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Emo Village is Real

I know pretty  much everyone on Irish Tumblr seems to have come across my post about the unintentionally scary Welcome to Kill Village sign but I’d like to bring to your attention that we also have Emo Village in Co. Laois, Ireland. I always wonder if tourists drive through there expecting everyone to be blaring MCR and only ending their texts in Rawr XD. The headlines about that place are hilarious.

Emo is also the name of a well known petrol station chain here but for some reason there are no Emo petrol stations actually in Emo.

My fave thing about the petrol stations is that their logo unintentionally kinda looks like those emo side fringes:

I think I might start a Tumblr series on funny place names here 

The signs as bands who were at their prime in the early 2000s
  • Aries: Cute is What We Aim For
  • Taurus: My Chemical Romance
  • Gemini: The Academy Is...
  • Cancer: The All American Rejects
  • Leo: Taking Back Sunday
  • Virgo: Fall Out Boy
  • Libra: AFI
  • Scorpio: Panic! At The Disco
  • Sagittarius: Green Day
  • Capricorn: 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Aquarius: 3oh!3
  • Pisces: Metro Station
Hunk and Pidge clip translation:

Shiro: When you deactivate the communication center, go to the meeting point!

Pidge: Copy that, Shiro! According to their trajectory, they’ll get to the dark zone in 5 tics! 4, 3, 2, 1..

Hunk: No pressure, all the coalition depends on us deactivating the communication center…

Hunk: Pidge! Don’t let them deactivate the alarm! 

Hunk: Pidge, get down!

Pidge: Station taken! “Ghost Sign” initiated, automated so that the quartel think it works, we have 8 hours left before they notice 

Hunk: Until then, no calls enter or exit!

Shiro: Coran will monitor the castle, we’ll know when it reactivates, good job you two.

Translation for this clip from the official Latin American Facebook page.

Thanks so much to  @mizalok for submitting this translation!

6 Ways NASA Space Communications Connect Astronauts to Earth

1. When Astronauts Phone Home, the Space Network Answers 

Operated by our Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, this communications system enables all types of Earth-to-astronaut communication.  The Space Network is a complex system of ground station terminals and satellites. The satellites, called ‘Tracking and Data Relay Satellites’ or TDRS, provide continuous communications for human spaceflight 24/7/365. The information this network relays includes astronaut communication with Mission Control in Houston, posting live video of spacewalks and live interviews with schools, even posting Tweets on Twitter and doing Facebook posts. The Space Network can even broadcast live 4K, ultra-HD video right from the station. You can now watch an astronaut eat a space taco in high definition. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

2. The Space Network Also Communicates Science Data 

Astronauts on the Space Station perform experiments on the station that will enable our Journey to Mars and other future human space missions. For example, astronaut Peggy Whitson works on a bone cell study that could lead to better preventative care or therapeutic treatments for people suffering bone loss as a result of bone diseases like osteopenia and osteoporosis, or for patients on prolonged bed rest. All that fantastic data is sent back to Earth via our Space Network for scientists around the world to analyze and build on.

3. The Space Network Transmits Spacecraft Health Data

The Space Network not only lets us communicate with the astronauts, it also tracks the ‘health’ of the spacecraft, be it the International Space Station where the astronauts are living, a cargo vehicle servicing the space station, or even, in the near future, crewed vehicles to other worlds. We deliver data on a spacecraft’s state of health, from power generation levels and avionics status to carbon dioxide and oxygen levels, and more to Mission Control 24/7/365.

4. The Space Network Helps Monitor Spacecraft Location

The International Space Station Is pretty big, but space is bigger. The Space Network enables flight controllers on the ground to provide a GPS-type service for the Space Station, letting them track the exact location of the space station at all times as it orbits the Earth. It also allows us Earth-bound folk to get real-time text updates when the Space Station is flying overhead. If you want to track the station, sign up here:

5. The Space Network Supports Launch Vehicles

Goddard’s Space Network also controls all the communications for all the missions that go to the space station. That includes command and telemetry services during launches, free flight, berthing and un-berthing to the station, as well as re-entry and landing back to Earth. 

6. The Space Network Is Also Looking Toward the Future

It’s also helping to test vehicles that will carry astronauts to other worlds. Currently, they are working with teams for our Space Launch System and commercial crew vehicles. The first flights for these vehicles will occur in 2018 and 2019, setting us on the road to Journey to Mars! This image shows the Orion capsule that will aid in our continuous march into space. 

What’s Next for the Space Network? 

We’re continuing to grow! Watch out for the launch of a new TDRS spacecraft in August 2017! TDRS-M is coming. Check out more info here and join our countdown to TDRS launch:

Bail (pre-apocalypse!DarylxReader)

Hi guys! Since I’m so ridiculously obsessed with the idea of young Daryl before the apocalypse, I’ve made yet another pre-apocalypse!Daryl fic where he’s once again up to no good. I think I might make this into an AU series, but idk. Let me know what you guys think!

Characters- teenage!Reader, teenage!Daryl Dixon, and Merle Dixon.



When Merle takes Daryl out with the intention to cause trouble, the two get caught, but Merle gets away and Daryl gets thrown in a jail cell. Not wanting to get his brother in trouble, he takes the blame. He doesn’t want his father to bail him out as he knows that he isn’t getting home without a beating, so the only choice he has is to get his girlfriend Y/N to bail him out. Y/N is ridiculously angry, as this isn’t the first time that Merle has gotten Daryl into trouble and Daryl has just rolled over to protect him once again. 

Warnings- strong language, fluff, angst, a little bit of violence.

and also sorry Merle stans, but I made him kind of an asshole in this, but don’t worry, it’s all for the purpose of the plot and the Daryl feels



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“Who am I calling, son? Your parents?”

“No… no, God no.”

“You need to get someone to come and get you. You got a friend that drives? A girlfriend?”

“Yeah, my girlfriend drives. Fuck, I didn’t want her to find out.”

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