station to station

Doug Aitken has just announced the details of Station to Station: A Nomadic Happening, an exciting new art project that will support programming at seven partner museums, including SFMOMA! This September, a train (turned into a “kinetic sculpture” by Aitken) will travel from NYC to SF, stopping along the way to connect artists, musicians, and creative pioneers. Watch this video to learn more!

Image: Rendering of Station to Station train by Doug Aitken. Work in progress. © 2013 Doug Aitken


>> Berlin Station [1x2] Lights Don’t Run on Loyalty

As Daniel pursues Shaw, Station Chief Steven Frost (Richard Jenkins) and his associates Valerie Edwards (Michelle Forbes) and Robert Kirsch (Leland Orser) gather intelligence on a Georgian Islamic radical in order to avoid an extraordinary rendition by Langley. By episode’s end, Hector surprises us all.




#whereartthou with @olafbreuning’s “Smoke Bombs” for Doug Aitken’s @stntostn

For more photos and videos of “Smoke Bombs” and Station to Station, explore the #stationtostation hashtag and follow @olafbreuning and @stntostn on Instagram. To view Doug Aitken and Station to Station’s 30-Day Film Project, explore the #30DayFilm hashtag and visit their website.

One work of art, a rainbow of photo possibilities. This week’s #whereartthou, a series highlighting exhibitions which inspire visitors to take pictures, is Olaf Breuning’s (@olafbreuning) “Smoke Bombs.” The piece, which is created using a large grid of colorful smoke bombs, was staged during the artist Doug Aitken’s Station to Station (@stntostn), a vibrant 30-day project that includes over a hundred artist-led events and runs at the Barbican in London until July 26. “All the bombs have to be lit at the same time, and there it goes. However the wind blows,” says Olaf, who lives in New York City and presented the piece last week.

The nature of the work – dynamic and colorful — makes it interesting for viewers to photograph, too. “The photos are often more spectacular than the performance itself,” Olaf says. “I love the idea that so many different people make photos from different perspectives. It’s beautiful.”

“Smoke Bombs” is included in a series of 30 videos Station to Station is creating for their Instagram feed. They are also available on the project’s website sequentially, seamlessly. “Station to Station is an event that crosses borders,” Olaf says. “It goes from one creative station to the next.”