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Laughter filled the air, both of adult and child alike as shenanigans were wrought and mischief wreaked. Two tiny sets of bare feet stamped into emerald grass as twin siblings chased after one another, much to the delight of themselves and their parents, who watched from afar on a blanket laden with food and sweets. Royal regalia had been set aside for the day, as the elder members of the family had decided it was much too nice a day to be wasted upon formalities and paperwork; and so they had bundled up their children and rode on horseback to the open expanses of land nearby, close enough to the sea that the waves could be heard crashing into the rocky shore and the salty spray could tickle at one’s nose.

Attention wandered, as it was often wont to do with young children, and before long the little boy of the pair had found himself on an unfamiliar hilltop; rolling green expanses to one side, the open sea to another, and rocky shore-side cliffs filling the remainder. In his distraction, he had gotten lost, had wandered too far away from his sister and the little picnic they’d been having with their parents. He was too young for his sense of direction to be any good, and already the sun was sinking far over the horizon.

The sky soon blackened to a charcoal grey. Darkened stormclouds moved in to cover the previously bright heavens, and a faint drizzle of rain began to fall. True panic did not seem to set in until a loud crack of thunder lashed out at his ears, eliciting a high-pitched, frightened cry from his lungs and causing tears to prick at emerald eyes. Any thought of trying to find his family vanished; all he wanted to do now was run, run ever so far away from the storm.

So he ran; feet leaving footprints in the sand, only for the oncoming tide to sweep them away. He ran for what felt like ages before he found shelter; a larger, craggy cave, slick with rain water near the front but dryer inside. Little chest heaving with fear and exhaustion, he ran inside and collapsed near one of the walls; eyes shutting tight to hold back the true waves of terror he felt.

So consumed was he by his fear that the little prince failed to notice a secondary presence within the cavern; one potentially much more frightening and deadly than that of any storm.

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"I see you're getting rather /familiar/ with some of the suitors, kiir." Come a few strides and Yvaine was up next to him, tapping on the mark Helios had on his neck. "Your people call this a 'hickey', correct? Might want to cover that up before you see the King."

Your character finds a hickey on my character’s neck. How does your character react? 


He tries quite hard to play off as naive and innocent when she first approaches, but as soon as her finger makes contact with the bruise upon his neck, he turns bright red to match; lips pulling into a thin line as he coughs somewhat awkwardly and refuses to meet her gaze.

“… Is it really that noticeable?”

Just finished reading the list of fixed bugs and magic renovation changes and this is finally an update that I’m excited for and 100% ok waiting on FIREBALL PAGES THAT WON’T EXPIRE I Might actually finally learn it while I’m stuck looking for another mage to figure out fushion bolt

and lightning bolt damage bonus when charged to the max

and Aeria and Stewert ALWAYS selling special books like Meditation instead of only on special days






“Ah… Linkel…” The blonde mumbled, smiling shyly. Oh, one of those charming prince figures, huh? Not bad- at least he was nice so far and not some greedy brat.

“Linkel? A charming name; quite fitting for one as charming as yourself. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Linkle.”

He returned her smile with one a possible thousand degrees brighter, hands clasped formally behind his back as he gave her a small bow. Curiousity soon overtook him, however, and his smile faded into an expression of pure intrigue.

“I do not believe I have ever seen you around Castle Town, Miss Linkel - might I inquire as to where you hail from?”

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❝ you've got me shaking from the way you're talking. ❞

❝ sarcasm ❞ starters

“… Your sarcasm is not appreciate at the moment, Yvaine. I’m being serious. If they try to make me marry some pretentious little twit like that, I’m going to burn this castle to the ground. And then go back home with you.”

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λ [needy dragon]

Touches are none verbal forms of communication. Send me a symbol to see how my muse would convey their feelings to you only through a touch. My muse will say no word and only try to express their feelings physically.

λ: For my muse wanting your muse’s attention

It had been a handful of years since Helios had been taken in by the dragon he now affectionately called ‘his’. He was, perhaps, just verging on 13 summers now, and as the boy moved into his teens, he found himself growing slightly restless with boredom.

It was not that he did not like living with his dragon; oh no, far from it. But with just himself and the dragon together in the abandoned castle, there was not much for him to occupy his time with.

One particularly boring day found the young man padding up to the dragon on silent feet; lips turned down into what could only be called quite the childish pout. A heavy sigh escaping him, he came to a stop by her side and rested his forehead upon her scaley hide; emeraldine eyes shutting as if to try and shut out the monotony as well.

Leaning there did not occupy him for very long, however, and it was a short time later that he had moved to instead lean against one of her front legs. Arms wrapped themselves around the appendage as best he could, and he stared up at her then with a surprisingly forlorn, needing gaze.


“ Honesty is not my strong suit, darling, “ the woman replied, giving a mock-dejected look as she spoke. “ Therefore, you can properly assume my statement was sarcastic. Then again, you can assume the same for this one as well. “

An eyebrow rose slightly as the woman spoke. My, but she was filled with attitude, wasn’t she?

A breathy sigh escaped through his nose as he refrained from rolling his eyes towards the heavens. Arms crossing over his chest, he eyed her somewhat critically; lips pursed in a rather no-nonsense fashion.

“I will only ask one more time; why do you seek admittance into Hyrule Castle? Only members of court and those who have business with the Princess are allowed entry.”


It was not often that Helios found himself able to escape down to the quiet calm that was Lake Hylia, but it seemed that fortune was smiling down upon him today. Such a warm, sunny day was not to be spent indoors, and so the young noble had made his way tot he lakeside with all due haste as soon as the sun had risen over the distant rolling hills of Hyrule Field.

For several hours there was no one there but he, relaxing beneath the shade of a tree and enjoying the pleasant weather. The whinnying of a horse was quick to catch his attention, though; green eyes blinking open in surprise to search for the source of the sound.


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"I know you hate this medicine, but if you don't take it you'll never get any better."

Sick Starter Sentences…

“You sound like you’re making sense, but I’m sick so it could all just be lies. Either way I am not drinking that; it’s absolutely vile.”