The environment of banquets and feasts had always been something pleasant. And not actually being a part of such a feast had never before stopped Guinevere having fun, the fun she was having tonight however was of an entirely different nature. It was not customary for servants to drink whilst on duty but tonight Morgana had taken things into her own hands and practically ordered Gwen to drink the damned, bitter tasting alcohol. Gwen wondered if Morgana was simply lonely, she often found Morgana standing alone and just watching the happenings around her. Maybe tonight Morgana was keen to change such feelings of solitude and Gwen knew the pair were close friends.

Guinevere stared at the glass in her hand, the third glass of summer wine this evening and Gwen was already feeling mildly tipsy. The world was blurring around her as she put the glass to her lips and downed the liquid in one.

“Aaaaaah.” she sighed as the disgusting taste trickled down the back of her throat. It truly was a foul tasting wine. And then, quite without reason, Gwen burst out laughing, the effects of the alcohol clearing going to her head.