statue and cowboy

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Smokescreen playing cowboy with the kids is a cute idea omg. Imagine the kids bring him cowboy themed things because he can't get them himself. They find a hat big enough for him and he wears while quoting cowboy movies. He wears it all the time.

Yes yes yes yes YES beautiful anon! ☆゚. * ・ 。゚

-I’d like to think they managed to steal a giant stetson and holster belt from one of those impossibly large cowboy statues you often find in the Southern States in some kind of elaborate plan. 

-Smokescreen is so happy and wants to complete the look so he let’s the kids draw stubble on his faceplates for fun.

-Smokescreen has Ratchet install shiny chrome spurs that hide behind his rear wheels when in vehicle mode. He says they’ll help him with his kicks in battle, Ratchet believes none of it but he’ll still indulge him because he thinks it’s one of his rare endearing moments.

-When he can’t wear the hat or the belt, he’ll wear a red and blue “bandana”/scarf around his neck.

-He’ll often adopt a drawl and it’s given him a huge confidence boost, he has flirted with every bot around the base at least once using finger guns; this is including Optimus, 0/10 would not do again, he later apologized profusely.


Abby: “Jack’s still a noob. He’s so easy to fluster. See, watch.”

Rita: “I thought that it’s rude to - ”

Abby: “It totally is. Hey Jack! Hey! You suck! You’re a terrible statue! I saw you blink! Your lip is twitching! How is your leg holding up? Are you tired yet?”

As if the girl was directing his actions, Jack the Cowboy Statue responded to each jeer with a blink, twitch, or tremble. He really wasn’t very good at all, especially compared to the girl.

Abby: “Hmph. Like I said. Total noob. Meanwhile, yours truly is a seasoned pro. You can testify to that.”