hello everyone! sooo i just turned 16 today ◦°˚\(´°౪°`)/˚°◦ which is very very exciting. today is also my 6-month blogiversary (since i created my blog in january 2015), aaaaand i reached a pretty major follower goal just a couple days ago! (✿ ♥‿♥) this is the 2nd blog I’ve had (bc i deleted and remade) and i’m honestly so glad i did. everyone i follow is so chill and nice and i’ve gotten to know so many great people here uwu thank you!!!!

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hey, i was tagged by demolisseur​ to do the 6 recently listened albums

  • blurryface by twenty one pilots
  • the desired effect by brandon flowers
  • channel orange by frank ocean
  • the things we think we’re missing by balance and composure
  • charmer by tigers jaw
  • shrines by purity ring

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Rustic Chic California Wedding at Holman Ranch

Rustic Chic California Wedding at Holman Ranch

Beautiful, chic and tasteful. These are three words I would use to describe Yael and Dylan’s gorgeous California wedding in Carmel Valley. This ranch wedding is set in a rustic setting and there are also hints of rustic details that went into the decor such as burlap and lace, tons of greenery and wooden accents. We’re loving all the beautiful details that were created by the talented wedding…

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name: paulo victor
time & date: 2h47pm / june 28th
average amount of sleep: 6h
last thing googled: long brain surgeries
birthday: april 22nd
gender: male
sexual orientation: gay af
height: 180cm
favourite colour: green
place that makes me happy: candy store
what i’m wearing: sweater and shorts
last book i read: the vile village
most used phrase: i dont need this negativity in my life
last thing i said to a family member: thank you
favourite drink: chocolate milk
favourite food: lasagna
last film i watched: jurassic world
dream vacation: anywhere but here
dream wedding: in the moon
dream pets: none
dream job: work alone from home
anything else: hi i’m cute :’)

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Peachy California Wedding at Carmel Valley Ranch

Peachy California Wedding at Carmel Valley Ranch

We are loving every last detail of this peachy keen wedding at the Carmel Valley Ranch. Not only does it bring back beautiful memories of our stay at the Hyatt Regency Monterey where we got to explore the beauty town of Carmel, just look at all the elegance in this chic California wedding. Carlie Statsky sure has an eye for capturing a romantic day so beautifully… we are literally pinning every…

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Best Wedding Photographers in California: Carlie Statsky

Best Wedding Photographers in California: Carlie Statsky

Meet Carlie Statsky: My infatuation with photography began with my first backpacking trip to Tasmania when I was a teenager growing up in Australia. I fell in love with the process of slowing down to frame and focus on anything that captivated me, and it seemed magical to me that these tangible photographs somehow added an intangible reverence to that trip. That adventure led me into the…

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