statler & waldorf


Facial/head reffs For Afi Ipro and Grandfather glanni for the role reversal au. 

Fun ideas me and my pal had.

Both are in their 80′s. Only glanni actually looks his age while ipro still is as spry as ever. Ipro plays golf while hand-standing so go figure.

Despite glanni no longer being able to walk as much as he used to he can still sneak around and surprise people in his wheelchair. He carries a bag full of grandpa candy ( butterscotch candies, werthers , jollyranchers, etc) 

They both have the Statler and waldorf dynamic going between them. 


“Marley and Marley” from The Muppet Christmas Carol.

some people ask what i mean when i say i’m just a statler looking for his waldorf, and i just kinda glare at them as if to say “my relationship goals are quite simple. i want to have a partner in crime i can grow old and throw snark at the world with. how hard is this to understand; as a sidebar, how dare you not know the muppets?”.

i’m a simple man, is all.


The Muppets Look at TV is an appointment calendar produced by Hallmark for 1983.

This spiral-bound calendar features photo parodies of twelve popular TV shows

months continued:

September: Columbo

October: To Tell the Truth

November: That’s Incredible!

December: The Tonight Show