stawberry blonde

The signs as hair and eyes

Aries: Long and sturdy golden brown hair, weaved into one braid down the back. Eyes are forest-esque, brown with flecks of greens, peircing and determined.

Taurus: Short pixie style stawberry blonde hair, spiked off the forehead and kept carefully out of the eyes. Eyes are a deep brown color, pupils undefinable, round and doelike.

Gemini: Sleek black hair that stops in an even curtian above the shoulders. Micro braids are tangible in random places when in movement. Eyes are a startling gold, which sparkle like precious metal, in light or not.

Cancer: Messy and curly short red hair, falls into the eyes and curls about the ears. Eyes are a deep blue-green, and can give the most intense or most polite stare when needed.

Leo: Bushy and wild blonde hair mixed with darker brown low lights. Tucked back behind the ears and blown out of the eyes. Eyes are an unnaturally bright green, darting and curious.

Virgo: Curls that are let down freely and naturally, that wave along cheekbones and stop right before the bottom of the chin. Eyes are a light reddish color, seemingly delicate but serious.

Libra: Spiked black hair with a red hue around the tips. Bangs are kept down and swept to the left in a mess of strands. Eyes are an excitable orange color, in which emotion is always swirling.

Scorpio: Short light gray hair, stops mid forehead and wisps just above the ears. Eyes are narrowed often and contain dark colors of purple as well as light twinges of blue.

Sagittarius: Light brown faux hawk, kept unspiked and falls partially into the eyes when not paid attention to. Eyes seem full of laughter and are a very pale green, mixed with shots of pure silver.

Capricorn: Medium length blue and purple hair that is most usually held back in a low ponytail. Eyes are a light hearted pink, half lidded and relaxed.

Aquarius: Buzz cut platinum blonde hair, ranging from very short in the back to almost falling downwards onto the forehead in the front. Eyes are a soothing blue, the color seeming to be on par with the sea.

Pisces: Tight dark brown cornrows that fade to a lighter blonde at their ends, and eventually twist out of braids and into fly away silvery curls. Eyes are soft and brilliant, the color of the sand.

Between Girls

Fic Request: a fic where Scott senses Lydia’s jealousness around Stiles and Malia, so both Scott and Malia try to talk to Lydia about it? Also, can Malia be really nice to Lydia and Lydia be really nice to Malia?

Rating: K+

Genre: Fluff

Author: eyasilvers

Author’s note: I got a bit carried away with the writing and even I am surprised with that end, but I love interactions between Malia and Lydia, I do think they would be great friends. (if I made expression mistakes do report). Enjoy!

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Stydia shippers don't lose hope.

“Nothing is impossible on Teen Wolf.”
Jeff Davis said on a interview.

I know is difficult keep hope when Marrish/Stalia is happening. But i’m gonna try to remember some things to you guys. Stydia is the more developed relationship on the show since Season 1. They care deeply for each other. Everything they went throw… Kanima. Alpha Pack. Darach. Kitsune. The Benefactor. Dread Docters Now. Jeff Davis could put them together from the start but no. He didn’t because he said it on a interview. ’“I like slow burn relationships.” Plus he didn’t just wanted a teenager with a crush. No he wanted Stiles to develop real love. Not just a crush on a strawberry blonde. His stawberry blonde. 15 year plan, it never stopped doesn’t it?
Even Scott and Kira confirmed that Stiles still have feelings for Lydia Martin. “He still likes her”
Or “They pretty good together.” You think Jeff just random put that there. Nope. He always does everything with a reason.
5x01 and 5x02: the secret looks and eye contact they had.
5x04: how Stiles still cares for Lydia and what he said on season 2 wasn’t a lie. He almost had a panic attack. But who stop it. His anchor. Her. Lydia Martin. With a smile. Even when she was on pain. She didn’t do it for Kira or Scott. No. For Stiles. That just confirmed that she still his emotional tether. His anchor. And she cared for him. Deeply.
5x05: Stiles being on pain he still wanted to go with Lydia to protect her. Even when Scott and Kira were coming too. We saw how Stiles looks at the guy that was looking Lydia creepy like he wanted to kill him. And Lydia notice it. We saw too when Lydia tries or did hold Stiles hand. And how Stiles wanted to protect Lydia from the dread docters.
5x06 and 5x07: We saw on this episodes how the two of the random had the same color of clothes. Remember Jeff does everything for a reason. One of the colors was red: the red string of fate(Good One Jeff). We saw how Lydia was worried about Stiles and Theo. Especially Stiles. Stiles… Getting the book to read it without a hesitation. Trusting her. And Scott looking at Stiles like please just try to cover it better dude. Werewolf senses remember guys. It was gold.
5x08: This episode like 4x01 was the proof of Lydia does have feelings for Stiles. When Stiles got worried about Malia (btw i noticed that he didn’t go with her like he did with Lydia.) she did this annoyed/jealous face. And then Theo looked at smiled. He can smell the Jealousy coming from her. Haha. Then the part when Stiles walks closer to Lydia. And Malia and Theo saw it.
5x09: Stiles…. Almost telling Lydia about Dovotan. He didn’t tell her becuase he was afraid of lose her. Same as Scott. Talking about Scott. “Don’t worry about Malia….. Or Lydia.” Boom. Stiles face. Confirmed. Stiles loves/likes or and have a problem deciding who he loves. He feels for both.

Some of you gonna ask me… But then why marrish happening. Because this will help Stiles to know how he feels about Lydia. Maybe he already knows.
But trust me when season 5 ends everything will fit. Like a puzzle.