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Smokescreen playing cowboy with the kids is a cute idea omg. Imagine the kids bring him cowboy themed things because he can't get them himself. They find a hat big enough for him and he wears while quoting cowboy movies. He wears it all the time.

Yes yes yes yes YES beautiful anon! ☆゚. * ・ 。゚

-I’d like to think they managed to steal a giant stetson and holster belt from one of those impossibly large cowboy statues you often find in the Southern States in some kind of elaborate plan. 

-Smokescreen is so happy and wants to complete the look so he let’s the kids draw stubble on his faceplates for fun.

-Smokescreen has Ratchet install shiny chrome spurs that hide behind his rear wheels when in vehicle mode. He says they’ll help him with his kicks in battle, Ratchet believes none of it but he’ll still indulge him because he thinks it’s one of his rare endearing moments.

-When he can’t wear the hat or the belt, he’ll wear a red and blue “bandana”/scarf around his neck.

-He’ll often adopt a drawl and it’s given him a huge confidence boost, he has flirted with every bot around the base at least once using finger guns; this is including Optimus, 0/10 would not do again, he later apologized profusely.

Imagine taking Ahkmenrah to an amusement park.

The faint sound of screaming in the distance was the first thing you noticed as you both exited the car. You turned toward the park. Towering above everything else stood the park’s main attraction. A huge lumbering double wooden roller coaster. Two trains. One red and one blue, raced against each other non-stop all day long and into the night. The high-pitched shrieks of faraway terror sent your stomach into knots, as you recalled your first time on that particular coaster.

Memories of your friend taunting you as you both made your way up the steep climb in opposing trains. Quickly you tried to wipe the sweat off your palms to get a better grip on the safety bar in front of you. The anticipation you felt as your train peaked at the top. Holding still for seconds that felt like hours. Then slowly gaining momentum faster and faster as it plummeted straight down. Your body whipping around bends at such a high rate of speed, causing you to crush the person seated next to you. The feel of the wind beating against your face so roughly that tears trickled out the corners of your eyes. Being too terrified to let go of the bar to wipe them away. The double bump towards the end shot you out of your seat. Even though your backside only lifted an inch or two, for a split second you thought you were dead. In your mind you saw your body ejected from the train, splattered on the track and run over. That’s when you screamed. A horrible, terrible wail from the depths of your soul that lasted until the end of the ride. When your winning train pulled to a stop your knuckles were white, your throat dry and hoarse. You slowly pulled your gnarled and shaking hands off the safety bar and exited your train. Your legs trembling and your hands sore.

You chuckled under your breath as you wrung your hands together as if feeling the soreness now. You looked over at Ahkmenrah. His face was pale, his eyes wide. He stared at the giant coaster. You could hear the faint clickety-clacking noise of the chain pulling both trains slowly uphill. That sound always made your heart race.

“Those are good screams, I promise.” You told him, trying not to laugh.

Ahkmenrah nodded gravely as he watched both trains plunge down the hill. Then whip around the corner only to disappear behind the souvenir and food shops.

“Come on.” You said taking his hand and dragging him toward the entrance of the park.

Ahkmenrah moved slowly behind you. You understood his hesitation. The noise of the rides, the screams, the music. It was a lot to take in at once. You squeezed his hand, trying to reassure him. He gave you a meek smile.

“They call this an amusement park, correct?” He asked.

“Correct.” You answered.

“Yes, well it seems quite amusing so far.” He muttered.

You turned the corner toward the ticket booths. Right before the turnstiles sat the same old weathered statue, Cowboy Joe. An old fiberglass cowboy with a large brown hat, boots and vest sitting on a park bench. Mostly he was just there to take pictures with. The parks unofficial mascot. You’re parents had taken countless pictures of you with that cowboy. Year after year, summer after summer. Until you were too old, too cool, for your parents to take you to the park. But even then as silly teenagers, every year you still took a picture with Cowboy Joe.

As you walked up to the main ticket window you heard the demented cackling of Laffin’ Sal. Behind a large pane of glass next to the ticket window was a mechanical woman with a large gap-toothed smile. She waved at the visitors as she laughed maniacally. The park installed Sal back in 1931 to raise the spirits of visitors during the Great Depression. Her laugh sounded deranged, diabolic even. The kind of laugh a mad scientist would have. These old relics had a strange, yet whimsical macabre look to them. Their creepy eyes always seemed to follow you no matter where you went. You laughed at Ahkmenrah staring at Sal with an unsettled look.

“You keep staring like that and she might jump out of that window and getcha.” You whispered to Ahkmenrah as you grabbed his shoulders and making him jump.

He turned around to stare at you, clearly frightened.

“I’m just kidding. Come on.” You said taking his hand and leading him through the turnstiles.

You walked down the ramp. Passing all the different colorful flowers lined along the path. The entrance to the park was only accessible through a tunnel that ran underneath the road above. The smooth concrete walls created the perfect echo. Screeches of delight echoed off the walls as a half-dozen children ran past. Ahkmenrah laughed as he watched a few adults, walking fast, trying to keep up. The echoes of merriment died down as the sound of parents reprimanding their children took over.    

As you neared the end of the long tunnel the aroma of sweet delectable food filled your lungs. Cotton candy, candied apples, popcorn, kettle corn and all types of fried deliciousness. Your mouth began to water with every step. You looked over at Ahkmenrah. His eyes were closed and he was licking his lips.

“What is that smell?” He asked as he inhaled deeply.

“Guilty pleasures. And we will try every single one.” You said with an impish wink.

He blushed. “I think I shall enjoy that.”

It took a few moments for your eyes to adjust to the light once you exited the tunnel. Bright neon lights adorned the candy and souvenir shops. Beckoning visitors to come in and spend their money. Racing incandescent bulbs lined the long alleyway of games. Luring guests in with promises of giant prizes and trophies. Dusk had always been your favorite time at the park. There was nothing more beautiful than the vivid dazzling lights around all the rides. The dizzying effect of the fast-moving lights had a strange hypnotic allure that could not be denied. The whole park came alive at night, much like the Museum of Natural History. You glanced over in Ahkmenrah’s direction. The apprehension, the nervousness all seemed to have disappeared from his face. His eyes were huge and bright, mesmerized by the enchanting display before him. His mouth was wide open and slowly spreading into a smile that stretched ear to ear.

Ahkmenrah’s eyes roamed all over the immediate area. He watched as a vendor bent out of his window to hand a small child a monstrous bag of pink and blue cotton candy. He then turned his attention to a younger couple playing a game. He chuckled as he watched the boy try again and again to win his girlfriend a prize. Only to have her throw the ball once and claim the victory instead. She proudly handed her boyfriend a large purple tissue paper flower on a two and a half-foot stem. The boy hung his head in shame only to perk up a moment later. He started to dance around with the flower. Twirling it around like an umbrella before bowing and handing it over to his girlfriend. Ahkmenrah took your hand and brought it up to his lips. Kissing it sweetly and making you blush.

“So what do you want to do first oh great pharaoh of Egypt?”

Ahkmenrah looked at you, his eyes shining and said. “Everything.”


Male Hero 2
In a picture from Reincarnation series (Reincarnation Series Reincarnation Oil on Linen Signed) a masculine man holds an antelope that seems to attempt escaping from the embrace of the male who has a head of an ape.The ever-present image of a secondary feeble man is close by in connection to the scene watching it or in some way participating.In Reincarnation with a woman-shark (Reincarnation-3 Same title Series Oil on Linen Signed) a male figure is in a center holding up the reincarnated woman. The man’s body is physically fit.A reclining male in the lower right side is also muscular but younger, with long blond hair. His position, youthfulness, and attractiveness create additional meaning of compliance to the one who is stronger and older.In another work from Reincarnation series with Pinocchio (Reincarnation-2 R. Series Oil on Linen Singed) a sinewy hand holds decreased in size legs of a woman whose upper body part is not shown in tone but suggested by an outline while her lower body is lightly fleshy. Another almost unseen female is sitting on the hand.In the center a macular body of a dark color spreads upward that seems to be a black woman.Some haughty unshaven profile is closing eyes and pouts his lips in a grimace to what could be an aura and smell of naked bodies that surround and connect to each other.Meanwhile Pinocchio is a curious and appetent voyeur whose nose is directed to the center.The line curve that taps the long nose has almost palpable sensuality being nothing but a graphical line in the context of the work that changes value of line into new dominion.In a work called Sinphony that gives name to Jaisini’s series of works another male image is a conductor postured as perhaps a ballet dancer with obvious reduction of maleness and in context of the picture having awakening of an inner spirit that has no gender definition.In First the male characters are of a non-masculine artist in a hat in linear portrayal that avoids any tonal value. Another is a city dweller that holds a rat by the end of the tail being a petit man with typical appearance full of a small time trader. Next male image is a kind of smart, sharp profile of quick-witted criminal attorney.There is also an unshaven profile with cocked nose possibly of a redneck.A drunkard’s blue nose indicates a presence of yet another male personage.In each picture there is a male image or images as unique part of the conveyed composition.In Wet Dream we find few male images and silhouettes.An almost undefined profile in the center of a powerless character that could be an overwhelmed witness of the surrounding whirlpool of female flesh.A second image is of an opinionated but also feeble man.In another work titled Das Ich Und das Es a man brandishes knife and holds down a head of another who in turn interacts with a reclining woman or maybe just looking down at his feet.The mood of the picture creates self-destructing overtone that could be attributed to the inclusion of bright red color strongly connecting to the shape of a sharp blade and to a proud-looking silhouette of an amazon woman. She could be in fact a true possessor of the knife and the gesture could be interpreted as her strong grip over the weapon in immediate urge to cut the exposed man’s throat.In the picture’s left side the image of a bull could portray a massive devil with masculine built.Another mode of male portrayal is through a clown, an inmate in Circus series (Circus-4 W x H (“) 36 x 36 Oil on Linen Circus Series Signed).Circus-4 seems to ask a question of the difference between representation and reality. On which side there are the heroes of this performance. Does the work portray the inner or the outer? There is a perpetual detour on the way to truth that has lost status of any finality.A cowboy shadow in Blue and Mauve (Blue and Mauve W x H (“) 30 x 40 Signed Oil on Canvas);A king in Royal Flesh (Royal Flesh W x H (“) 36 x 36 Signed Oil on Linen) and in Under the Moon (Under the Moon W x H (“) 35 x 35 Oil on Linen Singed);Tsar in Great Bastard (Great Bastard W x H (“) 48 x 48 Oil on Canvas Singed);Dwarfs in Pick-nick at a Sideway and in Crystal Man(Crystal Man Early Period W x H (“) 48 x 50 Oil on Linen Signed dated 1994)The whole artistic endeavor builds a new image of male as not a traditional hero with excessive pride that started in legends as male hero’s pride towards, or defiance of the gods.The male image was a prototype of the God himself and at the same time a vulnerable example of pride and its doom.In the works of Jaisini the male image doesn’t possess the role of physical superiority but also not a protagonist in relation to woman.Jaisini shows the indefinable transformation where female body could be masculine and otherwise.The non-masculine man is not anti-masculine, or feminized.The breed can’t be artificially chosen by humans, they couldn’t be feminine or masculine by their own choice, this happens due to natural evolution.In Show Must Go On a main male image is rushing forward in what seems to be a deliberately provocative indication of an intercourse in a bizarre set up. But the figure of the aggressor is also vulnerable in the depiction of attack by a sward fish. If the animal predator is a true portrayal of maleness then the central man who is meant to render a singer is not a masculine type even being athletically built and seemingly aggressive. The image is going through immediate transformation that is amazing in creating a new type of an androgen. The recent incarnation of the androgen in popular culture carry strong sexual charge.The singer couldn’t be separated from his sexual nature and Jaisini represents him as one who tries and attempts to be dominating power, but not as much in physical context as by principle of creativity, improvisation and composition.In popular music rock stars have all in their various ways flirted with the idea of androgen. Sometimes this was simply a matter of costume while making it the subjects of their own ironic commentary.In SMGO the image of male would be rough if in the compositional relations there was no threat from a true predator.The exposed position of injury invites compassion as an image of an androgyne seem less threatening to young and weaker same as effect achieved by rock musicians seeking appeal among diverse public.The expression of such sexual ambivalence establishes a fascinating game, is he or isn’t he? In a period of conflicting sexual identity Jaisini often shrewdly exploits the confusion surrounding male and female roles to create ambiguity of visual image.The singer is portrayed as an “unearthly" being.“These singers often took heroic masculine roles in the operas of Hendel and his contemporaries, and were rewarded with the adoration of both men and women. The range, power, and flexibility of their voices seemed both to quash the accusation of effeminacy and at the same time set them a little apart from the human sphere. Unearthliness seems to be the quality, which separates the genuine androgyne, at least in our imaginations, from the merely effeminate male. Because of this the androgyne is powerful, alluring and sometimes, though not always, as threatening as the exaggeratedly muscular hero whose antonym he forms.“Gleitzeit essays circa 1994 Author Yustas K Gottlieb AKA Ellen Yustas K Gottlieb

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“its my senior year, and i've created a bucket list of things i want to do before i graduate - one of those things happens to be you.” like just imagine jack and shitty sitting down on the first day of senior year writing bucket list and the it gets to graduation day and jack shows bitty the list ( also how dare you change your side bar and not warn me i was unprepared for this boy feels)

(whoops I totally remodeled the blog and had a good time just because I wanted to add a tags page! Whoops, sorry! Also, I will totally get to the other prompt, but this one got way out of hand and took forever and a half. Also I’m drunk and autocorrect is wonderful but not perfect unfortunately)


Shitty threw his head back, causing him to hit his head on the wall against Jack’s bed. But the new crack in the wall didn’t slow Shitty down in the slightest. 

“Jack, you beautiful Canadian idiot, I wasn’t really suggesting it. I’ve already started mine and I realized how much fun it was, so naturally I felt the need to bring some fun to your life.” 

Jack sighed, and turned away from his laptop. “Shits, I already know what I’m aiming for. I couldn’t make a whole list of things to do. I’m not that interesting.”

And that, that is what activates Shitty’s determination to convince Jack to do this, because bros don’t let their bros get down on themselves (especially not when they are one of the most attractive athletes at school and they are going to be playing professional hockey, and also have a wicked sense of humor, even if it is all hockey-based or history-based humor). 

“Jack Laurent Zimmermann, so help me, if you don’t make a bucket list with me, I will make Bitty withhold pie privileges for a month!” 

Jack gave him a dry look from across the room, “Probably would be best, I need to cut back on sweets to prep for the season.”

“Don’t make me get Lardo involved.” At that, Jack sighed and seemed to give in. 

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