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Bumblebee x Reader

“There we go, kid.” You sigh and look up at Colonel Lennox. He smiles down at you. “You’re all ready to go.”

You give him a tight-lipped smile. “Thanks, Colonel.”

“I told you to call me William.”

“And I’m going to ignore that until I know you better,” you say, fixing the older man with a playful glare. You glance around the warehouse for a familiar yellow hood, only to see nothing. “Where’s Bumblebee?”

Ratchet snorts to your right. “He’s been sulking since we got back. Outside.”

You sigh and hop off the table, careful not to put weight on your right arm as you do. In the last battle you were in, you were hit with shrapnel in your shoulder and took a nasty hit to your ribs. Luckily, none of them were broken, but they’re already bruising. The Colonel just finished wrapping your shoulder, and you accept the ice pack he’s holding out to you.

Pressing the pack to your rib cage, you start walking towards the warehouse doors. “I’ll go talk to him.”

Once you’re a good distance away, William asks, “What’s he sulking about?” 

Hound gestures over to you with his makeshift cigar. “’Cause she got hurt. He’s been her new protector for almost a year. She’s never been hurt till now.”

Meanwhile, you’re stepping out of the small crack in the huge doors. The orange glow of the setting sun nearly blinds you, but it feels good to be outside. Cicadas sing in the fields around you, and you cover your eyes so you can look for Bumblebee. He’s curled up by the abandoned gas station you’re camping at, picking at his blaster with his finger.

It takes you a few minutes, but you reach him without him even noticing you. You raise your eyebrows. “You’re going to break it, you know.” Bumblebee jumps significantly at the sound of your voice, and you can’t help but grin. 

He fixes his blue optics on you and frowns. “What the hell?” He asks. you can’t tell what movie that one was from.

You walk forward and sit in front of him. The two of you must look funny from a distance–both of you cross-legged, yet him being twenty feet taller than you are. “We can’t have the both of us injured, can we? And judging by the way you’re poking your blaster, you’re pretty close to electrocuting yourself.”

Bumblebee frowns and turns his face away from you, his natural, yet still unspeaking voice letting out a sad sigh. It takes you a moment to realize what you said wrong, but then you remember you mentioned your injuries. “Bee,” you say, leaning your head to the side to try him to get him to look at you again. When he doesn’t, you say, “Bee, hey.”

He turns his head to face you, and you smile softly. You stand up and twirl around. “I’m fine, see? Full movement and everything.”

Bee turns his head again, blue optics looking even more sad at your teasing. “Shouldn’t have happened,” he mutters. Each word is broken, pulled from various shows or movies, and you sigh. When he does that, it’s because he doesn’t have the energy to search through the internet for a full quote.

You walk up to him and stand on your tiptoes so you can place your hand on his metal cheek. “Hey.” You press gently on his cheek. By yourself, you would never be able to move him, but he follows your lead. You smile softly and lower your hand. “I’m fine, Bee. You protected me just like you always do.” You step up onto his leg so you’re high enough to place a kiss on his cheek. “And you always will.”

And with that, you hop off of his leg and start walking back towards the warehouse. “Now come on. We need to get Hound off his ass.”

HEART LIKE YOURS (Bellamy Blake x Reader)


Song: Heart Like Yours - Williamette Stone

PART ONE // masterlist 

“This is Jasper Jordan. We need help.”

The familiar sound of Jaspers voice echoes through the quiet room from the radio Raven’s fixing. You perk up slightly, looking over at what she’s doing. After laying in your bed for what seemed like 2 minutes, you decided that if you were going to talk to Bell, you might as well be next to the radio.

The recording of his voice continues, dull and nearly inaudible through the radio, just as Clarke walks into the room. “Forty-seven of us are trapped-”

“We’re too late.” She advises, her voice filled with anger. Walking to Raven and you, Clarke lets her eyes land on Ravens almost as if they’re waiting for the other to come up with a new plan. “They’re already bleeding them.”

Jasper continues, “We don’t know how much time we have left.”

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Thinking About You - John Murphy Imagine

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John Murphy x Reader

Word Count: 967

Warnings: don’t think so 

“Can’t you just write my essay for me?” Murphy suggested, sliding his head onto his arms on the table. “You know I have to write my own, right?” You giggled as he felt deflated, this task exhausting him.

“It’s really not that hard John. All you have to do is work on your punctuation and just slightly improve your sentence structure.” You tried to help. “All your ideas are great!”

“Mrs Callaway just has it out for me.” He grunted. “Look, I’m not going to argue on you for that one.” You laughed at him. You and Murphy were in the same class, and even though you had your own school work to do, you honestly didn’t mind helping him. 

You had a soft spot for him, so to speak.

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You and me, it’s a love that’s true and guaranteed

Summary: She watches in fascination how her mother puts down her mug before smiling and nonchalantly lifting her hand and brushing her thumb across Kane’s beard, most likely to get rid of some crumbs that got left from the bread he’s eating. To her amazement, Kane doesn’t even miss a beat, he simply flashes her mother a grateful smile before continuing to eat.

Just how much has happened during those months she’s been gone for them to have settled in this seemingly routine?

AKA Clarke’s POV of little moments between her mother and Marcus Kane! 

This is my entry for the @slackru ‘s fluff challenge

Clarke’s aware of the fact that she hadn’t been around much these past months. In the beginning, she’d been running away from the consequences of Mt. Weather and then she had to stay in Polis as Skaikru’s ambassador, so she has missed things. The last time she’d been at the camp, it still been named Camp Jaha, but she had to admit Arkadia sounded better. The camp hadn’t been as expanded as it was now, her mother had managed to transform what had basically been the remainings of a space station into a functioning camp.

So yes, things had definitely changed, and her mother’s relationship with Marcus Kane is a fine example of those changes.

Even before the occurrences at Mt. Weather Clarke had spotted the change in their dynamic.

She still remembers the way her mother’s posture had almost imperceptibly relaxed when Marcus had walked up to the camp after his capture by Lexa. She’d been standing too far away to comprehend the words the two of them had exchanged but the look on Kane’s face had radiated relief at seeing her mother again.

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Accent Challenge: PJO Inspired

Accent Challenge: PJO Inspired

  • Your name and username.
  • Where you’re from.
  • Pronounce the following words: Chiron, Hera, Hephaestus, Elysium, Tartarus, Arachne, Senatus Populusque Romanus, Piper Mclean, Daedalus, Rick Riordan, Silena Beauregard, Camp Half-Blood, Alabaster Torrington, Hazel Levesque, Poseidon, Calypso, Gaea, Battle of the Labyrinth, Ogygia, and Percy Jackson.


  • From what town is Camp Jupiter stationed near?
  • Who is the King of the gods?
  • Persephone is married to?
  • Name the 7 half-bloods of the Second Great Prophecy.
  • What is another name for Laistrygonians according to Annabeth Chase?
  • Percy and Annabeth fell into where?
  • Name the children of Hades and Pluto that are characters in the books.
  • Grab the nearest book and read a passage from it.
  • Who is your favourite minor character?
  • Do you think you have an accent?
  • Roman or Greek?
  • Name the 12 Olympian gods.
  • Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?
  • End the audio post by saying any THREE words you want.