self-hypnosis (“autohypnosis”) - a form, process or result of hypnosis which is self-induced, and normally makes use of self-suggestion (“autosuggestion”). Hypnosis is an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep, characterised by heightened susceptibility to suggestion.

Etymology: status hypnoticus (hypnosis) + Latin volens (to wish).

[Maxim Verehin]

 customary   to   remain   sylphine    &    lithe   in   execution   of   each   movement ,      timbre   that   falls   upon  due   lacunas   identified   without   hassle   as   deceptively   mellisonant   /   honey - drenched   /   SACCHARINE    ;        statuvolism   has   become   your   forte ,    a   game   played   with   deft   hand ,     &   collection   of   well - kept   secrets   to   success   reside   upon   your   sleeve    in   place   of   your    heart ,    a   faint   aureate   glimmer   behind   self - constructed   carapace .     however ,    events   have  a   funny   way   of   unfolding   to   unmask   TITANIUM   as   porcelain ,    to   send   long - constructed   walls   crumbling   after   lifetime   of   strenuous   laboring .     and   for   what   –––– - - -   ?   

 A   SHATTERED   EUCATASTROPHE    –––––   CHAOS   ENSUES   !      blindly   do   staves   run   together ,  line   after   line   blurred ,    BLEEDING   into   the   next   ;     a   queen   bound   to   the   moment   by  sharp   breaths   &   burning   gazes ,    dethroned   by   the   irrepressible    /    by   flash   of   light   against    silver ,     poised   to   cut   away   any   trace   of   lost   nonpareils   (  oh ,   my   friends ,   forgive   me  )   /   by   the    MORASS   and   the   MASSES   and   the   mercilessness   of   it   all .   so   what   do   you   do   ?                         you   breathe   in ,    breathe   out .    allow   yourself   a   moment’s   catharsis ,
                                          ––––––––   - - -    AND     THEN     YOU    
REBUILD .     

         (     independent .    selective .    semi - private   BROOKE   MADDOX   of   mtv’s   SCREAM .     )
                                                                           penned   by   nicki .