stay alert and stay safe


Irma is the size of Ohio if not bigger!!! Puerto Rico a tiny island that is not prepared for the kind of devastation is gonna go up against. Please let us be safe as much as we can and please keep your pets safe as well! Don’t abandon them, this is a category 5 hurricane. Locate the places you can go and be safe, take your pets with you!!! Stay safe and let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst!!

ATTENTION: Black women, if you’re in New York or the Chicago area, pls stay alert of this disgusting man. His twitter username is @butteryassvince

Stay safe, keep an eye out for this man. Warn your sister keep 911 on speed dial.

Things to do during a power outage

(Feel free to screenshot for later use)

Read a book

Write some poetry


Draw your own comic

Build a blanket fort

Build a jigsaw

Play some board games

Play card games like Go Fish! or Solitaire

Practice some extreme makeup looks

Clean your room (And maybe the rest of your house too)

Take a nap 

Do some exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, planks, star-jumps etc.

Take some cool photographs

Play some competitive games with another person you may live with

Study (Throwing in this one for myself because I’m failing everything :,) )

Indoor bowling 

Play with your pets 

Look through old photographs

Make a new invention with things lying around the house


i cannot believe this is happening in my town. please dont go anywhere alone at night. if you do, have a stun gun, pepper spray, anything. don’t leave your children unattended. if someone is following you, yell and scream and make it known you are possibly in danger. this is the second time in a month this happened at our wal-mart. please be aware and vigilant!

Hey guys, or to whoever reads this

I don’t know if you all know, but i’m from the Philippines. And I heard about the explosion in Manchester, the car bombing in Syria then the bomb attack in Bangkok and I hope y'all get well soon, all my love and prayers. I don’t really know what’s happening, there’s so much incidents and tragedies happening these past few days. There’s chaos everywhere.

And right now, I don’t know if you guys know, but a place here in the PH is being attacked it’s called Marawi.

And i’m just so scared because the group who attacked them were called Maute and they were waving the black flag of ISIS in the streets and then a school was sent on fire, along with a jail there and a church and college.

It’s not really said that they are ISIS members, probably supporters that want ISIS to back them up but that doesn’t make it any better still.

The president declared a 60-day Martial Law on Mindanao as of 10pm. My father’s side lives in a city about 2-4 hours away from Marawi and the city has now been placed under full alert, and it’s just… I can’t sleep right now, everything’s a mess.

The Defense Secretary said, “The whole of Marawi City is blacked out. There is no light and there are Maute snipers all around so the troops are still on holding and several groups of element already joined them from other neighboring units,” I just don’t know how to react to this.

Bevause there are more of them now. And it’s already past midnight but I can’t sleep. Everuthing is fucked up.

I’m just, i’m trying to keep myself updated as i’m writing this, I have some typos. Trying my best to edit them but im just starting to give up on that.

i don’t really know why im posting this or saying any of this. I guess im just ranting because of panic, the news, theres been some clash with the Maute (which is pronounced btw as ma-u-teh or ma-ooh-teh) and the troops. Then 8 were injured and according to some officials there were ATLEAST 50 of the Maute. Heavily armed then in one video they had this speaker cone or something i forgot what it’s called and basically walked in the streets shouting telling people to come out.

Anyways, im just going to end it here. Maybe i’ll rant/update about anything new happening.

And guys, keep safe. Stay in your houses, if you have to leave, be alert, please. There’s already too much tragedies in this world.

Again, condolences to those who passed away in these tragedies. Get well.

Love lots and Stay safe,
From me


So last month, a vigil for the victims of the on going Extra Judicial Killings was being conducted outside one of the gates of Ateneo de Manila University. This vigil was done on school grounds– ergo, private property. Students & faculty had every right to be there. It wasn’t even a protest. It was a vigil.

However, an unlicensed police car rolled up and two police men came out, armed, asking the people present for the names of the organizers. They allegedly also went on to ask what the vigil was for, and what the people present were fighting for. No one gave any names (that I know of), and the group was forced to disperse. Then, just a few days ago, Ateneo used their half-time during a UAAP match to protest once more the EJKs.

Today, police men have been swarming Katipunan, the area where Ateneo is located (alongside Miriam College & the University of the Philippines– institutions that also have been loud in their protests against President Duterte and his administration), unlawfully asking people in bars and on the street, to surrender their bags for “random” inspection. WITHOUT A WARRANT.

I cannot help but think that this is their half-assed attempt at trying to scare us.

If you so happen to be walking along Katipunan or you are eating/drinking in a bar, posted above are the steps you must take when faced with policemen demanding a look into your bag.

Always speak politely and clearly, so that nothing you say or do can be used against you.

Know your rights.

They cannot and will not scare us.

Remember this.

VIRUS ALERT!!  I got this little monster in my Tumblr Inbox!!

This is a screenshot!  It is almost certainly a virus!! 

DO NOT attempt to go to the Youtube address shown!

Attempting to reach the mythical Victor resulted in this response.

The address used was Copied and Pasted so that was not the error.



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Little bits of advice I can think of for the person going to Washington. Take. Pepper. Spray. Only use it if you have to, but don't be afraid to pull it out on people to get them to back off. If your phone has a touchpad and you've got it set to your finger, disable that shit. If somehow someone gets ahold of you, they can't force you to type in your password. If something gets physical, elbows > fists, but always try to run away. Stay safe and stay alert. โœŠ๏ธ


To everyone going to ConFuzzled and London MCM this week.

STAY SAFE. STAY ALERT. Stay on high alert, after the tragedy in Manchester, we do not know if there will be any more attacks and the most likely areas targeted are concerts and other large gatherings.

Watch for and report to a member of con staff IMMEDIATELY if you see:

- Unattended bags. Bombs can be hidden in bags and left ready to detonate. Don’t leave it to chance. If you see it, report it to con staff.

- Any suspicious behaviour. If you see somebody acting strange, making bomb threats, etc, report it to con security with a description of the person and how they were acting.

IF an attack does happen, stay safe and calm. Do not panic. Listen to what the security has to say and follow their orders. They have plans put in place in case another attack happens in the wake of Manchester.

Me knowin that chanyeol is hours away and I can’t see him

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Yes mom please tell us your favourite Canadian David Headcanons Like I, the mere European, have no clue about Canada at all but I'd gladly embrace all of your Headcanons ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

oh boy okay you asked for it pal

(for the record: you may consider all of this as canon to Run Away Home, and I will tag it as such, but you may also adopt these for your own use if you wish! lmk though, I’d love to know which ones y’all like!)

  • in RAH I’ve been headcanoning David as coming from Hamilton for simplicity’s sake - it’s where I live. let’s go deeper: when I was six my town and in fact the whole county of Flamborough was amalgamated into the city of Hamilton. much of Flamborough remains relatively rural. so:
    • David’s mom lives in a nice suburb somewhere and he grew up there on the edge between urban and rural areas, knowing people from both (okay so this is just my life shut up)
    • His grandmother and grandfather, though, owned a small farm out in the more rural area and he spent a lot of time there as a kid, especially in the summers.
    • he went to college at Mohawk and got an apartment in the city… this is truly just my RAH-specific background but here we are so why not share
    • He loves Hamilton’s art community and its nature and parks and many many waterfalls
  • He LOVES to go camping wherever he can, with a special fondness for Banff and Algonquin
  • like 80% of us, he got his first job at Tim Hortons. Unlike 80% of us, he did not utterly hate it and can even still eat the food.
  • he grew up watching a lot of American TV/consuming American media, like the rest of us, but he also loved the fundamental Canadian stuff - Fred Penner’s Place and Crazy Quilt and Mr. Dressup and Big Comfy Couch were all major childhood staples alongside things like Mr. Rogers. Like all of us, he cried when Mr. Dressup passed away and still has weird random memories of Nanalan’ that he doesn’t think he could explain if he tried. He owned all of Fred Penner’s albums as a kid and will still buy new ones, and see him live any chance he gets, because Fred Penner is a national treasure. (He has tried teaching Fred Penner songs at camp, but for some reason the kids never seem to be into it.)
    • when he outgrew little-kids’ TV he still watched a lot of Teletoon and Family Channel stuff. He’s seen all of 6Teen.
  • his coffee order is a double double (two creams, two sugars).
  • he unironically dresses like a Canadian pretty often - flannels and the good ol’ Canadian tuxedo (denim jacket worn with jeans) are totally normal to his wardrobe.
  • he learned to drive a tractor before a car.
  • Gwen is surprised and delighted when he tells her he’s been drinking since he was nineteen, and then she’s disappointed when he points out that’s legal drinking age in Ontario.
    • he normally drinks ciders (not especially Canadian but just my hc lol), but he does like a good Caesar or Canadian whiskey (he just calls it rye).
    • also: he learned how to open two capped bottles with each other’s necks (no bottle opener) at a bush party once. he likes that this information shocks Gwen and decides not to tell her that he ended up there because he absolutely misunderstood what a ‘bush party’ entailed.
    • (admittedly all of these drinking headcanons come out of a fic I started and haven’t gotten around to finishing. idk when I will so I’ll go ahead and share here)
  • he doesn’t love winter but it takes at least 40 cm (~16 in) of snow and/or a windchill of -30°C (-22°F) or lower to stop him from going about his day.
  • as I noted in that other post, he loves Letterkenny because it’s just so damn accurate - he’s known so many people like the characters in the show! It’s definitely cruder than he’d like and he’d die of embarrassment if the campers or someone found out how much he loves it, but it’s just so funny. (what he doesn’t realise is that no one at Camp Campbell would be able to make full sense of the show.)
  • He’s read all of the Anne of Green Gables books and grew up watching the cartoon often. He still gets emotional when he thinks too much about Anne and Gilbert.
  • Canadian music, MY DUDES. He loves the Barenaked Ladies, Great Big Sea and anything involving Alan Doyle, the Arkells (he’s from Hamilton, it’s basically required), Lights, Alanis Morissette, The Tragically Hip, I could go on….
    • like literally the rest of the country, he watched the televised final concert of the Hip - it was in August 2016, so he was still at camp and had to watch an online stream that wavered in quality, and then he watched a recording again when he got back home - and cried his eyes out at the end.
  • He’s been to every province at least briefly, but never to the territories - they’re next on his travel list. Canada is huge and beautiful and he wants to see as much of it as he can!
  • he speaks pretty decent conversational French, but gets really nervous when he messes up or forgets a word, and the more nervous he is the worse he gets. it snowballs and often ends in him panicking.
  • he’s a very, very bad skater and absolutely useless at hockey. he’s okay at lacrosse and downhill skiing. he can handle cross-country skiing or snowshoeing pretty well, though!
    • and he spent every winter tobogganing down local hills. okay, he still spends every winter tobogganing down local hills, even after it was outlawed. no one pays attention to that law.
  • he LOVES maple syrup. and maple taffy. and maple cookies. and everything else maple. he and his mom have been tapping the trees on her property every year for as long as he can remember.
  • he wouldn’t tell you he cares much about sports, but if you insult the Leafs, the Blue Jays, the Argos, the Habs, or the Ti-Cats, he gets suddenly and irrationally defensive. he barely follows the games so he doesn’t even know why he gets so defensive.
    • (if pushed, Ti-Cats over Argos, and Leafs over Habs, even though being a Leafs fan is outrageously depressing.)
    • He would probably take a bullet for Wayne Gretzky. Again, he doesn’t know why. He just would.
  • On the note of Gretzky: you know the little cheers that kids add to the lyrics of ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’? After the line “you’ll go down in history,” many American kids add “like George Washington!” Like other Canadian kids, David says, “like Wayne Gretzky!”
  • He has been known to compulsively start singing “Don’t you put it in your mouth” when trying to stop campers from putting shit in their mouths.
    • He has also been known to remind kids to “stay alert, stay safe!
    • He also still wants a house hippo. Damn it. We all still want a house hippo…
    • in general he makes a lot of references to Canadian ads that we all remember vividly but no one outside of the country knows about. “MoooOOOM, Aidan cut me in HALF again!”
  • if presented with enough rocks he will just start building inukshuks. sometimes he does this at camp and the kids wonder what the fuck these weird rock structures are.
  • his wallet is still full of Canadian Tire money. they have points cards now. and yet he can still never get rid of the Canadian Tire money. it is eternal
  • he has a rim roller on his keychain. once Max asked what it was and David only sighed deeply. “another free coffee…” he said distantly
  • he, like most of us, has a very love-hate relationship with Toronto.
    • he calls it T.O. or T-dot, usually.
    • one time he was talking to an American who goes to Toronto sometimes for business, and they made a passing comment about Union Station. David’s eye began to twitch.
  • He learned to drop his ‘eh’s while in the states when he was still a camper, because other campers used to make jokes about it sometimes. they slide right back into his vocabulary the moment he gets home.
    • he still pronounces ‘roof’ in a way that strikes the kids as weird, and still uses Canadian spellings most of the time - colour instead of color, grey instead of gray, etc.
  • the boy loves ketchup chips. and all-dressed chips. and poutine. and back bacon. and aero bars, and kinder eggs, and actual smarties. I could go on.

I just scrolled up and saw how long this list has gotten so I… I will stop. but oh my god, I could go on forever, probably. Canadian David is good shit. I will be your Canadian David consultant if you want.

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Hey there idk if you or any of your followers or friends are into games but I just wanna raise attention to this; please stay away from a game called "blue whale challenge" bc it's very dangerous. It's basically psychosis based and you're given self harming challenges and psychedelic videos and music to watch/listen to and are basically brainwashed into harming and killing yourself. Please tell an adult if someone you know is playing it. Please stay safe.

Oh dear, thank you for letting me know hon. Everyone please read this and stay alert okay? As certainlykeelan said, stay safe xx

school’s cancelled tomorrow and everyone’s happy about that but I mean..

none of us really…”felt” the reason. we were just glad to not have to go to school. and we’re like “yeah, ‘cause of the fire” as if it’s not a massive problem that may or may not be approaching our figurative and potentially literal doorstep.

hell, I’m even going to my friend’s house to play Evil Within for several hours. it’s so fucking weird. thousands of people are being evacuated and we’re playing video games…

it feels incredibly wrong. this get-together was planned a few weeks ago, but it…it should’ve been called off.

I doubt any of us really know what to do, especially given that we’re a bunch of high school students..

there’s just this sense of hopelessness and dread, fear of the unknown…and I suppose “normal” activities are our way of coping with this disaster roaring up north..

I don’t know. I don’t even know.

california is experiencing one of its worst wildfires ever and absolutely no one outside the state is talking about it. (not literally but….y’know. little to no coverage whatsoever.)

seems like our cries for help are being swallowed up by the flames.

link to a post with several links if you wanna make a donation.