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I gave his mother a bottle of my nail oil and he mentioned how I made it so she’s like “ohhh she’s a little witchy in the kitchen eh? A little kitchen witch!” And he just started laughing and told her how he always says I am (and even his older brother one day just points at me and yells witchcraft bc of my little trick ahaha)

It started with him calling me a hippy but he quickly switched to witch on our second date and I think my favourite part is that I didn’t even have to tell him, he just knew (as well as his family) and they all happily accept it 🙈✨

A Good Book (1882). Ludovico Marchetti (Italian, 1853-1909). Oil on panel.

Marchetti received his early artistic training in the atelier of the Spanish painter Mariano Fortuny y Marsal. Following his studies in Rome, Marchetti left for France. He attained bronze medal status at the Paris Salon in 1889 and also developed a following in the Salons of Munich and Berlin.