This rare staurozoan, or stalked jellyfish (Haliclystus californiensis) is about 2 centimeters in length and was collected off the coast of California. Unlike the traditional bell-shaped floating jellyfish, staurozoans live attached to rocks or other hard surfaces and mostly live in cold water. They tend to blend in with their surroundings, so often go unnoticed except to those who seek them out.

Read more about staurozoans and their jellyfish relatives.

(via Staurozoan: The Stalked Jellyfish | Ocean Portal | Smithsonian)

Photo: Allen Collins

huggalittlefishy asked:

Eleven "what are your ambitions" and fifteen "what is your favorite memory" please? Have a great day friend!

11. Well… See, that’s a bit tough. I’m a really ambitious person… uhh….. well small scale, I’m hoping to put on my musical in my school this coming year. I’m also hoping to make some good connections with my professors. Completing projects– finishing foam cosplay armor, making beaded dragons, etc. 

Large scale, I want to be a marine cinematographer. I am floored by the beauty of the ocean and fascinated by cnidarians– especially staurozoans and other aspects of the intertidal. 

15. My favorite memory…. oh man…. uhm… this is tough… When my best friend ( and I were in middle school?? We used to get BIG notebooks and map out stories. And one time we had this notebook out and we explained how Hogsmeade was made and it involved the ghost adventurers and uhh a bunch of stuff. I still have the drawing.