stationery set

Super thanks to my old roomie who made it to Korea and back! Good luck in med school, my friend!

PINEAPPLE Pajamas, daily planner, stationery set, face stuff, eyeliner, lip gloss


Dave Letter Set

Make sure you open them in a new tab at full view because these puppies are huuuuge! Also make sure you print them out at 100% scale so they fit correctly on the paper. If you print them any smaller, then they will be too small to legally send them in the mail.

And then just cut out, fold, and use a glue stick.

They are free to use. Do not sell these or repost them anywhere.

Send your friends letters, yeah? Nothing beats snail mail.


I made two more stationery sets last night! 

Would anyone be interested in a video or blog post tutorial on how to create one of these sets?


Today FALLOIR falloirwomen launched! FINALLY. 😅


Womanist stationery goods. More to come. I’m so excited to finally have the vehicle I need to share this participatory art.

I always wanted to know what it would be if I made stationery based on words I REALLY say to my dear friends.

So begins this journey, after living in my head and sketchbooks for too long.
Just wait. It’s going to be SO good.


Happy 4/13!!!

John Stationery Letter Set

How to use:

  1. Open images at full view in new tab.
  2. Save/download.
  3. Print at 100% scale or to fit the full 8.5x 11 inch paper.
  4. Cut and use a gluestick.

If you don’t print them out large enough, then they’ll be too small to legally send in the mail.

Please do not repost, sell, edit, or use my vector art.

Here is the Dave Letter Set

I tried doing something different…

Dedicated to teamdoriath.

I think it was heckofabecca who told me that Thingol is rich because of his business skill. So, tadaa.. Menegroth Inc stationery. (Probably for future business AU or something. Now all I need is a model Thingol in a suit)



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