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etsyfindoftheday 4 | 11.17.16

theme thursday: hopscotchlondon finds

stationery giftables by hopscotchlondon

these super-special, minimalist stationery items are among about a dozen in hopscotchlondon’s collection … and as a paper goods- and school supply-obsessed individual, i’m in love.

Your life consists of the stories you tell yourself about what happened to yourself. So do your best to choose your reactions.



We all face busy lives. And in all the hustle bustle, sometimes many times, we forget about carry bags, folders and gift bags. In such scenarios, it would be incredibly useful, to just grab some paper and make a bag with whatever paper is at hand. And that’s exactly what we would like to help with, in this tutorial!

Materials needed:

  • Paper (We used two different colours, to make the bags look prettier. Don’t worry, its easy to get the same effect)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Ribbon

Steps to follow:

  1. Paste the two sheets together from one edge, by putting a little glue and pressing the 2 papers together.
  2. Paste the other 2 edges together. To get even sides, paste green on pink once and pink on green the second time.
  3. Taking one of the long edges of the paper, fold sideways after leaving a margin of about 1 cm. This will make 2 creases, one on the pink side and one on the green. Repeat the same in the other direction. This way, there will be 4 creased lines.
  4. Fold the creased lines on each side inwards. This will give volume to the bag, as a gap will be created where the 2 lines fold in.
  5. Fold the bottom edge of the bag upwards and make a creased line.
  6. Snip of the edges of the folded region. Next, cut off one of the two layers formed.
  7. Past the bottom edge of the paper to the upper layer of the bag.

At this stage, if you need a folder or small bag to hold in your hand. You can tape up the top and the bag is ready. But..if you like, some ribbon can be added, to give the bag, a complete look!

All you need to do is cut 2 lengths of ribbon. And stick them on opposite ends of the paper. (PS: Make sure the gaps between the ribbons match on both sides)

Another easy design is to fold the edges that we folded in step 3, inside the side folds. This will make the two sides of the bag, different colours. Like this.

Tried something similar and had great results? Do let us know about it!

Have a great start to the week!


Went shopping with a friend yesterday and introduced her to the glory of paperchase and muji :D
(needless to say we both went a bit overboard with the stationery shopping, despite claiming we didn’t want to spend a lot of money… oops)