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when people say shit like “if you’re at an antifacist event, don’t talk to reporters” they mean you. you aren’t an exception to that. you can be the smartest, most articulate person on the planet and right wing news stations can still edit shit to make you look like a dipshit.

when people say to not take selfies or leave your face uncovered at antifacist events they mean you. when people say not to get into public debates with nazis (because it just gives them a platform and a persecution complex) they mean you. the way to actually, effectively combat fascism is by organizing en masse - you can’t be a hero or get famous as a black bloc activist and you shouldn’t be trying to.

your fifteen minutes of fame on local news isnt worth potentially giving your political opponents soundbites of “crazy sjws” to pass around on reddit and recruit more scumbags with. it’s not worth risking the safety of other people to take photos at events that might get other, more vulnerable people identified. it’s not worth it to get into pointless arguements with fascists in atmospheres where you’re just giving them an excuse to spout their bullshit and a soapbox to do it on. if you think feeling like a hero is more important than the actual, physical safety of the people you’re supposedly trying to protect, you’re just a narcissist who happens to have left wing politics.

[suddenly sits up straight on this train] OH MY GOD

So I’ve had a lot of friends who went to teach English in rural Japan and have been the only foreigner for miles, and they tend to become local celebrities. Like, they essentially get paparazzi following their errands. Right after the new train station on local news is “Rachel went to the store today and bought natto. Did she like it?? More after the break”



Imagine Victor showing up to this dying tourist town and everyone learning his name within the week. Does anyone know who he is? Idk, he looks kind of familiar - Sato-san swears he recognizes him from one of Yuuri’s competitions, but Yuuri competes against a lot of handsome foreigners so one can never be sure. He was probably in the audience. He’s definitely a Yuuri fan, but isn’t everyone.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, Victor went to the fish market this morning! Did he like it? Did he buy anything? More after the break!


I haven’t seen any posts about this, or even coverage on any US news stations, so I guess it’s up to some 19 year old to make an informative post. Great.

As of now, we’re getting the worst hurricane to ever touch land in Puerto Rico since 1920. Its name is Maria, with sustained winds up to 175MPH and gusts up to 222MPH. It’s going to barrel right across the island, ripping it in half and later returning to the Atlantic, news sources say.

It has become a Category 5 hurricane, the highest on the scale, in less than four hours.

Since it’s not affecting Florida, I guess nobody cares, but I’m letting y'all know anyways because Lord knows I’m not going down without a fight.

Here is a satellite view of the system, which touched on Dominica, if I’m not mistaken.

Here are some images from a local news source that let you see its tragectory and just how badly it’s going to affect Puerto Rico.

It’s coming in through the southeast and coming out through the northwest. We’re already getting rain related to this system and getting sustained winds up to 39MPH. The authorities have announced that the electricity and water companies are going to be shutting off their services so that more damages won’t be sustained to the circuits or the tubes. They have also said that the emergency personnel will stop answering calls when the winds reach 35MPH in the different municipalities.

Many, many places have indeed been evacuated and many are staying in shelters, along with the refugees from the neighboring islands who were sent to Puerto Rico due to hurricane Irma, which barreled through the Caribbean less than two weeks ago.

If you believe in the power of prayer, please pray for Puerto Rico. Our economy can’t take serious damages to our infrastructure.

I will try to keep everyone up to date through this blog, if the cell towers aren’t damaged, and once the system passes, I will look for donation methods for the ones who want to give of their surplus to the ones affected by this Category 5 hurricane, Maria.

There’s been a mass shooting in Las Vegas and over 50 are dead as of 6:40 a.m.

It dethroned the Pulse attack for the worst mass shooting on American soil.

This is awful.

People who just wanted to have a good time at a concert had their happiness stripped away by a fucking monster.

As a person who lives close to Orlando and was impacted by the Pulse attack, I send my condolences to Las Vegas.

If they are requesting blood donations, please donate!

Over 200+ are injured as of 6:40 a.m. and we need all the supplies we can get!

Update at 9:20 a.m.: Please don’t talk about politics right now (just my opinion).

People are dead and injured and politics is the last thing that should be on someone’s mind. The best thing to do right now is help out and donate.

Update at 9:55: The injured toll has risen to 400+

I’m watching my local news station and they interviewed the suspect’s brother. He doesn’t know why his brother did this. He has a very distraught and traumatized expression.

He stated he had no radical political or religious affiliation and that he was a pretty chill guy.

Update at 10:07: Unfortunately will not be updating any further due to sickness and a headache.

As I said before, I send my condolences to everyone in Las Vegas right now, coming from someone who was personally impacted by the Pulse nightclub shooting. I’m sorry to those who were affected by this traumatizing situation.

This is an incomplete list of what TV stations around the world will broadcast the ‘One Love Manchester’ event on sunday.If you know a news station that isn’t on here, please reblog and add it or let us know.

there will also be several livestreams online for those who don’t have cable and have internet. I’ll be posting a few when they’re available.

Headlines - Peter Parker

request -  I LOVE YOU WRITINGS Can you PLEASE write a fic were peter takes his s/o on dates to the tops of buildings as spider man a lot to the point were people beging looking for spider-man girlfriend and pictures of them start showing up on websites and news broadcasts 

a/n - i’ve gotten multiple requests to write this kind of fic, and i hope it doesn’t disappoint and is a flop like me anyways don’t forget to request a fic if you’d like or follow! also peter looks like he’s listening to a pretty funky beat in the gif LMAOOOOO

The sun was setting over Queens after the clock struck seven in the evening. My back was pressed up against Peter’s chest, breathing in the view as he was holding me close by. His mask was in my lap as his chin rested on my shoulder, rocking me from side to side.

Sitting at the roof of a busy building in town was a bit of a risk, but somehow Peter and I were willing to make such an attempt. During times together like these, he would become so equipped and steady to grab him mask at any point and run off with me, keeping our affair a secret as best as he could.

I leaned back even more and look up at his face, only being able to see his cheeks. I chuckled as he looked down, pressing a kiss on my lips as a smile melted onto his face as well. Our hearts were both jumping from mile to mile until Peter broke the kiss, putting his mask on within a second.

“What happened?” I asked while he put my hood up.

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anonymous asked:

The best thing about combat boots? No one but you will ever know you're wearing fuzzy socks during a mission.

i mean, yeah. you’d think that. 

instead the reality is that if you wear fuzzy socks on a combat mission, the universe can sense your fluff and will conspire against you. so naturally the one time you wear fuzzy socks on an op will also be the one time you’re fighting paste-pot-pete (who is apparently a real guy who really does run around doing glue crimes. i hate this century and i need to have a serious talk with steve and tony about the quality of villains these days. in my day we fought literal nazi monsters. now there’s an overeager dude with a souped-up gluegun. who i am not allowed to shoot for some reason) and you’ll wind up with your combat boots glued to the middle of the road in manhattan. 

and to prevent yourself from getting flattened by a taxi the hulk threw, you’ll have to jump right out of your boots, revealing your pink and yellow sparkly fuzzy socks to all the world. and the news station that just happens to be in the building you’re in front of. 

and then you have to finish the fight in fuzzy socks, which of course are going to be covered in glue and bits of debris by the end. 

and even though it was totally worth it to kick paste-pot-pete in the face, he did get blood on my fuzzy sock.  jerk.

Why do any 20ish year olds still trust the MSM

Do you not remember…when we were 14 and every two weeks cnn, fox, msnbc, erc were running segments on how The Teens™ were sending Sexts™ and Punching The Elderly™ and NONE of it was real

They made up from whole cloth “The Knockout Game” and we knew that and we railed against it and they made up text shorthand and mistranslated ones that were real and we knew that and we railed against it and we told every single adult we knew that no, “GNOC” was absolutely not a real acronym and god no no one says shit like that get real

But somehow we just…fucking forgot? We just forgot that these news stations make a living off lying to scared elderly people and parents who don’t understand the world and don’t understand their kids

And now we as a generation tune in to the same stations that not even ten years ago we KNEW were liars and bullshitters and we just swallow whatever they say without hesitation

What the fuck dude? How did you just forget?

Evil Yours, Now Evil Mine // Kai Anderson

Originally posted by gabbiesworld

A/N: I’m selfishly relieved to be writing Kai again. I feel like I write him better than the rest of Evan’s characters. So! This is based off a request where someone wanted Kai to meet a girl whose only fear was her own mind. I also had countless requests for rough Kai.

Side note: This fic is my absolute pride and joy.

This is specifically for my homegurl @fragilelikeabomb0106 <3 And myself. Because I’m a Kai whore.

Warnings: SMUTSMUTSMUTSMUTSMUT! And language.

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