Mountain View Cemetery by Jonathan Haeber
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Final Fantasy XV Play Arts Kai: Ignis
Final Fantasy XV Play Arts Kai: Ignis * In stock, usually ships within 24hrs * Non Scale Pre-Painted Figure * Material: PVC * Height: approx. 280mm * Character designer: Nomura Tetsuya * Limited availabilityAdviser to Crown Prince Noctis, Ignis was groomed from childhood for the role. His calm and intelligent demeanor is captured in a stylish silhouette, while his bespectacled gaze exudes an air of sophistication. No effort has been spared in bringing out the color and detail in his attire, from the belt and buttons right down to the soles of his shoes, not to mention the elaborate leopard ...

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Yesterday I got to spend all day with the stunning creature that is @vulcanhag we decorated our place and then attended the Texas state fair. We saw snakes, ate fried oreos, tested out a bed, and had a wonderful time on a few rides including TWO gravitrons! She is my world and nothing makes me happier than to see her filled with joy.

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All Cats rule, but some are so awesome that statues are made to immortalize their fantastic feline selves. Such is the case for Tombili, a stout and friendly kitty beloved by the residents of Istanbul, who often photographed him lounging with impressive ease on the city’s sidewalks, steps, and curbs.

It’s unclear if Tombili was a street cat or if he actually had a home, but his full figure implies he was well fed either way. Sadly, Tombili passed away due to illness over the summer and his absence was so sorely felt that a petition was started asking the city to create a public statue in his honor.

Tombili’s statue, depicting him lounging in one of his favorite spots, is now complete and is being officially unveiled today. Other cats have already begun showing up to pay their respects to Tombili:

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A wild Pikachu appeared! People in New Orleans were surprised one day when someone had illegally installed this Pikachu statue overnight, covered it in patina to make it look like it had been there for years, and inscribed it with the hashtag #pokemonument. Nobody knows where it came from, but Pokemon GO players really enjoy visiting. Source Source 2 Source 3

17-year-old Vinnie Ream got to meet with Abraham Lincoln every day for 5 months straight. Senators hired her to sculpt a bust of her choosing, and she picked Lincoln, who gave her his time each day. She was also hired to sculpt his memorial statue, despite a senator’s warning that her age and sex would cause her to fail. She was the first woman commissioned by the US government, and her work still stands in the Capitol Rotunda today. Source Source 2