staunton country park


(Various Fishing trips between October and December 2014) 

This year I thought I would do a post or two on Perch fishing as I have had a few good ones in the last few months, not all big but all quality fish. I have been fishing my local lake ‘Staunton Country Park’ and having good fun catching the perch while the carp have gone a bit dormant. I have even been catching some great perch on my 'Pen Rod’ from E-bay. (It’s brilliant fun and copes perfectly with various fish to 3lb) My main method for catching these perch is float fishing a single chopped up worm (maggot size pieces x 3 or 4 per hook) I have had good success with this bait and method fishing tight to the bank and no further out than 4ft. Worms are a good choice of bait for perch fishing because firstly they are inexpensive, secondly unlike maggots they are easy to keep alive for long periods of time and last but not least you get to decide on the length of to piece you use. 

Equipment used: 

1x JW Mirage John Wilson 10ft Float Rod

1x Crivit AF-1457 Reel

4lb monofilament line

(Pen rod and Reel)

Various Size 12 barbless hooks

Standard 3BB waggler Float

Bait used:

Worms (chopped)

Fishmeal Method Mix

(TIP: I found that the key was to fish tight into the bank with the float set roughly 4 inches over depth, (under-shot the float, but over-shot the line about 5 inches from the hook. This enables the float to plumb its own depth) Also keep a steady flow of ground bait going into your swim to keep the fish busy. (I was chopping up the worms into 1 or 2 mil pieces and then adding the method mix and water to roll into balls; so it all got to the bottom of the lake).