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sootbirds  asked:

im sorry to ask but im using yr constellation theme on my friends blog and i was wondering if there is any way i could set up the third link to be a status thing in the same way there is one on yr awaken theme? if this is too complicated i totally understand

First of all I am very sorry for this reply being so late!! Yeah unfortunately this is something pretty complex for me to explain myself, BUT i CAN link you the tutorial by zsu, which i learned how to do it from. Unfortunately, it may be pretty difficult to understand if you don’t know coding, but I can’t leave you with nothing, friend! 7th District also has a great tag for update/status codes you could also try. Good luck to both of you!

man i really need a mun fc

anyways i’m going on a super mini semi-hiatus this weekend! i’m going to momocon with @poppicede and @badmediicine, so from tonight (5/23) to probably monday (5/29) i’m going to be mostly confined to mobile (currently for packing and stuff and starting thursday for the con)! it might extend to wednesday, because that’s when my final project for my maymester is due, but i might take breaks from that to do everything i owe!!

if you’re gonna be there, let me know! i’d love to see you!

Fall in Love with Elsword! by GM Amelia

Hi, Elpeeps! Valentine’s Day is almost here, and boy have we got the game update of the season. For both the loved and lovelorn alike, your dreams of virtual romance are about to come true with the all new Wedding System!

Many of you have been talking about fantasy match-ups among members of the Elgang—Elsword and Aisha, Rena and Raven, and so on. After tomorrow’s maintenance, you can finally make it happen in-game with a formal ceremony presided by 1 of 3 NPCs, complete with wedding gown and tuxedo, invitations, cake, and bubbly! It’s also a chance for the couple to hold a special ceremony with your friends and even your entire guild in an exclusive in-game venue. Celebrate your love!

External image

Get Paired Up

So, how do you get married in Elsword? You and another player have to become a couple first (Characters must be opposite genders!). One of you needs to get the Couple Ring from the Item Mall for 500 K-Ching. This lets the bearer ask the player he or she desires to go steady, and once the couple request is accepted, you two are officially an Elsword Online couple. You can check your couple status under a new tab in the Community window.

External image

Walk Down the Aisle

Ready to pop the big question? Then go shopping for a Wedding Package at the Item Mall! Choose according to your desired location between Ruben and Sander Wedding Halls. A wedding package includes a Wedding Ring, Wedding Hall item, and invitations. Here’s what you need to do next:

> Propose marriage
> Invite guests
> Wear the 30-day wedding clothes (Check the mail!)
> Go to the wedding hall with your partner and guests, and get married!

External image

Wedding System Rewards!

Unless you already got a special someone you can be coupled with, it may not be so easy to get someone to agree. But once you do get coupled, the rewards and perks are pretty awesome. For instance, how does a weekly reward cube sound? Also, you get a couple’s skill called Extreme Heavenly Love, which recovers HP and MP for both partners.

And when you get married, you can even share a reward cube and some cake and bubbly consumables with your wedding guests! Then the couple’s skill becomes Lv. 2 and you get even more perks, such as the married couple-exclusive Summoning feature, and Wedding Anniversary Titles you can earn down the road.

Are you inspired to make your virtual relationship happy ever after? Get hitched in Elsword soon after the update, or at least try it out with the wedding system launch events tomorrow!

Valentine’s Day Event Dungeon

Helen’s husband is missing, but that does not stop her from making chocolate for him this Valentine’s Day. Help her by making a delivery in the event dungeon, Operation Valentine. Don’t worry—you sure can get your hands on some sweet treats, too. Check it out after the maintenance!

Skill Balance – FREE Full Skill Reset

A massive skill balance update is also included in this week’s patch. To mark the occasion, everyone gets a full skill reset for FREE!

Be sure to get back in the game early tomorrow for all these and more! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Get 300 Reblogs on this entry by 2/18 PST for a chance to be 1 of 5 winners to receive 500 K-Ching. Be sure to leave your IGN!