once.

viii. august

sometimes things don’t work out. you don’t have to feel guilty for ending an unhealthy relationship.

ix. september

friends aren’t always forever. sometimes they wield the sharpest knives. just ask julius caesar.

x. october

heartache can only get to you as long as you let it. a year is far too long to hold onto a boy who has long since forgotten your name.

xi. november

you’re not in love with him anymore; you only want to be. you know you’re falling for another, but you’re afraid. don’t be.

xii. december

just kiss him.

—  lessons from the months of 2016 // lemonadeangelwriting

When you die you can stay as long as you want as a ghost. The year is 2028 and the crew of the first human mission to mars has no idea that the ship is filled with the ghosts of hundreds of scientists, explorers and intellectuals.

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I can’t say this enough but

This community is full of so many amazing people

So many artists, writers, modelers, and creative minds. So many wonderful supporters, consumers, and players. This fandom may have its conflicts and flaws, but everyday I am reminded how incredible everyone is here

As many of you know, the tf2 fandom has hit a dark era; may it be the lack of new content or the arrival of overwatch, our community has lost many.

For you folks out there who refuse to leave this game behind, who still make content, who remain with the family, I thank you. Bless you all.