tomorrow is monday so enjoy a bit of mama jin

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i swear if people statr shit over u bein mutuals with zamiI i'm gonna delete

YA I’m getting pretty tired of all the drama tumblr has been trying to start lately like whhooooo cares let ppl live their lives without being harassed every step of the way

i was fine just a second ago and now  i feel like im about to dissociate everything statred to get really strange wwww

You statred your day with 4500 reasons for happiness, but you went to bed with 4500 reasons to worry about your uncertain future. God knows what tomorrow will bring, but I am full of hope. And full of fear… 

There’s these couple of kids that always statr At me in church….that grinds my gears…..A LOT….it shouldn’t but it does…stahppp dude(s)


#Repost @pbrbrazil
Maior nota do segundo round foi de Alex Marcílio a bordo do touro Blindex ( Cia Terremoto/Coelho) - 91,50 pontos ! #FINALPBRBRASIL #FinalMonsterEnergyPBR #PBR10ANOS
Tá explicado pq a maioria dos cowboys que vão disputar nos Statrs deitam e rolam lá…..isso é PBR!
#muntadabruta #padrão (em Festa do Peão de Barretos)