status: semi hiatus


As a lot of you probably know, or noticed, that I’m mostly offline these days. So here’s the deal. 

I’m taking a break. 

After careful consideration I made this decision, and usually I wouldn’t take one for so long, but I realized, at the moment it’s the best for me personally. 
I won’t upload any new edits, art or writing until 1. April. It’s a long hiatus, I know, but I hope people who liked my stuff will stick around. I’m working on a lot of new stuff at the moment, in all three areas, and I think people who liked my stuff before will appreciate quality before quantity and that’s why I want to put all of my heart and soul into these projects instead of rushing through and doing them half-heartedly. My blog is mostly run by my queue, which I’m filling here and there with new stuff from my dash but also some of my older edits. Answers for asks and IM’s are coming sporadically if I’m up for it. 

I want to thank everyone beforehand who stays with me on this blog and waits for my return with new stuff. 

Semi-Hiatus 💫

Hey guys, I’ve currently been really busy w filming, and im not mentally healthy at the moment. I think taking a little break from here would help me concentrate on myself, my career, and my problems. So, I’m going on a semi-hiatus, as i do not fully want to disconnect from here. Most of my stuff will be queued, but i will come once in awhile to check up on you guys! Thank you for understanding 💐, have a nice day/night !!

Ok, so I have updated my description to announce I am on semi-hiatus, but I am going to make this post nonetheless.

I have finally committed myself to actually writing down my story as a book (we will see how it goes), I am also educating myself on this craft called creative writing 👌🏻and I am mostly proud of myself for deciding on how my story is going to end. Well, at least it’s first part… (and tbh, I am pretty sure you will hate me for ending things at THAT particular moment) 👀

I will be around to post screenshots and edits of my characters, I will stalk my simpais, and I will talk with my friends here ❤️ and I will slave in blender trying to make clothes without issues.. (rip me)

Semi hiatus

The time as come my beloved friends!!! *starts crying* You may have noticed I’ve been less active in these past days, that’s because I started working! That’s the unbearable truth my dears! I live in a tourist destination near the sea and my dad owns an hotel, so I spend my summers working there. But that doesn’t mean I will vanish! Just that I will not have as much free time as before. That means I will interact less with you and my story posts will be less frequent. This situation will last till September I think!! I miss you already so much!!! T^T  I may miss some of your posts but I still look at your blogs! ;)

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I will reply to my unanswered asks tomorrow!! ;)


Hey guys, so, I’ve been doing some thinking and I’m waaaaay too exhausted, stressed and anxious lately.

I can’t keep up, I’ve been trying but it’s exhausting as well as with work, timezone, etc.

This means pretty much ALL of my UT related characters are going on semi to full Hiatus.

I may still RP them on discord, and they will still make posts on tumblr, but it’s not going to be as often as it used to be. It’s hard to RP when logging into your main RP blog makes you depressed as Heck.

I’m going to be spending more time on my lesser and non UT related blogs. They are still multi-fandom though, so you can feel free to interact! But I’m struggling something fierce my dudes.

This goes for


and those other UT blogs I can’t remember the names of,

You can still find me on orbviously, cubeviously, no1canbreakyou, hailtxtheking. etc… So basically, find me on my Sonic-related accounts.

I absolutely need time and I’m just getting riled and upset way too much lately from little things. Breathing room is important!

Whenever my characters get back, or if they are slow, PLEAAAAASE do not harass them with “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN” related drama. I will not stand it.


7.2.2017 // heyyyy everyone!!! I know I know, I’m not posting regularly I’m sorry okayy?? :’D I’m on my spring vacation this week (more like winter vacation but well anyway) and because I’m doing the research, I go to uni quite often hahaha :D I’m really busy with it, but tbh I’m not stressed and that’s good :D also, the tag games and masterpost requests, no I haven’t forgotten about them :D everything is in progress so stay tuned!! :D

So basically, I’m now kinda semi hiatus :D

Hope you’re all well and happy! Sending lots of hugs :33

AU: Pretending to Hate Each Other (Part One)

A/N: Sorry if there are spelling mistakes and or grammar mistakes, I’ll fix them later on since it’s late. It may seem a bit rushed and crap compared to other thing s I’ve done, but hey it’s only part one. I’ve been puttting off writing for a while…. sorry

P.S: Flor means blossom in Spanish

L/N: Last Name

E/C: Eye Color

Y/N: Your Name

Boy?: Nico di Angelo

Nico. Nico was the only person at camp that hated you more than anyone has ever hated you, more than you thought might be possible. He slammed doors in your face whenever you walked behind him or even trip you when you walked past. He gave you hateful looks and whenever he got the chance he would insult you in the worst ways, ways that not only offended you, but also hurt you in a way that not many people feel. Your heart would drop immediately and then your mind would race over everything you’d ever done wrong, picking out all the flaws that your memories held of you and criticizing yourself for it.It felt like a typical movie with all the cheesy bullying and hatred that was shown, you never thought that stuff never happened in real life… So you shot back as much hatred you could muster right back at him. You glared daggers at him from across the deck of the Argo II-him staring back just as hard. “Why won’t you two just go out already? Everyone ships it like crazy. Heh, you could say they Argo II it!” Leo, the Latino elf laughed at his own terrible pun. You took one glance at the grinning Leo; his smile looked similar to the Cheshire cat’s. You smiled at his goofiness and shook your head at him, “What a shame it is then that there is no way I’d ever get with the emo squidward.” Leo snickered and marched over to your seat on the railing of the ship, “How are my chances then? I’d like to think myself as the sexy version of spongebob; would you ever go out with me?” You giggled and shoved him off his seat, “Yeah right! Leo I’m flattered, but I’ll just stick to humans for now and not a sponge.” Leo laughed at you and leaned over to kiss your cheek before he glanced over to Nico who was sulking in the corner. You scrunched up your nose and turned to your best friend with a disgusted face, “Dirty water! Ew…” You said while wiping off where he kissed and playfully rubbing it on him. He smirked and lunged forwards to wrap his hands around you, “Come here, flor!” You  shreiked at his advance and ran off towards the other end of the deck with a big grin on your face, you were definitely faster than Leo since he always wiggled out of his training most of the time. He smiled and threw himself forwards to grab your legs. You tried to turn or speed up to get away from his attack on your feet, but he managed to lace his lanky arms around your black converses and yank them off so you’d lose blance. You fell down at a pair of matching black coverse that were matching to your own, you could already tell who it was. “Watch it L/n. Some people actually do something to help instead of playing around with her boyfriend.” Nico spat the word boyfriend distastfully, almost like the word was a poision. Your jaw locked with anger and your eyes turned into slits. Pulling yourself up from your tripped postion and staring up at him- yes you were staring up seeing as he is taller than you- with a fury shining in your (e/c) eyes, “What’s your deal? If you hate me so much then why even bother talking to me?” He stared at you with a blank expression, no emotion enevident upon his olive toned face, “It’s good manners to speak to those around you-      “ You cut him off with a scoff, “Good manners? What manners do you have? Have you ever heard of showing respect to ladies?” Whatever I did to you to make you hate me, I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t matter enough to constantly bully me about it.” He bit the side of his lip slightly and opened his mouth to speak, “Bully? How is it bullying you when you do the exact same thing to me? You aren’t the only victim here Y/n so stop playing that card.” At this point you were already fuming at this boy and let something that should have never been brought up, “Would you treat Bianca this way?!” His dark eyes wideded at your words, he backed up with tears brimming in his eyes. Without another word, he walked away to his room on the Argo II. 

“Um…” You turned around with your hand over your mouth in shock of what you just said to him to face Leo. He was still sitting on the floor with both of your shoes in his hands with an apolagetic smile on his face as he handed you the shoes, You pulled lazily on your shoes and fell to the floor to pul them back on, “What? “ You snapped at him hatefully. A look of hurt crossed his face before he cleared his throat and began, “You know he actually does like you…. right? As in he’s hea over heels.” Your head shot up and your mouth dropped, “Wait what? “

I’m going through a very, very hard time mentally and emotionally right now. My thoughts are dark and negative and things have been done that shouldn’t have been done. I really don’t even know what to do anymore.

That being said, I’m gonna be on here less then I already was. Probably just get on Saturdays to reblog / color the chapter. And the occasional reblog of Mashima’s twitter art / anything I like until I feel stable again.

I’m sorry guys… I’m just not in a good place right now.

semi hiatus

As much as I love this blog, I’ve been losing inspiration for it. And I’m rather busy too, so I can’t update as much as I want to. 

I’ll still update from time to time, but I’ll be on @incubusyuuri‘s blog from now on!

do find me there if you’d like to chat or something. 


I really need to knuckle down and get on with these Suits100 prompts. 

How much do I need to write?  A sh*t load!

I have a queue (#I’m not queueing you up), and it will be posting lots of Harvey/Mike every single day.  From time to time I’ll check the M*rvey tag but aside from that if you want me to see something use the ▶️ button, or send me a message if you want to talk in general (I’ll check my messages). I want to read your prompts/drabbles etc, so please send me them (be shameless). ☺

I’ll be back when I’ve written another 10k.
Miss ya’s, Millie. 💕

Queue Listing

Hello everyone! All three of my blogs @quipsterlotte-studies @outletofexpression @mythos-lotte are going on a semi-hiatus. Sorry guys. 😥School is rolling in our country as of June 2017 so I won’t have much time to tumblr. I promise i’ll check in and queue stuff though! I’ll answer all your asks and messages during weekends. Maybe i’ll even post some notes, writing tips, or fandom edits~

Reblog this post if you’re a studyblr or writerblr or an editblr and i’ll queue from you! 😙💕

     So here’s an official post for it, because honestly I feel very, very little for writing right now outside of a few incredibly selective moments. 

    A lot of it is the result of being distracted by other interests ( probably have noticed ) and it’s admittedly been kind of refreshing enjoying something I like without Tumblr completely decimating it for me. So in a similar note, as you’ve probably heard a hundred other people say in the RP fandom and may or may not be sick of: the Voltron fandom is a bit much and after sort of leaving it for two or three weeks, it’s given me some insight on how a bit much it is. 

    Basically and without any sugarcoating: a lot if not most of the V:LD fandom is made up of whiny, immature children ( or alternatively, adults that act like children ) and it’s exhausting to witness. I have pretty successfully avoided dipping my toes in the drama and as I’ve said before, the Galra side of the fandom is particularly void of this stupid BS, but that still doesn’t mean I don’t have to look at it or see reminders every time I’m around. That alone is enough for me. Even while taking neutral-positive stances on the discourse™ and even despite me caring 0% for and about the dumb anti-pro Paladin ship drama, it’s still gotten me some angry faces. 9__9

      That being said, I am going to recharge a while. I may write a post / drabble from time to time and I’ll still be here, but infrequently. Catch me on Discord if you want to talk, chances are I won’t respond to Tumblr IM.

semi hiatus

I know this is really sudden, but I really need to get off tumblr and do my homework. I only have one week left of classes and I still have 3 late assignments to do, and two that I can still do on time. This also means that I won’t be writing as much. I’ll try to do a couple of my drabbles, and I’ll queue up some posts, but that’s it for me.

see you in a week!

i don’t mean to be annoying but ,, semi hiatus

soo i’ve been feeling insanely overwhelmed lately with social media and trying to keep up this blog has become something i feel obligated to post on and stay active when the first time i had my blog, it was a hobbie where i would create things and talk amongst you guys about dnp, and their shenanigans 

however, i’m not saying i don’t appreciate the lovely comments and asks from people who say i’m their favorite blog and that they love it, but i’m a really critical person to myself and it’s kind of a bit of pressure? Don’t get me wrong, i absolutely feel so much love when people compliment and say my blog makes their day or makes them happy, that’s honestly one of my goals i had for this blog and i’m really proud and happy with how interactive and fun it’s been 

I guess what i’m trying to say is i’m gonna be on semi-hiatus for the next week because it’s been too much to handle. my anxiety has been bad, and i have so much work i need done that i haven’t started because i’ve been so focused and paying all my attention and efforts towards this blog and dan and phil and it’s literally so draining at points and i wasn’t going to make a post about it, but i figure i owed you guys explanations in case you were wondering if you should still follow me or not bc i don’t like following people who are inactive also. 

so yeah, just a heads up. i’ll be on here and there but not for long periods. <3 see ya soon. 

send!! me!! submissions!!

so ive been dead for most of may and ill probably dead for all of June too (senior events, regents and more). i apologize for being too lazy to queue anything as well ;;

school ends on June 28 but i probably won’t be back until the following weekend because im taking health class over the summer at my new school, and that starts literally the day after school ends (’:

anyways!!! fill my inbox with submissions, or use my tag #heyjul so i can queue everything!!! i can’t wait to see you guys again, and thank you for 5k!!! (which i actually reached a while ago but never did a celebratory thing for (((’: )

future events:
-masterposts!!! so many masterposts!!!
-including a summer and/or back to school series
-more original studyspo (im aiming for twice a week instead of once a month (’: )
-SLEEPOVER SATURDAY (which ive been putting off for about 2 or 3 months now)
-a giveaway????
-some kind of livestream, i think
-and more!!

see you guys soon!

Blog Update:

So I would assume many of my followers don’t know this but I’m Hellenistic. However, from this July 20-26 I’m being forced to go to a Christian camp where I’ll have no access to electronics. Typically I go on my phone as it’s easiest for me for tumblr since I’m always on the move but at camp I won’t be allowed a laptop or a phone. That being said I’ll be absent. There’s no queue on this blog because I don’t like having to reblog things and not see them immediately (I’m an instant gratification type person) so my blog will be pretty dead for the 6 days I’ll be gone. I am going to sneak my phone into camp but it will most likely die within the first two days as I won’t be able to openly charge it anywhere. Thank you for understanding and to my mutuals: I’m sorry for leaving you guys hanging I’ll catch you on the flip side. I’m going to tag everyone I regularly talk to so you know.

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honestly, I have 12 days until I graduate and the amount of shit that’s being thrown around in this fandom is making me more stressed than I should be on the cusp of freedom? So if I don’t reblog as many things or post as many things anymore it’s because I’m done. We’ll see how I feel in a few weeks. Feel free to message me though! I’m happy to talk to peeps who feel the same way I do.