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The Statue of Narcissus - Snowbaz

Just in case someone does not know the myth of Narcissus, here is a brief summary.

Narcissus was a hunter of crazy beauty. He was loved by men and women. He prided himself in rejecting everyone. He only loved himself. One of the people who fell for him was Echo. (Yes, Echo as in the voice we hear back thrown to us)

One day, for the first time, he saw his reflection in a pond and fell in love with himself. There are 2 versions of what happened after that. He either stayed by that pond until he died from hunger/starvation. Or that he jumped into the water and drowned. (Echo killed herself when he died)

The idea of Narcissus is that he is beautiful to who ever looks at him. He is the most beautiful person in the world. Neither preference nor sexuality would prevent you from falling in love. But I started thinking about the simple fact that:

Beauty is subjective.

How would this co-exist?

I thought about it for a while and have come to the conclusion that Narcissus looks different to everyone.

Now bringing it up to more modern days.

A man lost his lover and was stricken with grief. In his house was a perfect statue of Narcissus. He could not longer look at it. It reminded him of the lover he lost. He sold it for rather cheap (for such a masterpiece) to the Pitch family.

Young Natasha and Fiona have always loved the statue. It was in the center of their reading room. A big room with huge windows that show over the garden. They never discussed the fact that they have never seen the statue the same way.

Then there was Baz.

Oh boy.

Already, when he returned home after his first year, he felt as though the statue changed in his eyes. It was as if light fell on the eyes, making them brighter. The hair was shorter and curlier. To him, it looked like Simon Snow.

He hated the statue to death. That is why he would spend hours at a time in the reading room, looking at it, and unable to focus on his book.

Then the fucking 5th year rolls around.

Now, I try not to think of Baz crying at the base of the statue.

Don’t dare thing about Baz carefully tracing gently the delicate features of the statue.

And for the love of God, please, don’t think of Baz gently kissing the statue and licking around the Adam’s apple. (we know he is not above doing this) ((Mr.spit-in-his-face-and-lick-it-off))

Simon though….

The night he stays at the Pitch Manor, he is unable to sleep in the room Baz offered. As he walks out of the room, he passes the reading room, that was open, and peaks inside.

“The vain bastard, having a fucking statue of himself.”

If I’m to waste away today

After this silent night

I’ll be thankful for the time we had

This time to make things right

To spend these moments sitting here

Whispering to you

My likes, my hates

My fears, my dreams

To hear of all yours too

I never thought I’d get the chance

To feel so right again

I’m thankful for this time we had

This time before the end

—  A Moment’s Left With You by Statue Narcissus