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Mental illness can interfere with neurological sex mapping?

To be honest, I’ve no idea how it works. :) Not sure there is any solid data about it, either. 

But there are plenty statistics going on around saying that there is a high percentage of asexual, agender and/or aromantic people within schizoids and schizophrenic spectrum overall. If polls on major asexual forums are of any indication, it also appears that at least quite noticeable portion of asexuals identify as schizoids. And even more who are likely schizoids but are not aware of that, while fitting some/most of diagnostic criteria. 

I won’t bother with googling for links atm, since I must go soon, but pretty sure I’ve seen at least 5 of those on a few ace and schizoid forums (some of them might be on russian, though, not sure).

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I’m currently writing a paper on queerbaiting and fandom/TPTB interaction using Teen Wolf & Sterek as my case study but I made some graphs so I thought I might as well share.

First two show viewer ratings (Nielsen) found on Teen Wolf wiki.

The pie chart and bar graph are self-explanatory.

The last bar graph is the same as one above, just w/out the viewer rating.

I will be looking at Sterek found on FanFiction & deviantART next. No deductions made so far. Thats something I gotta work on later once I get the numbers.


A conversation with my math teacher...

him: those are really nice curves…

me: WhAT?

him: those bell curves I drew on the board for statistics.

him: damn those are REALLY nice curves

The latest study of modern work environments revealed that 33 percent of staff displayed increased productivity when they drank Manhattans, and 100 percent improved productivity when they weren’t wearing pants. I know it’s the latest study, because I just did it. The sample was me and two cats.

If the sample size isn’t given in the same breathlessly excited paragraph as the results, those results are potentially garbage. If the sample size isn’t given at all, those results are definitely garbage, rubbish intended to bury your brain under spoofed input and steer you toward the writer’s opinions instead of informing you to make your own.

8 Obvious Signs Statistics Are Lying To You


The Changing Face of Fandom

Although people come and go through fandom at different parts of their lives, it’s often assumed that the youngest members of fandom are those who will eventually shape the future of the community. With that in mind, I compared some demographics for the youngest ~20% (1945 under-18s) and the oldest ~20% (1917 over-30s) of fans who responded to the 2013 AO3 Census.

Looking and gender and sexuality, it’s clear that there are far more LGBT+ fans in the younger group, with gains for non-binary people, for every sexuality group other than heterosexual, and for those identifying as a Gender, Sexual or Romantic Minority. There are also increased numbers of several races other than white, with the largest differences being in those who identified as Asian, Hispanic, and Mixed/Multiple races.

In spite of this, the reading interests of the two groups remain remarkably similar, with only a slightly increased interest in F/F among the younger group, while the older group preferred Gen. Writing interests (not pictured) showed even less change, although overall the younger group were less likely to write fanfic than the more experienced over-30s.

It’s clear from these graphs that there’s a significant demographic shift in fandom as you compare the oldest and youngest fans. So why is it that there’s no evidence of a shift in tastes to reflect the different outlook of this new group of young, LGBT+, ethnically diverse fans?


i suppose that a huge number of people can’t imagine how the situation of rape looks like in our country. Here’re some facts you should know… Low estimate of the number of women, according to the Department of Justice, raped every year: 300,000. BTW high estimate of the number of women raped, according to the CDC: 1.3 million.
Percentage of rapes not reported: 54%! A woman’s chance of being raped in the U.S.: 1 in 5. Not bad. Statistics is shocking and it shows that the problem is extremely acute in the US now. But the reason is not in victims only. No, not so simple.