stating the obvious much

IMPORTANT: Do NOT buy any shirt with this print on it!

I have absolutely NOT given any permission to ANYONE to sell my fanart or other art online. This work is stolen for mass production purposes and it even has my watermark still on it.

I’m not very good at English and I have trouble with understanding all the information that ebay needs for me to fill and gather to make a proper report.

I have the original file of the picture and own account at ebay.

Tips & help are much appreciated!

I’m possibly stating the obvious here, but: Make your watermarks noticeable, make them difficult to photoshop off with their placement, upload your files in low quality and small size to web.

It sucks that you can’t present your artwork in quality and in a way it’s supposed to be viewed as because there are people like this.

boyfriend! yugyeom

okay so yeah, I’ve decided to make my first post about yugyeom because he is my ult and I love him so much so yeah!


•stating the obvious, he’s super tall so he’d like walk up behind you and wrap his arms around you and rest his head on your head or shoulder

•he probably smells like really good

•he would bring you cute little things whenever he got back from somewhere

•I feel like your home would always be filled with flowers because of him

•"Yugyeom, can you reach that for me?“
•"Why can’t you reach it?”
•"Shut up.“

•His kisses would almost always be soft and caring

•Kinda shy about PDA, but you better bet your ass he would purposely kiss you in front of someone who was checking you out

•Not shy about PDA when you’re alone

•Cute morning texts reminding you that he loves you

•Probably would send you pictures of what everyone is doing if you weren’t there with captions like "It would be better if you were here.”

•Loves holding your hand and his hand would be so soft and large

•Would definitely grab your ass out of no where

•He’s definitely an ass person okay

•When you cuddle with him, one arm is wrapped around your waste and the other is under your neck

•Your head would be in the crook of his neck and one or your legs would be wrapped around his

•Him constantly wanting to buy you things even if you aren’t high maintenance

•"Look at this!! This would look so great on you, I’m buying it for you"
•"It’s okay, I don’t need it"

•makes funny faces at you in public

•protectively holds your waist or hand in crowded places

•Comes home with little sweets for you guys to eat while watching tv

•LOVES playing with your hair

•You’d ask him to tickle your arm/ back and he’d be like ? But he’d do it anyways

•Then after you’d tickle his arm/ back and he’d be like hOLY SHIT KEEP DOING THAT

•Having dance parties in your underwear

•Constantly muttering that he loves you in your ear and after he always kisses under your ear

•I don’t think he’d be that kinky, but he’d love leaving hickeys on the places only you and him could see

•Cute little nicknames that you’d come up with for each other

•You guys would take turns making dinner because you can’t make dinner together without getting carried away or distracted

•Cupcakes would be a weekly must

•Whenever you’re around the others, he is always by your side but almost never kisses you around them

•Gets all flustered when you kiss him around them

•"Y-Y/N…The hyungs are h-here.“
•"You can’t just do that to me!“

•Warm hugs that would consist of him holding your waist tight and lifting you off the ground a little bit

•Your arms would be around his neck while you hug, and he would leave tiny kisses on your shoulder

•Repeating this one again, but he would aLWAYS PLAY WITH YOUR HAIR

•He usually likes being the big spoon, but after a long day of work you know he likes being the small spoon

•Secretly takes pictures of you

•You trying to secretly take pictures of him, but he always catches you and makes a silly face


•You two would always fight over which movie to put on every night

•He would help you curl the hair at the back of your head because did I mention that he probably loves hair?

•Would almost always accidentally burn himself

•He’d act tough but we all know it really hurts

•You two would always belt out lyrics in the car and would not care about how you sound

•But he’d always sound good because he constantly tries to impress you

•If he accidentally hurts you like accidentally steps on your foot, he’d be devastated even if it really didn’t hurt

•"Y/N, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry, are you okay? Does it hurt?“
•"No, babe, I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt.”
•"Are you sure? I am so sorry I didn’t mean to do that.“

•Always take care of you when you are sick or on your period

•You’d always take care of him too even if he didn’t want you to be around him because he wouldn’t want you to get sick


So yeah, that’s a little bit of how I picture Yugyeom as a boyfriend!! I haven’t seen one of these for him so I was like hey, I’ll write one! I hope you liked it. xx

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If you're still taking requests, can I ask for a protective Jughead when someone tries to hit on Betty?? And honestly I can't get enough of your blog. It's my newest addiction, along with Riverdale.

Thank you so much! This ones a cute one! I didn’t know if you wanted them to be dating or not, so I just kind of went with it!

Okay, this was fine. This was totalllyyy fine, it didn’t bother him at all.

It’s not like he was standing right here,

Out side the blue and gold office, watching the tall, muscled jock lean over Betty’s desk and invade her personal space.

Also what kind of cheesy pick up line was that?

And what made this jerk think Betty was interested in being picked up?

“So tall, blonde and beautiful, what do you say? You, me? Saturday at pops?”

What an idiot , he didn’t know much about flirting but he knew stating the obvious wasn’t the most original choice.

Wait a minute, was Betty… blushing?

Was she really falling for this tool and his lame attempts?

He watched as she opened her mouth to answer

“Oh I don’t know Adam, I’m kind of busy lately.”

Adam looked like he was getting aggravated when he asked

“Doing what Betty? Come on, you can’t spare a night for a date? What are your other plans?”

Before Betty had a chance to answer jughead decided he had, had enough.

“She’ll be with me on Saturday, right bets? ”

Her head snapped up as he entered, smiling at the beanie wearing boy.

“That’s right! jughead and I are heading to an old library outside riverdale, we’re going to check if they have original capote pieces!”

She was practically bouncing with excitement.

He couldn’t help the smug smile that graced his face as he dropped an arm to hang over her shoulder, fixing this Adam character with a satisfied smirk and stating

“So yeah as you can see, we’re kind of busy here, newspaper and all that, thanks for stopping by.”

Neither of the boys made any indication they would be moving any time soon.

Adam cleared his throat finally breaking eye contact with jughead

“Come on bets, jughead jones? You know you and I will have a much better time.” He tried to smile charmingly, but to jughead it just looked creepy.

“Oh I’m sure you would, but like the lady said she has plans. With me. So back off.”

Jughead had moved his arm off of Betty at this point standing tall to the jock.

Betty had never noticed how tall he was, and were those back muscles? To be honest it was a little intimidating.

She had to stop this before it got worse.

“Okay boys, that’s enough. Adam thankyou for the offer, but unfortunately I’m gonna have to pass.” She said stepping in between then.

Adam looked pissed off but backed away none the less.

“Whatever, when you want an actual man, I’ll be around.”

He backed away as jughead waved

“Bye Adam.” He was smirking.

Finally jughead turned to walk over to his desk

“Anyway, I was working on the missing test papers article I wanted you to revise it.”

Betty was standing there with her hands on her hips, eyebrow raised.

Looking up at her jughead shrugged his shoulders


Betty just rolled her eyes, moving to take the article from his hands.

“What!” He asked again.

Betty just laughed taking her pen to the paper.

“Whatever.. ” he grumbled.

Honestly, Tome’s so relatable in the new chapter.

I mean, she’s too afraid to go out and do the stuff she wants to do because she’s afraid of failure. I think we all felt that way at one point or another. And Tome, she’s too embarrassed to admit it because that’s also something people do. But Takenaka calls her out on it as her friend because he cares about her. It’s not like Takenaka’s judging her or anything. He admits he was too embarrassed to tell everyone he stayed up all night, reading Tome’s UFO books. I know I’m stating the obvious, but I just love this chapter so much….

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Hi😘omg i loveyour blog so so much and i am so grateful that i found your bolg and your fics you can't even imagine. I was just reading every story in your mastelist and if you don't mind or when you have time can u make a fic where eleana is realy pregnant? Not where she lost another baby or where kaden bought clothes for orphan chids❤️❤️❤️pls and thank you

Since so many people have asked and I keep avoiding it, I guess I can give you a lil something. 

Or a 2k word something. All in the name of fun.

Psst. For some more you can look at my masterlist here if you want.


Eleana watched as Drakon, the almighty and powerful, fluffed the cushions at her feet so she was more comfortable. She was laying on a couch, her long hair tangled around a myriad of pillows and her arms happily twisted in a white velvet blanket.

“Now how is that?” The bronze male asked. His eyebrows had knitted together and his hands were now steadily stationed on his hips. He ran an eye over her, evaluating whether he thought she had sufficient comfort or not.

“Perfect. Thank you.” Eleana offered him a sweet but tired smile.

He grinned at her, and pulled up a chair to sit at her head. Drakon was keeping her company while Kaden was off gallivanting with Miryam, and Eleana was thankful for it. Otherwise, she would be a nervous wreck. Her mate certainly was, no matter how hard he tried to disguise it, and Drakon and Miryam were not only very good distractions, but also wonderful hosts and people.

Eleana ran a hand down her bulging stomach. Only two weeks to go and she would finally be a mother. The pregnancy had been a hard one, she was sick every day and was often too weak to leave the house. Kaden was in ruins over her state, and constantly tried to siphon her pain to him through the bond. She kept reminding him that it’s not how the bond worked – you’d think he’d have it down after so long – but he insisted on trying anyway. She loved him for it, but also worried about how he might fare if… how he might fare if this pregnancy ended the way all their others had.

“There is something I need to tell you.” Drakon placed one hand on her forehead, and the other on her hands now settled on her belly.

“Yes?” Eleana rapidly became nervous, her mind thinking of the worst-case scenarios. It wasn’t Kaden, he was still sending messages of love through the bond every five bloody minutes, and it wasn’t Prythian. She had spies set up so she would know if anything major happened at her homeland while she was gone. So what made Drakon speak with such severity in his voice?

“Rhys and Feyre are coming.” Drakon said, and it was much worse than anything Eleana could’ve predicted.

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Joining The Family - Happy Imagine

Imagine throwing your first family dinner at your house and stressing at about it. Happy assures you that ever thing is going to be great.


I pull my hair into a ponytail a loud sigh escaping me as I look at all the food siting in front of me. The pressure was starting to build on my shoulders at the thought of cooking all this food on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been cooking all my life and my father owned his own restaurant so naturally I was good at cooking, but the thought of cooking for the club was daunting. Gemma had suggested the idea a few weeks ago after I had gotten Happy’s crow tattooed on me. Getting that done was a huge commitment and meant that I was officially apart of the family, in a way I think that this is Gemma’s idea of testing me, for me to prove that I can hold the responsibilities of an old lady. Right now I was starting to doubt my own abilities at being a good old lady.

“Please god kill me” I say to myself and get startled as I hear my old mans all to familiar voice.

“You doing okay baby?” His voice carried both concern and amusement as he enters the kitchen.

“Oh yea I’m fantastic feeling really great about cooking for the entire club” The sarcasm dripped from my voice so obviously that you would have to be stupid not to notice it. The look of concern left Hap’s face so all that was left was amusement which earned him a hard glare.

“You’re stressing” He stated simply making his way towards me at a slow pace.

“Stating the obvious much! I mean I’m cooking for everyone, not two or three, everyone! What if I mess up then everyone’s going to know! Oh my god what if I mess up and with Gemma there oh my god I would be a joke and-” My panicked rant was cut short as Happy took my face into his hands and brought my eyes up to meet his brown ones.

“Relajar niña - relax baby girl ” He says and tingles shoot through my whole body as he speaks in Spanish. Happy only does this when he’s tired or when he just comes back from his Moms where he had just happened to come home from right now. “todo va a estar bien. Vas a hacer grandes como siempre lo eres - everything is going to be alright. You are going to do great just like you always are” I smile at his words before leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on his lips, pulling back I give him a loving look, the panic I felt decreased, panic over … hopefully.

“gracias mi amor - thank you my love” I say softly turning around taking another look at the challenge in front of me “ Siempre sabes que decir - you always know what to say” Happys hands grip my waist and his chin rests on top of my head.

“Because I know you baby, like the back of my hand” after this he gives you a brief kiss on the neck before giving your hips another squeeze and walking off to somewhere in the house. Most likely the garage to work on an old bike of his.

“You can do this” is the self motivation you come up with, although not much, it seemed to do the trick because before your mind had caught up with your body your hands where chopping, slicing and dicing without your consent and suddenly you felt right at home. For the rest of the day you didn’t stop moving, always checking temperatures, making sure things where cooking, adding extra ingredients. You wanted it perfect and you couldn’t mess up, not today. By the time everything was done and dusted Happy waltzed into the kitchen in a changed pair of clothes but still the Kutte hung from his body.

“I told you babe, you’re the best cook I know” he smiled as you wrapped your arms around one another “but don’t tell Gemma I said that, she’ll kick my ass”

“She so would” you can’t help but tease as you laugh and Happy smirks

“You think so?” He teases and you can tell by the sound of his voice that he’s in a playful mood which usually only leads to one thing.

“Down big boy, everyone will be here in an hour and I still need to get ready” you laugh at his pouting expression as he growls in protest. “Patience baby, wait till everyone’s gone and we’ll have some fun” you purr in his ear before pulling yourself away from his body.

“You better keep that promise baby girl” Happy shouts as you reach the second floor of your house.

“You’ll just have to wait and see”


You could hear the murmur of voices from upstairs in both yours and Happy’s room. Butterflies suddenly flooded your stomach as you made you way down stairs. You haven’t gotten too dressed up, just some heels and a nice top plus the jeans that Happy loved. Walking into the kitchen you stop in your tracks. Gemma stood over the stove with a judging gleam in her eyes, whether it was the good judgement or the bad you couldn’t tell but you had a feeling that you where going to find out.

“Hey Gemma” you greet as you walk further into the kitchen, she turned to you, giving her signature smirk.

“Hey baby” she says, her voice light and welcoming but you knew not to take that for granted. You move towards the stove making sure the pasta was cooking correctly, which it was, making you sigh in relief. “Look sweetheart Happy told me” you look to her in confusion.

“Happy told you what?” The genuine confusing you feel coming across in your voice.

“About how you where stressed out today cooking this dinner, thinkin that I was gonna bitch slap you or some shit if you got it wrong” she says with slight humour in her voice and I watch her carefully.

“But it’s a big deal and it’s like a right of passage type thing that I had to get right and if I didn’t do it right then something would-” she cut me off after a short time my rambling which I was grateful for knowing that I would have only continued.

“Y/N” she says seriously “if I didn’t like you, you’d know about it, trust me sweetie. As for the dinner I thought it’d be good for you to get used to cooking for a big family. I mean I can’t speak for you but I know that Happy wants a load of kids and if you include his Mom coming round and his aunt, honey your gonna have a lot on your plate” relief washed over me as she says this. A smile forms on hers while she watches me realising that this isn’t a test.

“I’m sorry I got myself all worked up over nothing, I tend to do that” I admit while walking over to the pot and taking it of of the stove.

“It’s okay baby, you’re lucky I actually like you or else I would have gotten the wrong idea” Gemma laughs before starting to get off back to the dining room.

“Hey Gem?” She turns back waiting for my question “he wants a lot of kids?” The cheesy smile on my face is inevitable as Gemma shakes her head in amusement.

“Form what I’m hearing your gonna have enough to fill a god damn school” Gemma’s face before more soft and her body language changes completely “he wants your kids, don’t let him tell you any different”


By the time everyone had left Happy had taken it upon himself to rip my clothes from my body and have his way with me, very roughly and very sensually. We lay panting side by side the blankets spread over our naked bodies. My head resting against his chest with his arm around my small frame. The conversation I had with Gemma still sat in the back boiler of my brain as Happy’s fingers trailed lightly up and down my bare arm.

“te amo bebé - i love you baby girl” Happy’s voice rumbles into my ear thick with sleep and want, as his arms tightened around me.

“Y te amo mi amor - and I love you my love” it was silent for a while as we got comfortable and ready to sleep but I couldn’t shake what Gemma had said to me. “I spoke with Gemma tonight” he grunted in acknowledgment his face buried into my neck. “She said something to me that I can’t get off my mind”

“And what’s that?”

“Apparently you want me to have your babies” he temporarily stops breathing but recovers quickly as he comes up to lean on his arm next to my head.

“I never said that! That’s-”

“Completely true” I say cutting him off with humour in my voice as I do so. I can tell by the look in his eyes that he’s having a mental debate in his head, probably on whether to tell the truth or not. I decide to help him out. “Look I know we haven’t spoken about this yet and we are still newly together - hell we haven’t even spoken about our future together - but I want you to know that I really want to have your kids one day…and I think you would be an amazing father” the emotion that appears in his eyes is almost too intense that I have to look away.

“You are the first women that I’ve dated that my mom considers family. That’s serious shit for me, so I’m not planning on letting you go anytime soon and neither is my Mom” I laugh at this because I considered his mom to be family as well “and she is expecting a lot of grandchildren and I plan to give them to her - I hope that I don’t fuck up so bad that you realise you’re too good for me because I really want you to be the mother to my children”

“Aw Happy” you can’t help my pull him into your body as the emotion over takes you and you can’t help but feel as though for the first time in a long time, you where apart of a family.

( sorry not my best, this is just a quick one from a few months ago )

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In Joy and Sorrow

Daryl Dixon Imagine

based on a request (Hope you like it)

After Negan had taken away Daryl you’re barely able to go about your daily chores. When Negan finally gets to Alexandria you can’t hold back your anger.

word count: 2993

approximated reading time: 15 minutes

Three weeks. Three damn weeks since Negan had taken Daryl with him. Three weeks of worrying if he was still alive, if he was okay. Three weeks of wondering what kind of torture he had to go through at the Sanctuary, as that bastard called his devil’s pit. Would I ever see him again? Daryl… My eyes fell on the little piece of paper I had in a frame on the wall. The message he had left for me the last time we had been separated. I couldn’t believe it had happened again. I screamed as I walked up and down unsure what to do. I cried as I stood in the kitchen staring out of the window hoping that the answer would just magically appear at the front gate. I was about to go back to the bedroom to grab one of his shirts hoping that it still smelled like him when I saw a shadow approaching the gate. Trucks. The silhouette of a man. With a bat.
I was out of the door running towards the gate before I knew what I was doing. Negan, followed by a bunch of his men, entered the gates to Alexandria with Lucille on his shoulder and a smile on his lips.
“Rick”, he said patting him on the shoulder. “I’ve missed you.”
“You bastard!”, I screamed dashing towards Negan. “Where is he?”
“Oh, look who’s here as well. Thought ya’d given up by now.” Negan grinned at me.
“Fuck you”, I hissed. “Give him back!”

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anonymous asked:

Rucas fic where Lucas ends up in hospital after falling off the bull and it looks like he's very close to death and Riley admits her deep feelings for Lucas thinking he can't hear her but he can and then he wakes up etc. etc.

For all the chaos of the hospital hidden behind the big double doors, Riley is transfixed by how quiet the waiting room is. Despite all the people seated just like her the space is numbingly calm, the only sound she can focus on coming from the analog clock on the wall above the reception desk.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

She’s not sure why she expected otherwise; it’s not like she’s never been here before. She can remember rushing to the hospital with Maya after she tried the kick-flip off the park bench and cracked her head open. She can remember the quick visit to the ER when Farkle sprained his ankle tap dancing. But those instances feel different somehow. Less guilt, less to lose.

It knew it. Maya’s shaky voice echoes through her skull. “I knew something like this would happen.

She doesn’t know how many minutes it’s been since he fell off the bull. She doesn’t know how many minutes it’s been since they left the rodeo, following the ambulance. She doesn’t know how many minutes it’s been since they wheeled him away through those big double doors, leaving her stranded without a clue as to what happens next.

All she knows is that this is all her fault. And she can’t handle thinking about what happens next.

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

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…training with Piccolo, but things don’t exactly go as planned when you realize he’s being more rough than usual and decide to walk away.

Request: anon –  Could you write a Piccolo x reader with lots of fluff? Maybe even with a confession or a kiss? Oh, and for a scenario I was hoping a full saiyan female training with him.

Words: 1, 563 (Obviously, this got a lot longer than intended. 😅 For future reference to all, I only do drabbles – I just got a bit carried away with this one, because, well… it is PICCOLO!)

Originally posted by vgeta

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anonymous asked:

what are your top 10 favorite batjokes scenes (from comics,films,games,anything basically)?

Happy to provide, ‘non

  1. I’m actually a huge sucker for Ledger’s ‘you complete me’. The whole interrogation scene from TDK is so energized and you can tell there’s a tension between Batman and Joker that is completely unique to the nolan versions of their characters. Whenever I watch this movie I always crave more screen time between these two because their characters are so dissimilar and intense. 
  2. Next, Frank Miller’s TDK will always have a special place in my heart. This was the first story that seriously began to portray Joker as queer, but we can’t ignore the blatant queer coding of his character. The ending scene where they battle it out in the tunnel of love is so perfectly climactic I always find myself lingering on that page a bit longer than what is necessary. The scene is violent and the dialogue is intimate, and you can really tell that Batman and Joker know more about each other than what is on the surface.
  3. Those first few pages of Batman: Europa always make me do a double take because their faces are literally centimeters away from each other and it looks like they’re going to kiss and the dialogue eludes to a more sexual situation and you’re spinning and you’re like ‘what the hell, what the hell is happening, this is anything but straight’
  4. There’s a panel in the less known comic Batman: Secrets that makes me smile whenever I see it. The comic itself is a little bit lacking but this one scene is so funny and I can’t explain it because you’ll have to see it for yourself. There’s also these interludes in the comic with the two talking and it’s like old married couple bickering and if you are going to read this comic I would do it for the interlude panels. There are 5 issues. 
  5. In Batman Cacophony #3 Batman chooses to save Joker instead of leaving him to die, he feels compassion for him even though he killed Jason and maimed Barbra and if that isn’t love I don’t know what is. 
  6. This isn’t a batjokes ‘moment’ per se but that valentine card that features batman and joker is kind of great 
  7. Mask of the Phantasm has a few great batjokes moments and combined with the fact that I would obsessively watch it over and over again when I was a kid makes it all the better. There is also a comic book version, and Joker actually calls Batman his ‘love’ 
  8. This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the Arkham games. Asylum consist of Joker being clingy, City even more so, and in Knight he’s clingy from beyond the grave. Origins is the less loved sibiling of the three but you’ll remember that odd dialogue between Harley and Joker when he talks about Batman, but Harley thinks he’s flirting. Yeah. That’s basically the whole game, Joker falling head over heels for Batman, literally. 
  9. Of course I couldn’t skip over the golden age! There’s all these campy lighthearted panels when taken out of context that seem like Batman and Joker are a little bit more close than what they elude to. Like that one time they called fights ‘boners’
  10. Finally, in Intjustice: Gods Among Us, Year One we get this very personal conversation between Bruce and Clark after Clark has just killed Joker. Bruce is in an almost cataonic state, he doesn’t say much. It’s obvious that he’s hurting. To Clark, who’s moral’s are very much black and white, the gray area of Joker doesn’t make much sense. He know’s Bruce well, and he’s able to realize that he’s mourning Joker, and he even goes so far as to call it love. 

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Hi! So I totally understand and agree with your decision not to show the Cass & the Norns sex scene. I am curious, however; WicDiv hasn't shown any (I think, if I'm remembering right?) sex scenes, other than at the performances, which makes me wonder-- under what circumstances, if any, do you think it IS appropriate to show a sex scene in a story? Maybe if it's a conversation that would realistically only happen in the bedroom, or...?

We certainly don’t linger on the sex scenes. There’s an orgy in issue 11. There’s one beat where you see Morrigan and Baphomet in issue 16. There’s the repurposed Sex Criminal pages in 14. There’s very little kissing in terms of what you actually see  - there’s one in 20 and one in 24, so far. While at the same time, characters having sex with one another is one of the things which drives the plot.

Speaking generally, I’ve got no moral reservation about sex scenes in stories per se. It always speaks to the effect the story is trying to have. To state the obvious, in erotica it’s very much the point of the thing.

There’s a couple of problems specifically in WicDiv…

1) Seeings someone have sex has a tendency to make the scene about you watching. Our characters are often, in their own way, viewpoint characters. Anything which makes a character perform for the viewer is against our intent there. There’s times we’ve approached it, and Jamie has very much backed away when we approached the page, as it was just extraneous. Why do it if it serves no purpose?
2) Probably more importantly, sex is usually dead pages in terms of drama. The fight scenes WicDiv does are almost always not about fighting. They’re about a change of dramatic states, a visually interesting way to push the plot along. Go through a fight scene and note down what you learn about each character in it. You can certainly do that in a sex scene… but dramatically speaking, the “decision to have sex” and “how you feel afterwards” are the key beats. So we linger on them a LOT.

But there’s certainly sex scenes I’ve written in my notes, and they’re much more character driven things, one way or another. I suspect one will come up sooner rather than later, though watching how we do it will be the interesting one.

Not the Right Time

Summary: Dan and Phil are getting married in a few minutes and Dna couldn’t be more excited. At least, until he starts thinking about everything that could go wrong and everything that could change once they get married. And so, he does what any sane groom would do. He runs.

Words: 3.1k 

A/N: Just like I promised yesterday with the excerpt, here is another oneshot based off of this prompt on @phanfic. Enjoy!

Read it on AO3

Dan wasn’t really sure what he was doing. It was almost as if his actions still had not caught up with him and he found himself living in a different moment.

The last thing he really remembered was standing at the altar and waiting for Phil to show up. They were going to get married in a few minutes and Dan couldn’t be happier. At least, that’s what he thought. He’s in love. He loves Phil like he had never loved anyone before so marriage was the obvious choice…right?

That’s what had gone through his head when Phil got down on one knee and proposed. Dan barely even thought about it before he said yes. What was thee to think about? They were in love and had been together for more than six years. They basically already behaved like an old married couple so all that was left was for them to actually get married.

No one was surprised when they announced their upcoming marriage. Some even said that they had been expecting it for years. It left Dan feeling a little disconcerted. Other people seemed to be more aware of what he wanted than he himself was.

He shook off all the negative thoughts going through his head and instead decided to dedicate all his focus to wedding preparations. They didn’t want anything big but their wedding day was going to be one of the most important days of their lives so they wanted everything to be as perfect as possible. Dan forgot all about his worries and reservations amongst preparing invitations and visiting different wedding locations.

Dan really should have known that although doubts and reservations can be pushed to the side momentarily, they cannot be ignored forever. It was just his luck that they all flooded back in as he was waiting for his fiancé at the altar.

A multitude of questions started going through his head. Am I really ready to be tied down? Will things chance between Phil and I once we officially tie the knot? Cue the mental breakdown. All Dan could think about where the multitude of ways in which things could wrong. And so, he does what any sane groom would do in his place. He bolts down the aisle.

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Poe Dameron/Finn Fic Rec

Barks and Recreation, partypaprika | Poe’s a busy man, BB-8 is the hyperactive dog that he really shouldn’t keep but does anyway, and Finn is the miracle dog walker that Poe also really wants to keep. (A story of how Poe keeps picking up strays.) | NR | 4k

Singing Never Hurt, I_am_a_Cephalopod | ‘Every so often, a voice would break through, singing beautifully, filling his mind with images of serenity. Finn remembered this the most, the times this voice sang to him, warm and full of care. Finn didn’t know who it belonged to, one of the nurses, maybe, or someone in sanitation, but he relaxed to its tones and missed it when it was gone.’ Or: Someone sings to Finn while he’s in a coma, and he has no idea who. | NR | 3k

what is this fever, peradi | The facts: his heart kicks and sputters; he is fever-flush and glazed with sweat; he can’t sleep; he can’t eat. Finn knows what this means. He’s ill, he’s dying, and it’s only a matter of time before the Resistance put him out of his misery. | NR | 2k

do not take love advice from sweary droids, peradi | “Why did Finn just beep at me? Does he speak Droid when he’s upset?” “It seems so,” says BB-8. He’s never been so proud of the coat-stealing banthafucker. – Finn learns Droid. BB-8 makes a friend. Poe is confused, and everything ends up happily. | NR | 1k

Love Letters (of a kind), RandomSlasher (Trilliah) | The first one appears in the medical bay, two days after Finn wakes up from his induced coma. It is a bright pink slip of paper with adhesive along one side, and it is sticking to the back of the chair by his bedside (the one in which Poe had taken up nearly permanent residence). It catches Finn’s eye as soon as he wakes up because he automatically turns his head to look for the pilot.

The note reads, Sorry buddy–General sent us on recon. Bo-ring! Rather be hanging with you! Be back soon. Feel better! –Poe | NR | 1k

Mornin’, Sleepyhead, onesentencemcgee | They’ve learned each others bodies so well that they move together like a dance, a natural ebb and flow in they way they mirror and complement each other. They share breaths instead of words, peeling off each others clothes slowly and reverently, fingers dragging sluggishly over warm, dry skin. | NR | 1k

The Bearer of Good Food, Anonymous | The last thing the Resistance thought they were getting in Finn was a decent chef, but Finn’s been cooking for his squad since he was small. He doesn’t mind cooking for his new friends — especially since Resistance cuisine is pretty damn awful. There’s also the fact that Finn never really had a place to fit in when he was a Stormtrooper, and his journey to finding a place to fit with the Resistance. Or alternatively — five times Finn cooked for other people, and one time other people cooked for him. | G | 13k

On the importance of names, indoissetep | There are many names for Finn to memorize in his new life. They’re a lot to take in, but are better than two-letter-four-number designations that all sound awfully similar. Finn learns that each name has a history and a wealth of emotions attached to it. | G | 9k

shades of red and blue, watchedyouburn | Finn is going to be an amazing father someday, Poe thinks, and then has to stop himself from banging his forehead on the wall because no, he cannot start picturing himself coming home to Finn cooing over a cradle and singing a lullaby to their child. He cannot. | G | 9k

A Tight Grip, boneswrites | A missing scene from The Force Awakens. Set right after Starkiller Base is destroyed and Chewie carrying Finn down the ramp of the Falcon.
This wasn’t how Poe expected to see Finn after the mission was a success. If anyone had gotten hurt, he would have assumed it would be himself. But it turned out to be Finn. Poe was surrounded by people but he was alone, because the one person he wanted and needed the most wasn’t there; he was lying on a hospital bed, his eyes closed and his body still. And for the first time in his life, Poe knew what real helplessness felt like. Still, Poe never left Finn’s side. Even if that meant that he would slowly wither away sitting at the man’s bedside. | G | 7k

Take My Hand And Lead The Way, zb5766 | I should have seen this coming, Poe thinks after the fact, when everything is quiet and the only thing he can hear is his own uneven breathing. It was too easy. He plays it over and over in his head, trying to figure out how he missed it. But, the truth of the matter is, he did miss it, along with everyone else.

Or, an obligatory “Finn gets kidnapped and reconditioned by the First Order” fic. | G | 7k

one hell of a mess, noelia_g | based on stormpiloting’s headcanon: “okay so i love poe stressing finn out with how unbearably cool and suave he is but honestly i live for finn turning poe into an awkwardly nervous wreck”

Finn cannot deal with this. Poe hasn’t even began dealing with this. | G | 5k

Get it Right, fizzyfingermotorfuck | Poe says “I love you” as often as he says “hello,” and Finn has never understood it. When Poe leaves on a routine mission, Finn takes the opportunity to test those words out and find out all the things that they can mean. | G | 4k

and kisses are a far better fate (than wisdom), itried | “A little kiss to make it better.’ Poe says, back to his feet. "It’s just something people do in my planet, it’s not a big deal.”

“It’s not a big deal.” Finn nods, and repeats it, loud enough for his racing heart to understand. | G | 3k

Climb Inside My Body (Captive in My Skin), ShowMeAHero | Poe’s parents took special care to explain soulmate marks to him, pointing to the blaster rifle fire on his left arm and explaining that, as he grew, so would the mark. It would become a whole picture, growing and developing as his soulmate grew and developed. Poe worshiped his mark, examining it every day for changes. | G | 2k

Crown Shyness, GreyMichaela | The thing is–

The thing is, Poe Dameron is tactile. He’s expressive and volatile and talks with his hands, dark eyes alight with joy as he weaves his stories and always, always, he’s in contact with someone.

He’s leaning against Snap’s shoulder as he eats custard bread and talks about life on Yavin 4. He’s got an arm around Jessika’s waist while he spins a wild story of running from smugglers (after winning their cargo in a poker game). His hand rests on Nien Nunb’s thigh as they eat dinner, or he laces his fingers with Karé Kun’s as they sprawl in the common room after their shifts.

But he never touches Finn like that. | G | 2k

How to Woo a Stormtrooper, AniPendragon | A list of Poe Dameron’s five guaranteed ways to woo a stormtrooper. And how each one failed more miserably than the last. | G | 2k

walking abbey lane, hito | Finn and Poe both get set up on separate blind dates at the same restaurant, but their wires get crossed and they think they’re each other’s blind date when they’re not. (But it works out.) | G | 2k

Even the Stars Have Names, Kibbers | Names are given to those that deserve it, Finn had been told, over and over again until the words etched in his eardrums and it was all he could hear. Names belonged to the legends and the leaders and the lords of their world. Never to the losers, the loners, the lost. | G | 1k

everyone knows, you should too, Bellakitse | “I’ve been waiting for you to make a move for weeks, Poe,” Finn grins widely when Poe sputters and pulls up their hands to his lips, pressing a kiss on the top of Poe’s hand that leaves Poe gaping. “It’s okay, this was worth waiting for.”

Poe stares at Finn in wonderment. “You knew,” he states because that much is obvious now.

Finn shrugs easily. “Everyone knows, you’re easy to read.” | G | 1k

something so magic about you, foxgloved | “Teach me to fight.”

Poe startles, drops his helmet. He’s covered in grime and sweat, and a bit of blood too, from his latest mission, and Finn still finds himself caught by the curls of his hair, the determination sparking in his eyes. He knows Poe isn’t a fighter– not really– but he’s powerful, and he has to know how to, at the very least, right?

“Fight?” Poe repeats, blinking, a bit owlish, in Finn’s direction. | G | 1k

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King of Everything (Part 1) - Theo Raeken (Smut)

☾ Oh baby girl, don’t get cut on my edges. I’m the king of everything and my tongue is a weapon… And if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight.

I do not own the gifs, credits to the glorious maker/owner (◡‿◡✿)

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