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Imagine bestfriend!Woozi making sure to spend more time with you because he knows that you’ve been feeling really down lately and is in need of some companionship.

I don’t understand how fansites can get such clear photos of idols jumping all over the stage alongside being in a crowd of people like ????? I can’t even take a picture of myself alone sitting still without it looking like I had the most violent twitch of my life ???????

Imagine waking Woozi up on his birthday with some kisses and a warm cup of coffee. Then, seeing his groggy face turn into a happy one after realizing who woke him up and for what reason.

Dating S.Coups (SVT) Would Include:

So it’s 3:25 and I didn’t get a whole lotta stuff done like I wanted to and no one is talking to me and I feel lonely and I get weird early morning welp ;; Hope you all like

  • You’re rlly close by the time he confesses, probably old friends or you work in Pledis or smth;you’re basically best friends
  • So when he starts developing feelings he doesn’t realise at first and when he does it hits him hard
  • Worried about ruining what he has with you but also doesn’t want to let you get away so he’s all “be a man Seungcheol”
  • After being v shy and smiley when confessing you of course say yes bc it’s about fucking time he confessed to you lmao
  • It’s not that much different only labels and kisses
  • Like he was into skinship before but now he’s not willing to let you go
  • Koala Cheol, esp when he’s tired
  • Will literally cling to your side and kinda just wrap his limbs around you
  • Neck kisses on both accounts
  • You especially enjoy giving then bc he’s ticklish and his neck is v sensitive and it’s hilarious seeing him squirm
  • Usually ends up in a tickle fight or smth
  • Constant play fighting aaaah
  • Getting annoyed bc he’s too sexy for anyone to handle
  • But he’s also v cute like he keeps changing between both and you dunno what to fEEL
  • Going to the gym together and competing to see who can run the most or whatever
  • Always proving his strength to you by carrying you places like he picks you up in the fireman’s lift for no reason
  • Cute pecks out of nowhere
  • Often on your forehead or lips hehehe
  • When he has more time or he gets home from work he likes to cuddle
  • He finds it v relaxing like after a tiring day knowing he can come home and cuddle up to you makes him so much happier and kinda less tired
  • Likes it when you lay back against his chest or cuddle right up to his side at night
  • Omg making out with this man
  • Passionate and intimate - and completely spontaneous
  • He just likes being close to you
  • You love going to practice to watch him and the others bc he gets in the zone and he’s so authoritative and just ah
  • Going to tiny cafés no one knows about at like 3AM
  • Sleeping either curled right up to his sides with his arms around you or laying on top of him
  • Though he snores sometimes so
  • Hugs from him are the best bc he’s so strong you feel safe and warm and just
  • They’re always so loving you know
  • Taking them food to practice and the members jokingly calling you “mom” bc you look after them
  • Catching him staring at you a lot and he just smiles and you get all blushy bc dimple :33
  • Complaining to each other and you constantly asking him about how he is bc he’s the leader of a 13 member group he gets very very stressed
  • Long walks at night when you both can’t sleep which happens more often than you’d think
  • He’s obsessed w your hair he plays with it and brushes it and just
  • You go to see him at events and he performs so much better when you do bc knowing you’re there cheering him on makes him feel elated
  • When you have smth like a test or whatever he gives you pep talks and it’s moments like those you see one of the qualities of a leader he has that rlly shines through
  • The members being weirded out bc you guys laugh for no reason sometimes by just looking at each other
  • Movie nights where you watch some of the movie but never get more than halfway through bc you end up in his lap with his tongue in your mouth oops
  • Eating out bc you both can’t rlly cook or you just cba
  • Sometimes practice goes on too long and he misses a date and that’s how like 90% of your fights occur
  • Him doing aegyo and you eventually forgiving him bc it wasn’t his fault and he’s so fucking cute when he pouts
  • There are times he comes home all teary eyed like “y/n am I rlly fit to be a leader” and you just hold him bc he’s doubting himself again and mutter words of praise into his ear until he feels better
  • It’s moments like this that make him most thankful to have you ;u;
  • After that happens the first time is probably when he says ‘I love you’ for the first time and you’re kinda just all “ik”
  • He says it at least once a day after that
  • Cute morning texts / calls when he had to leave early (and sometimes pancakes if he had time <3)
  • His family love you and your family love him almost more than you I mean he fits in straight away
  • So much early morning sex omg
  • Protective papa Coups when netizens be netizens
  • He’s not the jealous type bc you guys are so lovey dovey he knows you’d never betray him
  • The members always teasing you both (mostly him bc he’s always talking about you, bless)
  • When he’s on tour he always texts you to make sure you’re caring for yourself and so you know he is
  • But also being spammed with texts from other members (esp Jeonghan, Josh and Vernon)
  • “He won’t stop whining about how much he misses you” “I thought he spoke a lot about you before. He hasn’t shut up since we got here.” “Y/N pls call Seungcheol he’s crying bc ‘what if she breaks up with me bc I’m not always around aaaah’”
  • When they get back you go to see him at the airport and he kinda just scoops (hahahaha) you up and refuses to let you go, mumbling about how much he missed you over and over between kisses
  • Sex when he gets back bc he missed that too
  • Overall he loves you with all his heart and shows it, constantly trying to prove what a man he is and being v skinshippy with you bc he wants you to be fully aware of his affection! The members find you adorable albeit very greasy, and you complete each other to the point he wonders how he managed to get through life without you at first ^^

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Imagine Woozi secretly giving you a kiss on the forehead when you’re asleep.