I don’t need you telling me everything’s going to be fine, I just want you to be there for me even during the times when my world starts collapsing in my hands.
—  journal entry (52/365)

I can’t protect you from the things I might say at 2 A.M.
I’ll be asleep
And maybe I’ll be dreaming of you,
So if you hear me whisper I love you,
I hope you’ll whisper it too.

I can’t stop myself from saying the first thought in my mind when I wake up.
The world will be blurry and uncertain
And maybe I’ll reach out for you when you’re next to me
Whispering for you to stay,
And I hope you’ll tell me that’s where you’ll always be.

—  My heart’s desires are whispered secrets for your ears only.

“We were never meant to save the world. We’re meant to leave it.”