statist gonna state


Cecily McMillan is a 24 year old grad student who elbowed a cop in the face during a post occupy rally when the cops moved in to rough up, disperse and arrest by all accounts peaceful protesters.  Cecily was being arrested for failure to disperse when her elbow found its mark.  

At the end of her trial she was found guilty.  During the trial the judge allowed the jury no information on the arresting officers prior violent history as well as no context for what was taking place around them at the time of the incident.  The jury was also not told of the potential sentence should their verdict be guilty.

She faces up to 7 years in prison for her 2nd degree crime.

Reading through the comments below the article this gem was one of the first on the list and had collected over 100 up votes.  

It captured the failure of the progressive statist so perfectly that I felt compelled to share it on my blog.  It encapsulates why their ideology is easily manipulated by demagogues.  A quick trial by superficial formula rife with cattle tags is all you need to throw away the key on someone for seven years.