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what advice do you have in writing people of different cultures, mental state, sexuality and gender (principally aroace and trans/nb?


1. Research a variety of aspects using a variety of sources

2. Ask people who are a different religion, race, etc than you questions

3. Ask if someone can be your sensitivity reader

4. Look for betas of that culture, gender, etc.

5. Stay updated on current events that relate to the topic

6. Be very conscious of the controversial

@writingwithcolor is a good resource for writing different races and cultures

@scriptlgbt could help with writing different sexualties and genders

@scriptshrink is a good resource for writing characters with mental ilnesses

If any of my followers know blogs like the above or other resources for diversity, please mention them in the comments!

Also, if you are aro/ace and/or trans/nb and are open to questions, drop a comment :)

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Chris stayed after for maybe 5 mins. Stayed in a 5 foot vicinity and then went by the tunnel then left. It's rough haha. She probably had shit to do

They have to fly across the country back to back yall. Like it’s not about Tobin or anything she needs to start recovering asap. Yes other players may have stayed longer but other players didn’t play the extra 2 games she did.

for some reason I’ve only been able to stay awake for like 5 hours max for the past two days??? but also who would enjoy some kinky sex slave abo where otabek gets omega yuri as a gift??

what happened

ok before i tell you guys what actually happened i need to tell you what’s up.

so i’m on vacation and we decided to stay 5 days at a whatever hotel since we would really just stay the night there and that’s it. we would spend the rest of the day outside. so we stayed our first five nights at this ecological hotel that was full of plants and flowers and trees. it really was pretty don’t get me wrong, but my dad had a bad feeling about it since the beginning. 

so that night we only had one day left at that hotel and we would change to a nicer one wowow super cool super fancy. 

but something happened that made us check into another hotel just for one night.

(this will get a bit TMI so yeah lmao)

so what happened was this:

it was like 1 am and i had to pee. so i went to the bathroom and started lurking on instagram and whatever. but then i hear a sudden “plop” on the water and i was a bit taken aback because i wasn’t pooping so it was really weird to hear something like that. also, i had my underwear mid-thigh, not all the way down. 

so i felt something strange and i looked down and (omg i feel so disgusting sharing this omg) there was a fucking MOUSE IN MY UNDERWEAR. A WET MOUSE. IT CAME OUT OF THE TOILET. IT WAS STUCK IN MY UNDERWEAR AND I JUST UGH. I can’t remember what i did first. i’m not sure if i screamed or if i lowered my underwear first. but i just remember (in no particular order) lowering it, screaming, getting on the toilet, the rat bolting towards the door and me kicking it the fuck open so that it would get out of the bathroom. 

i scared my parents and they asked me what tf happened and i explained and long story short we called the front desk and told them what had happened and they told us we could sleep in another room for a night.

my dad got half the refund and we changed into a new hotel. it was scary. it was disgusting. i was shaking after it happened and i cried myself to sleep. i legit showered my lower half bcs it was as much as i could bear to stay inside the bathroom. even if it was another room. i couldn’t. don’t worry, it didn’t bite me. i honestly feel really bad about the mouse bcs i probably scared the shit out of it and i was honestly worried about the diseases it might have carried. 

it was so awful and i feel so disgusting. needless to say i didn’t sleep that night.


I was at this new hotel (the one i’d be staying for the night) and it was the morning we were checking out. i had finished my breakfast and headed back to my room using the elevator. and there was this guy who also got in. 

i tried clicking the third floor (my floor) but my finger slipped and i didn’t do it properly and this man clicked the 7th floor and so we went up. (i know what you’re going to tell me, why didn’t i just click the 3rd floor. well i couldn’t this elevator was a weird one in which you had to insert your hotel key which was a card then click on your floor. it was weird) and mind you. this guy looked tops in his mid-thirties and REALLY REALLY TALL. 

and so this guy tries to make small talk with me and he says “where are you from?” and i’m like “mexico..” and he’s like “oh! and when are you visiting the u.s??” and i was like “i don’t really need to.” and he was like “how’s that?” and i was like “oh, i live like 5 mins away from cali, next to the border.” and he was like “ohh… cool. how old are you?” and i honestly didn’t think much of it (i s2g bcs this things NEVER happen to me. i’m not the prettiest or a girl with a nice body) and said “i’m 19.” and he stayed quiet and we finally reached the 7th floor (thank god. i was starting to feel uncomfortable). and he kinda stepped out and was like “you should come visit me.” and i WAS SHOOK. l legit look up at him all like “huh?” and just as the elevator doors closed i hear him say “MY ROOM’S 706″ AND SMASHED THE THIRD FLOOR BUTTON LIKE MY FUCKING LIFE DEPENDED ON IT.

and once the doors opened i bolted into my room lmao. i felt so uncomfortable. 

SO YEAH. THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED! That’s my luck! ^^

and I would really like to thank all those who worried about me. thank you so so much <3 i really appreciate it and it really meant a lot to me. ;-;

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1. Dear Theodosia - Hamilton Soundtrack
2. Theme from “Communion” - Eric Clapton
3. Sister to Sleep (Live) - My Chemical Romance
4. Stay with Me - Thrice
5. Yfirborð - Sigur Ros
6. Birth - Thirty Seconds to Mars
7. Helena (Live) - My Chemical Romance
8. Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
9. Heavy (feat. Kiiara) - Linkin Park
10. Night Drive - All American Rejects

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Y'all: sEAsOn 4 WaS tHe WoRsT sEaSoN oF tHe ShOw!!! It CoMpLeTeLy FlOpPeD!!!

Y'all: iT wEnT dOwN aFtEr LeXuS dIeD!!! ShE cArRiEd ThE sHoW!!!

Y'all: tHe ShOw Is TrAsH nOw!!!

Y'all: *remain blind*

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How to be Mindful in your Daily Life

1. Allow and accept the different feelings you experience – knowing these will change throughout the day.

2. Don’t judge yourself for having negative feelings.

3. Don’t believe every thought that pops into your head. Some of these are true, but many will be false.

4. Slow down and take life at a manageable pace.

5. Stay in the present; do one thing at a time.

6. Let go of the need to control everything.

7. Practise being curious; notice little things.

8. Use your 5 senses to become more aware of what is happening all around you in the world.

9. Nourish and take care of your body and mind.

10. Practice contentment and gratitude.

♥ нappy вιrтнday, ѕнιro! ♥ 2•29

i couldn’t wait to post this on his birthday.. so happy early birthday, my fav space dad! i can’t believe he’s turning 5! they grow up so fast,,..