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☾ 17th apr 2017 ☽  // d-28 till exams

listening to: banned in the motherland - dumbfoundead

trying to get my life together the day before going back to school (not really going well). i made the mistake of neglecting homework for independent revision throughout the break and now im paying the price

hi there my name is glenes (glen for short) and this my introduction lol. i don’t really know how to start so i’ll just say some basic things about myself

-i’m 15 years old
-my birthday is April 17th
-anime enthusiast!
-i’m in my penultimate year of secondary school
-im awkward online and in real life
-in the future i want to be a neurosurgeon
-i live in london
-my favourite subjects are maths (ironic since I suck at maths), all sciences and music. i also kinda like english
-i can play 3 instruments (not so well though)
-in sixth form/college i want to study biology chemistry maths and music
-my favourite studyblrs are


i hope that I’ll be able to stay motivated to study hard and just deepen my studies (and make them look super pretty) so i can achieve everything i want to achieve. also message me because i don’t want to be lonely!

love, glenes x



Omg! I just want to share that I’ll be taking up my masters soon in the UK (if I get that crispy full scholarship). If I don’t get that scholarship, I’ll be studying medicine in my country.

I started reviewing the nervous system. Mainly because I haven’t fully gone into the juicy details and also I love Neuroscience.

Cheers to a new school year!

14/4: Today I got my acceptance letter to the London School of Economics’ International Summer School program where I’ll be studying cyber law! So excited to go back to my favourite city even though it involves another 24 hours of flying 💤 See above: 100% authentic and not at all a key ring time turner and cute little beaker candle (plus strong monogram game) 

 Has anyone been to/is anyone currently attending LSE? I’d love any advice! 

✨Happy studying ✨


etsyfindoftheday 4 | 11.17.16

theme thursday: hopscotchlondon finds

stationery giftables by hopscotchlondon

these super-special, minimalist stationery items are among about a dozen in hopscotchlondon’s collection … and as a paper goods- and school supply-obsessed individual, i’m in love.


21.3.16 I’ve been taking chessie the border collie on a lot of walks recently and I’m averaging 4km every day! I also made a sneaky trip to muji the other day to look for refill for my .5 black pen. Does anyone know how I could find some because they’re out of stock everywhere! Xxx emily

okay but imagine how crazy the marauders would go with muggle stationery

like james and sirius would absolutely attempt to draw twirly moustaches on the fat lady’s face in permanent marker when they found her sleeping after returning from some night time adventure

or an elaborate prank where remus meticulously papers every inch of james, sirius and peter’s bed with post it notes (including them) while they sleep (FFS MOONY YOU HAD TO PUT THEM ON MY EYES TOO?? I HAVE PAPER CUTS ON MY EYELIDS)

and peter covers them all in glue and showers them with glitter until they are absolutely covered and vvvv sparkly - both sirius and james embrace the glitter and james absolutely uses the opportunity to hug lily and rub up against her so she’s sparkly too (LETS SPARKLE TOGETHER LILY YAAAAAS) and it takes ages for all the glitter to be gone (sirius james and peter swear up and down that remus had been an awesome glittery werewolf that full moon ‘we even took pics look moony’ ‘YOU WHAT’ ‘from a safe distance ofc chill pls’)

one time remus and james decide to prank the entire school by switching all their quills and parchments with notebooks and pens and paper and cackle when the purebloods (who didn’t take muggle studies) struggle for ages with clicky pens and pencil sharpeners

or hmm how about the time where peter fucks shit up with a stapler and uses it to threaten older students who pick on younger ones (I HAVE A STAPLE GUN AND IM NOT AFRAID TO USE IT) (the bullies tend to just back away slowly bc ‘wtf is pettigrew waving around now’ ‘idk but i dont wanna be here when he decides to use it’)

and it turns out that sirius is an origami PRO bc lets face it parchment is way too thick for this kinda shit and it’s so much easier just using muggle paper and the results are hella cute so for his next birthday remus buys him two massive packets of printer paper and sirius is delighted

and james does research to find a good stationery shop when in london (basically he asks lily) and they all go in and make loud exclamations about everything in there ‘MOONY LOOK ITS AN OWL ON A NOTEBOOK HOW DO MUGGLES DO THIS SHIT’ ‘THEY HAVE PINK PAPER?? OMG BLUE TOO? ALL THE COLOURS?????? ITS LIKE A RAINBOW WOW’ ‘so. many. PENS.’ ‘guys LOOK these pens have FOUR COLOURS IN ONE - THAT’S FOUR CLICKY PARTS WOW’

(and lily is standing in the background regretting ever introducing the boys to stationery in the first place)


from my instagram: @quoi_lou

Most of the stationery goodies I got during my trip to London! I went to the Muji shop on Carnaby street but my friends didn’t really want to shop so I was rushed a lil bit. ; u ; We also went to Waterstones and I got some super duper cute doggy sticky notes! In the Moomin shop I picked up a pencil and a pen. Finally I got a cute pencil and a notebook from The Globe Theatre! 

I tried out a doggy sticky in my bullet journal and I think it looks so cute! It stuck quite well too, I only had to add some glue to it’s head to make it stick completely. I’m so excited to be using more of these!

12 of the best stationery shops in London

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, so keeping yourself armed with the right the right tools for the job is pretty important.

Whether you’re a creative that works from home or you’re simply a sucker for updating your space with design details, the right desk accessories can turn even the most arduous of admin tasks into a pleasing experience.

And just because they’re practical, it doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish too.

The dream desk space must be inspiring, comforting and productive - and London’s design-led stationery shops have it all when it comes to investing in the right kit for your office space.

Our edit of shops covers independent spaces with beautifully curated displays to department stores that stock the best in global stationery design.

Because, although your school days may be over, nothing feels more like the start of September than updating the contents of your pencil case.

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