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discourse haikus

i sneezed in walmart
it was aphobic because
no one said bless you

sometimes i picture
a world clean and free of gays
no allo privilege

i will shoot up Pride
if a dirty gay tells me
cishets can’t be queer

i steal your culture
because i can’t just admit
we’ve never had one

STDs- funny
i hope one kills all the gays
what’s an “AIDS crisis”

works in progress

For anyone who’s curious about what’s whirling around in my mind and which concepts i’m currently spending my time on!

✧ = priority


Mortifer 03 | Angst | Fallen angel!Hoseok

Nocturne | Smut | Nymph!Yoongi ✧

The Green Fairy | Angst/Crack/Fluff | Fairy!Yoongi

Cat Hybrid!BTS miniseries | Smut/Fluff | Catboy!Jungkook ✧

Noona Slayers | Crack/Smut | Secret agent!Jungkook + Yugyeom

Young Forever | Angst/Smut/mxm | Devil!Taehyung + Seokjin

The Last | Angst/Smut/Zombie!AU | Taehyung

Anemia Alt. Ending | Angst/Smut | Vampire!Jungkook ✧

Sirendipity | Angst/Fluff/Smut | Siren!Jin

Doo-wop | Smut | Badboy!Taehyung

Beyond The Walls | Angst/Horror/Attack On Titan!AU | OT7

Untouched | Angst/Smut | Kuzu No Honkai!AU | Yoongi

Torn&Tied | Angst/Smut/Poly!AU | Taekook


If You Do 06 | Angst/Fluff | Bestfriend!Jackson


Coven | Angst/Fluff/Smut/Soulmate!AU/Magic!AU | Minhyuk

I’m going to do the yearly revamp of the Actually Asexual in Fiction list.

This years version will add the following sections: 

Gender of MC
Own Voices Y/N
Other Rep Y/N
Type of Rep

To the existing features of: 
Main Character Y/N
Possible warnings

I’m also going to add a video game and a comic sections since they are a few of each. (I’m not going to do youtube series or web comics because it’s quite a number now and I do not consistently watch or read any. The 3.0 list has links to some btw)

If there are any other categories you might want to have listed please reply via a reblog or in comment on this post! be

Newest fics are at the end of each list!

* = NSFW

Bucky Barnes

Sleep Talker
The Interview - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - *6 (Final)
La Vie En Rose
*All Mine
Anything Could Happen
Born For Leavin’

Chris Evans

I Have A Date

Steve Rogers

Know Your Value
Hold On
23 - 2 - 3 (Final)

Steve and Bucky

Stubborn Love - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11

Wanda Maximoff

Let It Go



She traces my scars
As if she is mapping
My skin a sky
And her fingertips
Endless balls of light

She is a smoulder
Slow burning embers
Every bit as
Dangerously raging
As a forest fire
Brightening the sky

She left a handprint
On the wet cement
Of my life
Everyone who comes after
Comments on the imprint
The light in her fingertips
Slowly but surely

Dance the Silence down to the morning

The morning is full and pregnant with fog in that melancholy Portland way, as distinctive as it’s bitter, black coffee and in the silky mist of it Will glowed like a sunbeam. He was all golden skin and careless grace as he prodded the batter in the skillet to a perfect pancakes. Perfect, bat shaped pancakes, Nico noted with a grimace. Despite their lack of dignity, the pancakes unfurled delicate golden wings as they were flipped. And how could they not, with all of that shiny expectation directed at them?

“At last, he wakes,” Will said without turning. “I was about to send a search party.”

“Coffee,” Nico answers back, accepting the mug Will handed him before he even finished the word. Lifting the cup to his lips, he studied Will. His demigod healing had kicked in and the only remnants from the day before was in the slight hitch in his step, the kiss swollen mouth and the bruise on his throat in the shape of Nico’s mouth. The cheerful smile and too old eyes looked exactly the same as he arched a questioning eyebrow in Nico’s direction.

“See something you like?”

….an (unedited and unpolished) snippet of the massive Solangelo fic I am working on, featuring flower farms, smut and all the magic and mayhem you can shake a stick at. Posting for incentive to finish it.