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Jungkook: Broken Paradise part 4

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 A week has passed with barely any words from anyone. She stayed hoping this nightmare would turn around but the only change was now everyone was tired of her. “Was it some sick joke to have me stay longer?” “Why did I listen?” With a heavy heart she goes through the motions of security. Finally she’s seated in the plane but is this the right decision?

“They were lying! They had to be” He didn’t believe them. They are just trying to teach him a lesson. That’s how he felt until the news came on. Every news station in Korea was covering the story. He runs out of the building going wherever his feet would take him. His tears flow down his face but he doesn’t care. He runs to the secret spot only the two of you know about. You found it while hiking one summer and its been your special place ever since. How can this be true?… The once strong Golden Maknae is now broken.

 TO BE CONTINUED! I’m planning one more part so let’s see how this goes

but seriously, like, akuma attacks have to happen when adrien and marinette are in the shower or duing some other equally inconvenient time. why do i never see that in the show or in fics

  • like marinette’s in the shower and her phone goes off because the news stations are freaking out over the akuma
  • and marinette’s like “shit i’m in the middle of shaving my legs” but oh well, gotta save the city again
  • so she just has to jump out the shower and doesn’t even have time to get dressed before she transforms. 
  • so she shows up with her hair soaking wet and conditioner still in her hair and she’s gotta fight an akuma. probably like in the middle of winter too to make it worse.  
  • meanwhile chat shows up with a freakin’ croissant in his mouth because he was just in the middle of breakfast and needed to transform but there’s no way in hell an akuma is going to prevent him from skipping the most important meal of the day
  • or like one day ladybug shows up with eyeliner on only one eye and chat shows up with only one cheek contoured
  • because marinette was in the middle of her morning routine and adrien was in the middle of makeup for a photoshoot when the attack started
  • both showing up to fights at 3AM with bed heads and retainers still in because they literally just jumped out of bed
  • and it probably gets to the point where it’s super normal for chat and ladybug to show up looking super weird and unkempt bc they were in the middle of something random but they had to just drop everything and go

UC Berkeley

remember when we shut down milo yiasjkfkdfjkl from speaking tonight

So let’s talk about Bi Steve Rogers.
  • He’s always been casually bi
  • Always been pretty obvious about it by media standards but The Straights™ never noticed
  • The lgbt+ community all took notice but didn’t wanna say anything in case the first avenger was actually really homophobic and would get mad
  • Then one of those shitty homophobic news stations starts talking about the rumours and how they are ridiculous because Steve is an American hero and knows traditional values and all that jazz
  • When he hears about this he decides he wants to come out
  • He researches ways to come out but all the tips he finds are for small scale situations
  • While searching he comes across dates for nyc pride
  • He calls Natasha to tell her
  • She totally supports him but warns him of media backlash and being careful and all that stuff
  • And so, a few weeks later Steve is getting ready to go to his first pride parade
  • He painted over his eyes with the bi pride colors and wore a t-shirt of his shield with a bi color pallette that he found online
  • When he gets there he immediately starts smiling??? Like, he can’t stop grinning??     
  • At first no one notices it’s him because face paint and huge crowds
  • But then he finds a group of people waving bi flags around on a float and walks over
  • He starts talking to one of the girls walking next to it and about 30 seconds into their conversation she realises she’s talking to Captain America and has a mini heart attack
  • She wanted to make sure so she quietly asks his name and he happily tells her his full name
  • She almost screams but instead thanks him for everything he’s done and asks him why he’s here
  • “Well, I’m bisexual and I saw some guy on the tv talking about how there’s no way I like boys because I know ‘traditional values’ or something like that, so I decided to come to pride. Just to prove them wrong.”
  • She asks if he wants to talk to the group leader about making an announcement and he very excitedly says yes
  • She brings a man with his hair dyed blue, pink, and purple and a flag tied around his shoulders over and he gasps before going to shake Steve’s hand
  • The man brings Steve up onto the float and hands him a megaphone
  • They check around for cameras near them and once they were sure that someone would get it on camera Steve started talking
  • He basically just said he was bi as hell and loved girls AND boys, along with a little undertone of “fuck the media and it’s heteronormativity” mixed in
  • The news goes crazy within half an hour
  • When Steve gets back home he immediately contacts the news outlet that caused this whole debacle and asked if they would have him on the show
  • Obviously they said yes because who says no to a war hero
  • They try to keep the interview on the topic of his achievements but he keeps bringing up people he hooked up with during that time period
  • The first one he talked about was a girl so they were relieved
  • Most people thought the video from pride was a hoax and it was just someone claiming to be Steve and hum talking about a girl made the interviewer feel like it really was a hoax
  • But then he starts talking about the time him and Howard Stark made out in the back room of his lab and laughing about it
  • That’s when the interviewer decided to just ask him outright whether he really was in that video
  • “Yeah, that was me. Of course it was.”
  • The interviewer is baffled and mildly offended
  • “Why would you do something like that?” He asked in a way that made it seem like some huge scandal
  • “I saw someone on the news, this channel to be exact, try to disprove rumors about me being gay. Which I’m not, by the way, so at least you were half right. I’m bisexual. That means I’m attracted to both men and women.”
  • “That’s not possible.”
  • “Sure it is! It’s stars and stripes, not one or the other isn’t it?”
  • The internet has a fit
  • The lgbt+ community has never felt more alive honestly
  • Steve goes to every pride he can and talks to younger kids
  • He went on Ellen and talked about his experiences as a bisexual man in the 40’s
  • Mostly he just said he spent most of his younger years either fighting someone or crushing on someone
  • On the twitter account Tony helped him make he constantly tries his best to help out anyone who is feeling unsafe or unsure about their identity
  • Donates to lgbt+ charities
  • Probably starts a group that helps lgbt+ kids who have no place to stay by building group homes that have materials/resources specifically for them
  • So many bi jokes
  • Like any bi pun you could possibly think of he has made
  • Really helped a lot of people feel better and learn to accept themselves/others because of his openness and sheer willpower
  • Just, bi Steve Rogers being a pure force in the universe

Seriously though, I don’t know how many of you realize this but there is good evidence Donald Trump had no actual intention of becoming president. It is very likely this was all just a promotional stunt to get his own right wing news station started up, having positioned himself as the ~populist underdog~ willing to ~give it to you straight.~ His son-in-law had been in talks with an investment bank who worked out media deals, and Trump is close friends with Roger Ailes, the deposed and disgraced former head of Fox News, as well as Stephen Bannon of Breitbart, the alt-right’s echo chamber for current events.

So if it’s any consolation, this election has fucked up Donald Trump’s hopes and plans too. He’s going to have to take a massive pay cut, move to a (different) city where everyone hates him, surrender control of his foreign business interests to a blind trust, and become a public servant. He’s made his brand so toxic that his daughter Ivanka didn’t want to appear in a campaign ad with him for fear that it would damage her own business interests and he has spent $800,000,000 of his own wealth to get himself a $400,000 a year job.

When his constituents begin getting annoyed with all his failed promises once his total ignorance of policy making and basic governance takes its toll, Trump is going to stop receiving the constant ego stroking he so desperately requires. We’re going to witness four years of his smug grimaces getting more forced and more bitter day by day as he thinks of all the money he is missing out on in his twilight years.

He’ll never admit it, and I think he lacks the introspection necessary to even realize it, but Donald Trump is seriously going to hate this.


NASA again cut the live feed after a mysterious blue-glowing UFO flew past the International Space Station 

The incident has again generated conspiracies that NASA knows about the existence of aliens but the space agency is hiding the truth from us and this is the reason that scientists at NASA cut the live feed soon after something mysterious appeared in the cameras. What’s surprising is that unlike previous times, NASA did not wait for the UFO to come near and get captured in the HD cameras, instead, they cut the live feed while the mystreious blue light was at a distance so that no one can clearly see it.

The incident happened on September 30, 2016. The ufo is brighter on the left side due to the light from the Sun, so not lens flare, NASA cut the camera feed quickly even though this was very distant.

So I just want to say to all my foreign followers, especially in Europe and Australia (AND DOUBLY ESPECIALLY CANADA) that like

it is absolutely fine to criticize the US government it’s fucking awful and has been awful jesus shit

but also a subtle kind of anti-Americanism is kind of at the center of a lot of Western 20th century nationalism, as a way of distracting from the way that said government basically does the same thing.  This is true in France, in Canada, in England, etc.

If a news station is running a story about how shit it is in the States, yeah, hell yeah, it’s shit, but also ask yourself: is the message of this broadcast ‘and isn’t it great that we live in [Europe/Canada]?’

And question that shit 

Take a moment to imagine winter in Gotham.

It’s your typical city in snow, as peaceful as that place ever gets. Kids have snowball fights, snowmen appear, all that good stuff.

But y'know what makes winter in Gotham really special?

The sound of vigilantes and villains alike slipping and falling all over the place.

Every year the local news station puts together a massive compilation of the batfam, their friends, and anyone they’re after sliding and falling like deer on ice.

(Except Bruce. Bruce somehow manages to slip but never actually fall down. It’s weird.)


Kim Heechul And Min Kyung Hoon To Release Music Video Featuring TWICE’s Momo

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon are the next artists to feature on SM Station.

The two artists jokingly refer to themselves as “Universe Cowards,” a reference to Kim Heechul’s self-styled “Universe Big Star” title and Buzz’s hit song “Coward.” The song will be a rock ballad and will be released on November 19 at 12 a.m. KST. The music video will be released an hour later.

The video features both Kim Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon, as well as TWICE’s Momo as the main female lead. The three of them will be involved in a love triangle story.

Kim Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon are currently working together on the JTBC variety show “Ask Us Anything.”   [source: soompi]