stay alert and stay safe

Pokemon Go is a lot of fun but please, people, no throwing poke balls and driving. It is extremely dangerous and is just as bad as texting and driving. Please remember to be safe every one. We all have lives to come home to. Looks before you cross streets as well. Pledge to not only be the very best, but be safe trainers as well.
Stay alert, stay alive, don’t throw and drive.

Some Quick Tips

I’m only going to go over stuff I haven’t seen in many other tip posts. Use at your own discretion. Stay safe, stay smart, stay alert ;)

1. Some grocery stores (probably other stores that use shopping carts too) have detectors on their registers that discreetly let the employees know if you’re trying to hide something on the bottom of your cart. They can detect logos and barcodes, so hide those items in reusable bags.

2. Be especially careful of concealing on the floor because sometimes if you lift a large amount of expensive items at a time or do it too frequently, LP will take your photo off the cameras to show employees and will send it to other stores in the division/region. I’m not sure how common of a practice this, but it occurred in a few stores that my friends and I worked in.

3. Be polite and friendly to SAs and managers. Smile and say hello if you see them, ask questions, chat them up a little, but don’t go overboard. You only want to seem like a regular, trustworthy customer who’s comparing products, not sus.

To all minority students at #Mizzou

Get off campus and stay as far away as possible
If you live on campus STAY INSIDE

Call your loved ones and let them know you’re okay

If you absolutely desperately need to go inside go in a group not in pairs but a GROUP

If you need to leave make it a one time trip stockpile so you can stay inside

Keep your phone unlocked and ready to make an emergency call all ALL times.

Check in regularly

If you notice anything suspicious call authorities and inform them

And please please just stay alert, stay safe and by God’s grace stay alive. You are loved. You are valued. I can guarantee that your parents would choose your life over a passing grade EVERY SINGLE TIME. We love you; we’re thinking of you so please stay safe.

If anyone has any other tips please feel free to add them.

Please be safe

I know pokemon go is fun (I have it and it is extremely fun) but please be safe. As funny as it sounds
Don’t Pokemon and Drive!!! That’s as bad as texting and driving!!!
And please be alert of your surroundings. Also, please be aware at Pokestops. Armed Robbers!!! and Pedophiles!!! are targeting pokestops for their victims. Stay alert. Stay safe. Please