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09.02.17 // officially move-in day tomorrow rip, wish me luck ;; but in the meantime, a little doodle of the stationery that I use and love for bullet journaling!! (but just a reminder that all you really need for a bujo is a notebook and a writing utensil so never feel obliged to have a certain set of stationery) 

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77 Objects -Loft Stationery Decor Set

Compressed file contains:
77 Objects -Sketch Book and Pen_no open
77 Objects -Sketch Book and Pen_open 01
77 Objects -Sketch Book and Pen_open 02
77 Objects - Pocket Tissue Cover
77 Objects - Leather Pocket Tissue Cover
77 Objects - Minimalist metal Book shelves
77 Objects - Simplicity Metal Cup
77 Objects - Newspapers_01
77 Objects - Newspapers_02

Hope you guys will like it >3<

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Ts4 ver

77 Objects -Loft Stationery Decor Set - Download


13.9.17 | Hi! So the meeting i had earlier today was just really productive, we discussed a lot of things and now, my to do list is really getting out of hand. I’m trying to get everything for both jobs in one place so i can plan accurately. Also, i’m just having breakfast rn. And can i point out the fact that i am absolutely in love with my Marauder’s map mug?😍 also, i’m trying to squeeze in some more chinese today. Let’s see how this goes…


I made two more stationery sets last night! 

Would anyone be interested in a video or blog post tutorial on how to create one of these sets?

 So, I’ve been getting recently tons of questions regarding my notes, and today I decided to make a post about it. If you find it useful make sure to reblog it! 

First of all lets talk about supplies. 

Should you invest or stick to your regular supplies?

We’re all different and we all have different needs and economy. In my case, I love stationery but my economy right now isn’t that high to buy all of the cute stationery in the world. I’m always trying to find dupes, or products that work similar to expensive ones (i’m also guilty of doing this with makeup oops). Here goes a list of the essentials I keep on my pencil pouch. 

  • Pens in different colors - I like to give a color to every single element on my notes. Kinda like a color scheme. Blue = definitions , Black = general content. My favorite pens are the Pilot G2 Gel pens, they’re just a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
  • Fineliners - Fineliners are by far, one of my must haves. I used to use papermate color pens, but when I bought my first pack of Stabilo’s, It was love at first sight. The two most popular brands are Stabilo and Staedtler. Both of them have their pros and cons, so here i’ll leave you a video of a battle between them. I’ve never tried the Staedtler ones, so I wouldn’t know if they’re better or not. They’re really useful for mind maps, subtitles, decorating, titles, etc. You should totally save some money and buy ones!
  • Mechanical pencils - I stopped using regular pencils because sharpening them was just pissing me off. My favorite ones are by papermate.
  • Markers - this ones to me are pretty optional, but I decided to go for some Crayola ones to make some tabs or titles. I would say they’re useful, but only if you feel like buying them. 
  • Highlighters - There are thousands of types, and thousands of brands. But it’s all about your needs. If the reason you want highlighters is to highlight on books, I would really recommend Sharpies and Stabilos. I have both of them, they work pretty well. And here we go with one of the most popular products around tumblr: mildliners. I have to admit it:  they’re beautiful. They come in different colors and they’re just gorgeous! The only problem to me is the price. They don’t sell mildliners here in my country, so I have to order them from Amazon, and it’s just really expensive. Are they worth it? To me, yes. But if you don’t want to spend that much money on highlighters, you can also try the Pilot Frixion Light ones. Anyways, here’s a video comparing many of these popular brands. 

Now that you have your stationery set and ready, is time to get started with the hardest part : taking notes. One thing you need to know is, I take many of my notes in class time, which means I have to come up with a plan and a color scheme in a matter of seconds to get started when the teacher starts giving class. 

My note taking process:

  1. Set a color scheme - You can make it all pink, all blue, all warm colors, all violets, etc. I always try to alternate and use a different color for every topic, so you should try it out. 
  2. Different fonts - I use cursive for subtitles and my normal handwriting for the rest of the text. I always get asked: What did you do to get such a neat handwriting? My answer is: practice. I used to have a really horrible handwriting when I started high school, but once I discovered studyblrs, I began to copy some of the handwriting on pictures. I came up with my own font and i’m really happy with it! So dont be afraid to copy some handwriting you like, in the end you can always add your style to it. 
  3. Organize your information - Many times teachers ask you to make mind maps, diagrams, charts, etc. Choose the one that fits your information. I’m a huge fan of diagrams, but I also like to use charts a lot. Its all about your personal opinion. Most of the times teachers give me paper sheets with al the information on them, so the next thing I do is to highlight definitions. Once I’m done with definitions, I start highlighting with a different color the rest of the text. 
  4. Start writing - This is my last step, and its pretty simple. Once I have all of my information sorted and organized, I can get writing! I spend a lot of time doing it so I really commend you to find a good and relaxing playlist to have fun while doing it and a bottle of water.

I hope you found this post useful! Love, Dani.


Dave Letter Set

Make sure you open them in a new tab at full view because these puppies are huuuuge! Also make sure you print them out at 100% scale so they fit correctly on the paper. If you print them any smaller, then they will be too small to legally send them in the mail.

And then just cut out, fold, and use a glue stick.

They are free to use. Do not sell these or repost them anywhere.

Send your friends letters, yeah? Nothing beats snail mail.

What is bullet journaling?

I started a bullet journal this time last year but it didn’t work out for me so as summer started and I had more time on my hands I decided to restart it. It was the best decision I have made because I have got so much use out of it for the past few months. I have figured out a way to keep it simple but useful and I think it depends on the person and what works for them!

For those of you who don’t know what a bullet journal is I will explain. I used to write lots of lists and threw them out once I was done. That’s what I use my bullet journal for. I also like to use a habit tracker to see what I have been doing during the month.

The first thing people like to start with is an index. Pretty self explanatory but it helps keep track of what is on each page. I personally have no need for this I like to use page markers rather than an index I find them more useful. Along with an index a key is a must have. A key helps keep track of colour coded stuff and icons. For example I have a colour for each subject and each date so whether it is social or an appointment I have a different colour for it. I tend to stick mine in the front cover of my bullet journal for future reference.

Next thing you can add in is a future log. This is somewhere you can put future appointments, assignments and just anything you need to remember. I personally don’t use one but I hear they come in handy.

I like to then go into a monthly spread. This is where you can have a calendar view and monthly goals and tasks. I like to dedicate one whole page to the calendar and the other page for goals and tasks. I only do a monthly spread when I have time or think I need it.

Then we go onto the weekly spread. This is where you can be as creative or as practical as you want. The basis for the weekly spread is the days of the week. I like to include a habit tracker before the weekly spread.

  • A habit tracker is useful for people who want to keep track of things they do throughout the month. I like to track my period, my vitamins, my exercise, my study, my water intake and my hobbies.

All you need to get started is a cheap notebook of some sort, a pencil, a pen of choice and some time and patience. I would recommend just trying out different layouts every month until you find the right one that works for you. You don’t need your bullet journal to be pretty for it to work. As long as it works for you that is all that matters. You can add as much or as little as you want to your journal.

I hope everyone liked this and someone benefited from it. I am planning on posting a few more posts on bullet journaling so expect them sometime soon!


I fell in love with the first one I made, so I decided to create yet another! This handmade stationery set was crafted from some awesome map papers and includes four 4"x6" envelopes, four 4"x6" blank bi-fold cards (4"x12" unfolded), four gold heart doilies and thirteen tags.