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I got a story for y’all.

This morning before work I was pumping gas and right as I finishing up this guy pulls up and asks me for some gas money.  He tries to give me this sob story but he wouldn’t look at me while he told it plus I couldn’t hear him because I was on the other side of my car. I had no cash on me and all I could really say is “I’m sorry I don’t any spare change”. I had to say it a few times because he wouldn’t accept my answer…. but then he randomly tries to guess my ethnicity?? Like he asked if I was Hawaiin/Mexican. So I tell him”no but I gotta go to work”. After I say that he’s like “why are you so afraid??” and all I did was repeat my last answer as I got into my car. The fuck… of course I’m sketched out it’s not even 6 in the morning yet and I’m all by myself with this random guy at an empty gas station because the mini mart hasn’t opened yet. I wasn’t even afraid until he asked me why I was afraid. Plus him trying to guess my ethnicity really threw me off wtf lol.


Also this bus station contains like. The only irl ad for the Gorillaz I’ve ever seen in my life. I take two busses and see a lot of bus stations but this one seems to be the only one in town with an ad for em.

And as luck would have it it was empty bc the street bit where the bus needs to stop was under construction, so this station wasn’t working, and was empty of people.

Murdoc got a bit cut off there tho bc it didn’t stop me from being anxious abt people passing by so. Not much lost tho thats p much where his face ends and the reddish background begins.

They were also at the top of the bus station with p much the same images except for 2D who also got a front facing picture like the rest, but I didn’t manage to take a pic of that.

Everyone talks about how shitty and stupid customers are, why don’t we ever talk about the cool ones? 

-Bilingual children translating for their parents/grandparents like a boss

-The drunk guy you had to deny a sale to and he took it so well and maybe even thanked you for keeping him safe

-The random peeps in a long check out line who stop to tell you you’re doing an amazing job

-The regulars who have your back when someone starts giving you a hard time

-Customers who let you know to keep an eye on someone for shoplifting

-Bros who insist on cleaning up their own mess/spill

-The really upbeat/cheery mom/aunt type customer that just kind of brightens your day a bit

Feel free to add, you guys. You know who they are, let’s give them some love.

I love the extra details in Brooklyn Nine Nine so much, like look at the rainbow folders in the background here!

And then they move to Gina’s work station and stay there throughout the rest of the show, in that exact order. Like imagine Gina needing the contents of those folders but seeing they’re arranged in rainbow order and making sure they stay that way

Then Captain Holt gets this lil rainbow flag instead and it moves with him when he gets transferred to the public relations department and then moves with him again when he moves back into the 99

What Captain Holt said in the first episode of the show is so true, like he really doesn’t try to hide the fact that he’s gay, he has rainbow things everywhere like I can’t imagine what purpose that tiny disco ball could have other than to show that he’s gay and not ashamed of that at all (also look at the tiny NYC model it’s so cute)

Gina has a jar on her desk that says ‘Ashes of Problem Employees’ and I can 100% imagine her threatening people she doesn’t like with that jar and them blowing it off but also being just a tiny bit worried

Then look at Jake’s car. He has a rubber duck stuck to his dashboard and a rubber chicken and shaving cream? Like he’s always running late so imagine him just perfecting the art of somehow shaving in the car to save time and washing his face the second he walks into the building so he just always has shaving cream in the car with him and literally everyone who sees him is just sort of disgusted but also a lil bit impressed

And look at his desk!!! He has a #1 Detective sticker on his lamp and this tiny police car and it’s just so so cute to me, like what if he got that police car when he was a kid and first decided he wanted to be a detective and that lil car came with him to uni and to the academy and moving from desk to desk with him until he finally gets to be a detective

Idk I just really love this show and their attention to detail

  • them: why your sudden interest in 80s music?
  • me, an intellectual: season 3 episode 4 of black mirror, a series created by charlie brooker on netflix, titled 'san junipero', starring mackenzie davis and gugu mbatha-raw as lead characters yorkie and kelly. it's based in a seaside town in 1987, where a shy young woman and an outgoing party girl strike up a powerful bond that seems to defy the laws of space and time. it stands out as being the most hopeful episode of this typically dystopian show, and for giving its multiracial female couple the happiest ending imaginable in an otherwise dismal media landscape for queer characters

“I grew up in a rural area. I came to the city when I was fourteen. I wanted to expand my horizons. All I had was a suitcase and my courage. My parents tried to stop me. My mom found my first bus ticket and ripped it into pieces. But I told her that I wasn’t going to give up, and eventually my father drove me to the station. At first I worked as a maid in people’s houses. One of the people I worked for was the owner of a major newspaper, and his wife helped me go to high school. Then I went to college, where I met this handsome guy beside me. Now I run a small business selling tapioca. I’m even able to help support my parents back home. But I will admit that I’m getting restless again. I think I want to live in another country.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

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what if aliens just dont understand the concept of taking non professional photos like selfies and sharing them on the internet? like "John-human, you see me all the time. I do not wish to take another 'selfie' with you."

John-human was not of the sub category photographer, though they didn’t seem to be aware of that themself. No matter where they went, they brought their little ‘smartphone’ with them, seemingly for the sole purpose of photography. It was beyond irrational, especially considering that John-human was well aware that they were of the sub category physicist.

“John-human, you see me all the time. I do not wish to take another ‘selfie’ with you.” Cg’jlas said when the human suggested another photograph being taken of the two. “I have important work to do, and clearly you have a plethora of photographs of us together. What could you possibly need another one for?” It was getting to the point of being irksome, if xe were to be honest. None of the other humans seemed to consider the behaviour odd though, so xe would have to tread carefully in case xe was approaching cultural territory.

“It’s for my blog. I’ve got people asking to see another picture of us together, and I thought this’d be a good place to take one. It looks cool in here.” John-human said as if it was the most obvious thing in the galaxy. To them it probably was.

“John-human, I am unfamiliar with some of these terms.” Xe said, contracting xir twarikial tentacle in an obvious show of confusion. “What is this ‘blog’, and why have other humans requested to see your photographs? Is it not most common to enjoy photographs of humans who are well known in general, or known to the human watching?”

“Oh, well, yeah? I guess, but we also like looking at pretty people or cool people, or just pretty pictures, and it’s really you all the fuss is about. They like seeing us together.” They said, elevating their shoulders briefly. “A blog is like a content sharing site on the internet – you remember when I told you about the internet, right?”

“Yes, it was quite… interesting. So you are not confused about which sub category in which you belong?” Xe asked, hoping xe didn’t come across as rude.

“You mean my job? No, I’m a physicist, why’d I be confused about that?” They asked, doing what Cg’jlas had learned was referred to as a ‘frown’.

“Because you seemed to be under the impression that you are of the sub category photographer. I am relieved that there is no confusion, John-human.” Xe said sincerely, making sure to have xir expression and posture show it.

“What? No, they’re just selfies. Everyone takes them, it’s a thing.” They said before proceeding to call one of their fellow humans over for one of these ‘selfies’. They then moved on to show Cg’jlas how they ‘posted’ the photograph, and some they had already posted. It made very little sense, but the fellow human seemed to be treat it as something normal, walking back to their work station after agreeing that John-human could post their photograph. They had asked to be ‘tagged’ in it, which xe had absolutely no idea what meant, but xe didn’t particularly want to find out either. It would just have to be another part of humans xe didn’t quite understand. It didn’t seem like an important part after all, if a bit irksome at times when xe was trying to work or focus.

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I'm missing something! What's Best saying about you cockblocking Harry and Louis???

@nottooldforthisship 😂😂

Okay so context basically i hated 1D when they were on the xfactor and then during the xfactor tour in belfast they did promo recording thingys at the radio station my aunt worked for and id been staying with her at the time and because i was so ill she brought me with her.

So there i was having a nap in a meeting room and Harry and Louis barge in, i sit up like “do you fucking mind”, Louis screamed, Harry swore, they ran off and i went back to sleep. @allwaswell16 pointed out they might have been looking for some privacy and i cockblocked them 😂😂😂


A Soyuz spacecraft is seen as it lands with astronaut Shane Kimbrough of NASA and Russian Flight Engineers Sergey Ryzhikov and Andrey Borisenko near the town of Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan on Monday, April 10. Kimbrough, Ryzhikov, and Borisenko are returning after 173 days in space onboard the International Space Station. 

While living and working aboard the space station, the crew members contributed to hundreds of experiments in biology, biotechnology, physical science and Earth science aboard the world-class orbiting laboratory. For example, the Microgravity Expanded Stem Cells investigation had crew members observe cell growth and other characteristics in microgravity. 

Results from this investigation could lead to the treatment of diseases and injury in space, and provide a way to improve stem cell production for medical therapies on Earth.

Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

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first painting study of the new year!! a happy billy moran

i was excited because i was automatically drawn to the colors of the ref, but had absolutely 0 motivation to draw a guitar–but it’s hidden!! the guitar is hidden!! YEA!!!!

ANYWAY, first study of the new year!! wanted to use some spring–winter transition colors because i am so ready and so excited for good weather again

Finn| Into Your Arms |Bálor

Title; Into Your Arms

Pairing; Finn Bálor/Reader

Word Count; 5523

Summary; If it’s just a game, then I like the way that we play.

Warnings;  NSFW. Body painting leading to smut. Smut for smut’s sake. Here be no plot. Latex free.

A/N; Found this little gem saved in my documents from months ago because I forgot about it. Heathens!Tyler is a work in progress. Thinking next week.  You know what to do fam. Leave me some noise and kisses.

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