statistical techniques

koeskull  asked:

I saw a link to your post talking about how the common ancestor of dinosaurs was not scaly, but do you have any links to scientific papers that discuss that? Even just titles. I'm doing a paper on feather evolution and I'm pretty new to scientific literature about dinosaurs.

Well, some of the most important papers about feather evolution these days would probably be the discoveries of Kulindadromeus and Tianyulong, dinosaurs very distant to birds with feathers or feather-like covering.

The post you saw was probably my critique of this paper, which used statistical modeling techniques to estimate the probability of the ancestor of dinosaurs having feathers. Other notable papers on the subject of feather evolution include this one and this one. Both address the topic of how feathers initially developed.

Once you have a few papers on a subject, it can be useful to look at the papers’ reference lists to see older papers on the same subject, and to look up the paper on Google Scholar and click to see which other, more recent papers the paper you have was cited by.