status: zzzzzzz

Yeah I gotta take a little break. If You follow my undercover tumblr You might now life has been super busy for me lately and You know all the details but I don’t wanna bore everyone with them here. Most important thing I have my little sister visiting from Poland right now, and hopefully later my friend, so I’m either gonna be on trips or having fun, or trying to make money so I can have fun lel.

I’m still gonna be working on the comic every now and then, but I would really love to not have the constant pressure of updating weekly for a little bit, especially at the volume I would like to. Hopefully this will also allow me to build up enough content to be ahead of schedule, so when I’m back on track even when I can’t work on the comic for a week, I’ll have something to post that I have drawn previously.

I might also make a few occasional updates that won’t be actual pages, but just like fun extras etc. we will see. Might only post some of them on here, but again, depends on what they are, I’m not 100% sure, all I know is I wanna drop You something nice from time to time while I’m away 8)

Alright, I think that is all, see You back in few months!

holy fuck i don’t give myself enough credit for the shit i’ve been through this year. the times i was there for myself when no one else was and kept my shit together. the times i continued doing my day to day business even though i was wrecked inside. even though i was hurting. even though i would stay up till 4am and fuel myself with energy drinks and cigarettes by 7. i’m a strong ass human and sometimes i forget.

Tim Drake: *is apparently a super tech genius who can program unfamiliar alien tech and hatch Machiavellian plots and create a System Batman doesn’t know about to make sure he never runs out of partners, apparently* 

Also Tim Drake: *doesn’t recognize that the Batman he’s speaking to ISN’T BRUCE*

me: tynion i knew i couldn’t trust you but come on dude. 

hey im going to sleep!! tomorrow me and sam are going to brighton for the day and im really excited !! i’ll post lots and lots of photos as always

love u all !! goodnight friends

4xTier5 & Guilt+

Guilt+ (03/10~03/26)

0AP for ALL Quests (03/10~03/16)

This includes everything–story, proud, event, coliseum, and raids.

4x Tier 5 EMC (03/10~03/31)

What’s new? 7 new medals! The four premiums (Tier 5) are Deep Dive Roxas, iLeon, Xehanort & Vanitas, Key Art #4. The three Tier 3s are KH2BC Riku B, Neoshadow, and Mysterious Figure. (Abilities listed here.)

Guaranteed? One of the 7 new medals in each draw. One of any past Premium (Tier 4+) medal in each draw. The four new Premiums will come 3-dotted if you get them; there’s NOT a 5-draw or 10-draw guarantee. (NOT all Tier 3+, the remaining 9 medals can be Tier 2.)

Worthwhile? I’m just gonna give a pros/cons list for this one–it’s up to you, varies a ton on your deck, and all sorts of other shit. So if your question is “Should I draw?” the answer is “Probably not unless you feel any Premium would improve your deck” (such as newbies). Personally, I’ll be saving with Deep Hope that iKairi2 has a guaranteed draw.


  • 3-dotted of four pretty good Premiums
  • Xeh&Vani’s SPD+/- unique, DDRoxas dark power unique
  • No guaranteed (new) medals are bad
  • One of the last medal sets that’ll have “new medals”, they’re pretty rare
  • If no X-Draw guarantee is the new standard, this draw would be one of the best bundles


  • Guaranteed Tier 4+ each draw will become the norm, best to wait until there’s better selection
  • Next release set will have iKairi 2