This was George. He was a 9 year old Jack Russell who lived in the small town of Manaia, New Zealand. On April 29, 2007 he jumped into a losing fight with two Pit Bulls to protect two young children. According to witnesses he fought as hard as he could, but he never stood a chance and was severely mauled as the children were pulled to safety. George died from his wounds that afternoon at the vet.


Residents of Suzano, in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region, met an unexpected visitor for Community Day: a statue of the Pokémon Bulbasaur, which emerged in one of the city’s main squares. The statue brings the iconic little monster up on a pedestal, with the words “A wild Bulbasaur appeared!” In reference to the classic portable games of Nintendo.

God bless whoever made this.


Lost sculpture needed back - please share!

I’m helping out a fellow Finnish artist who had a very unfortunate thing happen to her. A design shop called the Arctic Design Shop in Rovaniemi Finland sold her thesis work by accident and she needs it back!

The work was sold to an American girl who can have the sculpture back right after the maker has finished her thesis! She only needs it for the exhibition. The maker has asked if the shop has the buyers information but they don’t.

Please spread this and contact the email if you have any information about the whereabouts of the statue!