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boyfriend! yugyeom

okay so yeah, I’ve decided to make my first post about yugyeom because he is my ult and I love him so much so yeah!


•stating the obvious, he’s super tall so he’d like walk up behind you and wrap his arms around you and rest his head on your head or shoulder

•he probably smells like really good

•he would bring you cute little things whenever he got back from somewhere

•I feel like your home would always be filled with flowers because of him

•"Yugyeom, can you reach that for me?“
•"Why can’t you reach it?”
•"Shut up.“

•His kisses would almost always be soft and caring

•Kinda shy about PDA, but you better bet your ass he would purposely kiss you in front of someone who was checking you out

•Not shy about PDA when you’re alone

•Cute morning texts reminding you that he loves you

•Probably would send you pictures of what everyone is doing if you weren’t there with captions like "It would be better if you were here.”

•Loves holding your hand and his hand would be so soft and large

•Would definitely grab your ass out of no where

•He’s definitely an ass person okay

•When you cuddle with him, one arm is wrapped around your waste and the other is under your neck

•Your head would be in the crook of his neck and one or your legs would be wrapped around his

•Him constantly wanting to buy you things even if you aren’t high maintenance

•"Look at this!! This would look so great on you, I’m buying it for you"
•"It’s okay, I don’t need it"

•makes funny faces at you in public

•protectively holds your waist or hand in crowded places

•Comes home with little sweets for you guys to eat while watching tv

•LOVES playing with your hair

•You’d ask him to tickle your arm/ back and he’d be like ? But he’d do it anyways

•Then after you’d tickle his arm/ back and he’d be like hOLY SHIT KEEP DOING THAT

•Having dance parties in your underwear

•Constantly muttering that he loves you in your ear and after he always kisses under your ear

•I don’t think he’d be that kinky, but he’d love leaving hickeys on the places only you and him could see

•Cute little nicknames that you’d come up with for each other

•You guys would take turns making dinner because you can’t make dinner together without getting carried away or distracted

•Cupcakes would be a weekly must

•Whenever you’re around the others, he is always by your side but almost never kisses you around them

•Gets all flustered when you kiss him around them

•"Y-Y/N…The hyungs are h-here.“
•"You can’t just do that to me!“

•Warm hugs that would consist of him holding your waist tight and lifting you off the ground a little bit

•Your arms would be around his neck while you hug, and he would leave tiny kisses on your shoulder

•Repeating this one again, but he would aLWAYS PLAY WITH YOUR HAIR

•He usually likes being the big spoon, but after a long day of work you know he likes being the small spoon

•Secretly takes pictures of you

•You trying to secretly take pictures of him, but he always catches you and makes a silly face


•You two would always fight over which movie to put on every night

•He would help you curl the hair at the back of your head because did I mention that he probably loves hair?

•Would almost always accidentally burn himself

•He’d act tough but we all know it really hurts

•You two would always belt out lyrics in the car and would not care about how you sound

•But he’d always sound good because he constantly tries to impress you

•If he accidentally hurts you like accidentally steps on your foot, he’d be devastated even if it really didn’t hurt

•"Y/N, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry, are you okay? Does it hurt?“
•"No, babe, I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt.”
•"Are you sure? I am so sorry I didn’t mean to do that.“

•Always take care of you when you are sick or on your period

•You’d always take care of him too even if he didn’t want you to be around him because he wouldn’t want you to get sick


So yeah, that’s a little bit of how I picture Yugyeom as a boyfriend!! I haven’t seen one of these for him so I was like hey, I’ll write one! I hope you liked it. xx

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Down under...

I’ve been dying to get home from my insignificant Monday routines to watch GMM. I was pretty miserable for many reasons today, but Rhett and Link came to the rescue once again.

I was having trouble making any coherent thoughts while watching because of a certain thing, so I’m just going to state the obvious first. That blue hoodie. On Link. Was too much. I’m still having trouble breathing. So, forgive me if I don’t make any sense today. All I can think of is that blue hoodie on Link. (See, my mind is doing loops…)

Now for the actual post. I’ve never been to Australia, I would love to go one day - maybe, when they win the Eurovision Song Contest? :). It’s pretty much on the opposite side of the globe, so I don’t know that much about it. So, whatever I say here, I’m probably going to sound even more ignorant than I already am. Sorry for that. Here goes nothing.

Rhett sounded just like an American guy trying to speak in an Australian accent. He got some bits pretty ok, but some of it was a teeny tiny bit cringe worthy, in a very adorable way. I love the fact he tried, though. It takes more than two minutes to learn a new accent. But gosh, it was funny to watch!

Link was on such a good mood today, smiling from start to finish, he really was a ray of sunshine on a sad, gray day. He was so bad at the quiz, but the questions were hard (I think I got one right, the cakeage, but that was just because they use the same term in the UK). Honestly, I couldn’t have cared less if he won or not, because I was too busy enjoying his facial expressions and silly answers to pay any attention to anything else.

The were so many wonderful moments in today’s episode that I couldn’t possibly mention all of them. I laughed so hard at the kissy-kissy time (Link was dissapointed to be wrong there, he was all in for a smooch) and the tickle party. Did Link just make a really hilarious and slightly inappropiate joke there? Tush-e tickle-ay? Or was it just me with my mind in the gutter again?

I also love them talking about celebrities just like any two guys could - only they do it with us. Rhett’s mind was drifting a bit with Brooke Hogan and the Duff ladies, and that little Ewwgh! Link did thinking about making out with Ryan Lochte was just precious!

Also, how cute is it that he instantly thought about making out with Ryan himself? I mean, had he pictured a woman (or anyone but himself really) making out with him, that would probably have not required an Ewwgh! reaction, had it?

The DidgeriDudes in GMMore were brilliantly horrifying. I honestly think Link’s little mouth didgeridoo in the main episode was more convincing, lol. But Mike and Alex were trying so hard to succeed, and Alex almost got it for a second, but not quite. A bit like Rhett and his silly accent.

Anyways, I had a blast watching them today. I’m sorry this post got so long, but there was just so much to write about. I feel thoroughly entertained, and now I’ll just go and frame this screen cap of Link in his blue hoodie above my bed. I just really want to wake up to a sight like this.

seeing murata’s es21 twitter spam gave me the urge to flip through the old artbook because it’s still super good. But there’s this one image that always just cracks me the fuck up.

like the artbook is full of all these super dramatic YEAH FOOTBALL illustrations and watching murata show off and it’s all-around great. but you get to this one page, and like, one side is that sick picture of Agon with fire, because.

yeah. awesome.

and then… you look to the left…

and you get to this

i break down every time i see it because it baffles me so much like

not to state the obvious here but that there is a fucking photo of a football

it’s the only one that’s like this

Murata had drawn some 870432508971 footballs in his life and he still had many more to go. but not this one. just. fuck this particular football apparently.

the dissonance just puts this incredibly stupid grin on my face. i treasure this image.

@sakuranbo-kun   Continuing from x

Alright, he had to give it up to the guy, that did sound pretty vague! Especially with that part about the hat! Everyone wore dumb hats around here, especially during that tourism season stuff that gets spewed whenever he passes some of the more finely dressed adults. Ratcheting his posture up to something a little more presentable, those slicked lines of ebony that ran against the side of his nose tipped forward as his next exhale let loose a bit more of a descriptor!

“He’s tall! Your size or so, with a hat that’s in all white with a gold brim, has a dumb dolphin on the top, or an anchor, or some ocean symbol. His face is pretty serious, with no real emoting on it outside of probably getting angry,” He hasn’t really peeved it that much while in that copied state for obvious reasons. “he has striking blue eyes that don’t really change much either, his voice is pretty dull and powerful, and…” Shit. What else could he give to this guy? A name wouldn’t hurt, now would it? What was the chance this… weird looking guy knew him?

“His name is Jotaro! Jotaro Kujo!”

Hmm… the gems know exactly how Rose’s room works then, and judging by Amethyst’s reaction, Steven really exceeded the limitations of it.

“It can’t handle a task like that!”

Writing tip: sometimes someone stating the obvious can tell you much more than what their words represent. In this case Pearl telling us that the room can’t handle such a thing is redundant because we know, we just saw it happen. Normally this line wouldn’t be necessary.

Except or the fact that what’s important is not that we know this, but that Pearl does. The gems seem to be aware of the exact limitations of the room, and that’s fascinating. Assuming that only the person with Steven’s gem can use the room then Rose must have showed them how it worked and what it could create before falling apart.

But again, why? Why did Rose create this room? Why do the gems know its limitations? What is your fucking deal Rose Quartz?

So many questions.

As much as I hate to admit, Luffy is completely way out of his league to try to take down any of the yonkos at his current level/strength.

We’ve already seen how Cracker, one of Big Mom’s top subordinates, is easily able to cut through Gear Fourth Luffy’s Busoshoku Haki, something Doflamingo, who was arguably the most powerful villain we’ve seen up until the Dressrosa arc, couldn’t even do. 

This in itself is a pretty huge fucking deal, especially since Gear Fourth is supposedly Luffy’s ultimate attack form at this point in time. So if Luffy is defeated in Gear Fourth, then what becomes of him??

I guess this is where the topic of “awakening”, which Luffy has yet to unlock, may come into play.

Based on what Doffy said, this could very well mean that Luffy has yet to achieve the full extent of his Devil Fruit abilities.

However, putting that aside, how is Luffy gonna be able to even come close to taking down any of the yonkos? Obviously not on his own, that’s for sure. As Mihawk pointed out, perhaps Luffy’s true strength doesn’t lie in his own strength…

And we know there are literally thousands who would come flying to Luffy’s aid — the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Sabo, the Samurai-Ninja-Pirate-Mink Alliance, Boa Hancock, the remaining Whitebeard Commanders and Pirates, etc. and obviously his own crew, including Jinbei. & who knows, there could be more allies along the way.

All in all, the story in One Piece is undoubtedly set up to eventually lead to Luffy becoming the Pirate King, but he will not be able to get there without the help and support of those who fully believe in him. 

This is the face Lion makes right after Connie and her mother say I love you to each other in the episode Nightmare Hospital. The moment Steven looks pained at the thought of a mother being there for their child, so does Lion. 

To state the obvious, there is SO much more to Lion than we know right now and it is fully aware and sentient. Lion completely and utterly cares for Steven and I will never be okay again

Oh my. OH MY. THIS IS HILARIOUS. You want to know why?…

So first of all, I was trying to rent the Hollow Crown from my local library and I stumbled upon this review on the library website. I’m going to start off by stating the obvious here by point out the humor of “There was too much Shakespearian language in this Shakespeare play”. These are fucking Shakespeare plays, IF YOU DIDN’T WANT SHAKESPEARE THEN WHY DID YOU COME HERE? TOM HIDDLESTON? Ok, I guess I can kind of understand where you’re coming from… (but not really)…

Anyway, that brings us on to are next point, which I find particularly humorous because of the irony of his word choice. He could have phrased this in ANY of the many other ways there is to put it, but he HAD to say “something that sound half Greek”, obviously referring to the common phrase “It’s Greek to me” which, little did he know, COMES FROM JULIUS FUCKING CAESAR. So, basically, in the midst of complaining about his dislike for the Shakespeare play, he managed to essentially quote him. IN THREE LINES HE MANAGED TO UNWITTINGLY QUOTE SHAKESPEARE.