5:31 | b r e a k

Taking a small break to plan out the week ahead. When I feel organised I’m less anxious and positive that things will turn out OK :)

Also my birthday is just around the corner! :D

3:33 | WHAT IF 

Feat. some withering hydrangeas, courtesy of the lack of water my procrastination.

 I analysed some facts and figures for an infography I am designing for my thesis. I decided to open today with this phrase to trigger me to think outside the box. 

Sometimes it is about thinking how to go around a hill
 instead of how to climb it. 

 We are in junio june now! Just 3 more weeks before summer break for me. :D


It’s here! The Planner v.2 has arrived :)

After waiting patiently, we’re chuffed to show off the new edition of the The Planner by Seoul-based stationery designers Seeso Graphics.

Seeso’s stylish The Planner v.2 introduces a fuss-free design with minimal schedule pages that are divided up into hourly segments - perfect for tackling your to-do list.

The Planner v.2 is available in grey and orange.


Branding for Operator 25 Cafe by Pop & Pac

“Long known as one of Melbourne’s top Cafe’s, the owners of Operator 25 asked if we could revitalise the brand and the Cafe’s interior. Our new graphic treatment draws on the cords and connection holes from traditional telephone exchange switchboards.These foundation elements were streamlined into a pattern recurring across artwork and menus. “

Pop & Pac are a graphic design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Their combined passion for all things design has seen them traverse the Australian and UK creative landscape for over 20 years. Along the way they have honed and enhanced their design and creative powers. With experience in agencies that include large international corporate branding giants and local boutique design superstars, their solutions are strategic and unparalleled due to their meticulous craft.