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For @outside-the-government ‘s “write away the winter blues” challenge

Prompt: “It was touch and go for a while there, but you’re going to be just fine.”

2,604 word(s) of angst and a little fluff.

Warnings: blood, drunk driving and its consequences

“Hello?” Came a gruff voice answered, echoing through the speakers of the car.

“Hey Len, it’s me.” You replied as you turned on your blinker and looked both ways before pulling out onto a deserted street. “What did you boys want from the store again?”

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Can i just say that i love the part in the preview where Error is in that staticy void and looks up to see Fatals strings? poor error, its probable VERY unnerving, like staring in a mirror that slightly deforms your appearance

Thank you! I really love this scene too, definitely one of my favorites. I can’t imagine how unnerving this’d be, even for Error! But I think you worded it beautifully :)

She’s Your Daughter

Request: Could you do a Bellamy Blake x reader where she is in the bunker with octavia and the rest of the people. When Octavia is talking to him over the radio (at the start of the season finale), the reader talks to him and says goodbye and tells him she loves him. But the radio gets cut off before she can tell him that she’s pregnant (she just recently found out). when they come back to earth Bellamy sees she has a five year old girl that looks like him and calls the reader mom and then he realizes?

Requested by: anonymous.

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: angst.

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“Is that Bellamy?” Octavia looked up from the radio, quickly wiping away the tears that had previously threatened to fall from her face. You gave her a sympathetic look, smiling softly as she nodded, “yeah.”

“Do you mind if I speak with him?” You asked hesitantly. Walking forward, you sat beside her in a chair, turning to look at her. She had really grown a lot in the past few months and you were proud of her, smiling as she nodded, you gave her a soft thanks. “I’ll leave you to it.” You smiled gratefully at her, watching as she walked out of the room.

With a shaky voice, you pressed the button and whispered; “Bellamy?”

“Y/N?” His staticy voice come over the radio, smiling immediately at his voice you sniffled. Five years. Five years you’d be separated from him and there was absolutely nothing you could do but wait. “Is that you?” 

Laughing lightly, you nodded even though you knew he couldn’t see. “Yeah.”

A breath of relief echoed over the radio, “I was hoping i’d be able to talk to you.”

“Me too.”

“You stay safe okay?” Bellamy said after a second of silence, despite the relief of being able to talk to him one last time, it didn’t hide the everlasting thought that you’d be away from the love of your life for five years. You didn’t even know if the rocket would work, and you didn’t know what you’d do if something happened to Bellamy. Taking a deep breath, you cleared your head of all those negative thoughts and instead, smiled. “I will. And besides, with Octavia the new commander, i’ll be fine. Hey, Bell?”


“I’ll keep her safe okay?” You reassured, already knowing he was probably worried for her.

“Thank you.”

“You stay safe too.” You said, a tear falling down your face. With a shaky breath, you whispered; “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Bellamy replied, his own voice coming out in a shaky whisper. You heard him laugh, “may we meet again.”

“Wait, Bellamy.” You called, stopping him from saying goodbye. You heard him reply, signalling you to continue, taking a deep breath you steeled yourself. This would be difficult to tell him, knowing that he would even be there to witness it. But you needed to tell him, you needed to. “I’m pregnant.” Static sounded, and you turned to the computer monitor, confused as he glitched out. Panic rose within you, and pressing keys, you tried to fix it. “Bell? Bellamy?”

You heard nothing, sobbing you held your stomach. That was the last time you’d ever hear his voice and you hadn’t even prepared yourself. Placing a hand on the small bump on your stomach, you looked up. “May we meet again.”

“She’s in here.”

Bellamy followed the direction of Octavia’s finger, walking through the darkly lit hall. “And Bell?” Stopping, he turned around to the direction of his sister, the sister he hadn’t seen in six years and took in the sight of her. She smiled at her brother, already knowing what he didn’t and the surprise he would find when he walked through that door. “Say hi to her for me.”

Bellamy’s brow furrowed, confused by his sisters term but shaking it off as just an odd gesture Bellamy took slow steps towards your room. Six years off the ground and everything was different, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen something other than the ark walls. It was like coming down the first time all over again.

Faintly, Bellamy heard soft, childish giggles. He narrowed his eyes, baffled at the sound of a laughter that wasn’t yours. It was girl but it was too high-pitched to be yours. Or did he really loose of sense of connection to you?

He reached your door soon enough, and with a shaky hand Bellamy reached up to the knob. He didn’t turn it, instead pausing as he realized this would be the first time he’d seen you in six year. Would you be different? He definitely looked different, there was no denying that.

Steeling his nerves, Bellamy twisted the knob, opening the door. 

“Sweetie, come here.” He heard a soft, woman’s voice order. He opened the door completely, finding you but with your hair longer and your face slightly more aged. His eyes fell to a smaller child hiding behind your legs, a toy in her hand as she hid behind your leg. Bellamy’s wide eyes fell onto your own. 

Your mouth opened in shock, a hand falling to your mouth. “Bellamy?” You asked, relieved. “Bellamy, is that really you?”


“Mommy, who is that man?” The little girl behind your voice ask, turning to look up at you curiously. She bit on the toy she held in her hand, her small hands grasping the whole of the toy. Bellamy’s confused eyes fell on you, and with a hint of betrayal, he stared down at you.

“Mom?” He asked.

You smiled brightly, you’ve been waiting for this moment for six years. “Bellamy, meet your daughter, Lia. Lia, meet your father.” Bewilderment filled Bellamy’s gaze as he opened his mouth to say something, but fell short in absolute shock. 

“Daddy?” Lia screamed, running forward. Bellamy hesitantly kneeled down to the little girls height, her arms immediately falling around his neck as she squeezed tightly. Bellamy’s hand hovered over her back, scared to hurt her as he stared at the ground in bafflement. “Mommy tells me bout you all the time.”

You walked forward, a hand falling on your daughters head, you smiled down at Bellamy. “i’m guessing you didn’t get my message.”


“I tried to tell you, that day on the radio, but it cut off before i could.” Bellamy straightened out, bringing Lia up in his arms. She hugged him tightly, and with a bright smile, the brightest smile he’s had in six year, he hugged you tightly.

“I love you so much.”

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Genre: Smut/bit of fluff

Pairing: You x Chanyeol

Word Count: 4,966

Summary: Everything was going fine at the hotel you were staying at… Until the people in the room next door start making a bit too much noise. You decide to get out of your room, only to find yourself falling into a similar situation.

A/N: This is pretty long and repetitive at times but I had fun writing it. Sorry for any typos!

Not only could I hear the headboard banging against the drywall, but I could feel my own bed shaking as a result. I tried not to be bothered, but the sounds coming from next door penetrated through the thin walls and filled my room. I glared at my phone, seeing that it was a little after midnight. I let out a disgusted sigh. They had been at it for almost an hour. I angrily rolled on my stomach, squishing my face into the pillow.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I yelled into the cushion, hoping that the literal fuckers next door would hear me. As one could guess, they didn’t. I yanked the blankets off of my body and sat up, brushing my staticy hair out of my face. I was usually a patient person, but how did the people next door not realize how loud they were? Or was that all part of the fun? Disturbing the peace? Seeing who could pull the loudest reaction? I didn’t really know anything about hotel sex, considering the fact that I’d never done it, but I knew that the noises coming from the room next door were making me uncomfortable.

I shook my head, trying to think of something to do to distract myself. I could listen to music, but my bed would still be rattling underneath me. I could tell them to stop, but I wasn’t one for confrontation and I’m sure they’d be much too busy to listen anyways. I guess I’d just have to leave my room for a bit and hope they’d be done when I got back. It was pretty late though, and there weren’t many places for me to go in the hotel. The pool closed at eleven and I didn’t have money for the bar/lounge area. I sighed, throwing my hair into a messy bun. I picked up my hoodie from the floor and tossed it over my head, letting the material engulf my body. I guess I’d just have to find a different place.

I stepped out of my room, being sure to grab my phone and my key card. The moans coming from the room next door were much louder in the hallway. I rolled my eyes, hearing the girl’s strangled sounds echoing off the walls. As much as I was annoyed and uncomfortable, I felt a bit envious knowing this girl was getting it good. At least, it sure sounded like she was.

I knew if I stood by their door any longer I’d look like a complete pervert, so I immediately turned the opposite direction and headed down the hallway. I adjusted my shorts, making sure they were at least somewhat visible under my oversized hoodie as I walked. Although I had no idea as to where I was going, the empty, dimly lit corridor gave me a sense of peace and comfort.

As I neared the end of the hallway, I decided to go down a level, remembering that there was an ice machine on the floor below. I stomped down the stairs, reaching the tiny off-chute that held the icebox, a vending machine, a small bench nestled in the corner, and a green house plant. I looked up, noticing how the room was only illuminated by a single lightbulb, giving the space a hazy golden glow.

I curled up on the backless bench, pulling my knees to my chest and resting my head against the wall to my left. This room was slightly colder than the hallway, but it was peaceful and there was soft music playing from the speaker system that was hooked up somewhere within the walls. I eyed the vending machine curiously, wondering if there was anything of worth in there. I saw some chips and candy bars, feeling a familiar rumble stirring in my stomach. I rummaged through the front pocket of my hoodie, remembering I had stuffed some change into it earlier. I stood up to get a better look at the snacks in the vending machine, counting the change I had in my pocket.

“Great,” I sighed quietly, realizing I only had 75 cents. The cheapest thing in the vending machine was $1.25. I lightly smacked the machine, not really sure of what to do with myself now. I stared at the vending machine for a couple seconds before I heard the sound of footsteps in the room. I turned around just as someone entered. He was looking down at his phone, but he slowly lifted his head once he sensed my presence, his eyes locking with mine. I adverted my gaze, the sight of his messy bed hair and ruffled clothes now etched in my mind.

“Oh, sorry-” he stammered as he locked his phone and ran a hand through his disheveled hair. “I didn’t realize someone else was here.” His deep voice took precedence over the soft music humming in the background and his presence captured my attention.

“No, no it’s okay. I don’t own this room,” I laughed awkwardly. I wasn’t used to talking to guys that looked like he did. I wasn’t used to talking to guys in general.

“It’s just-” he scratched the back of his neck, as if he was looking for the right words to say. I noticed the way his bare arms flexed with his movements.

“It’s just that, it’s pretty noisy on my floor,” he said with a lazy smile and slight eye roll, shoving his hands into the pockets of his sweats. I eagerly nodded back, knowing exactly what he meant.

“Yeah, it’s noisy on my floor too. More specifically, the room next to mine,” I laughed humorlessly, leaning against the glass front of the vending machine. The boy threw his head back and sighed, looking at me with a sympathetic smile.

“I’m so sorry they’re in the room next to you,” he said sincerely. Before I could reply, he pointed at the vending machine with a confused expression.

“Am I interrupting you? Were you going to buy something?”

“Oh, no. I- I was thinking about it, but I’m a bit short,” I said, holding up my three quarters. The boy leaned against the wall, his hands again in his pockets as if he were looking for something. I could hear the jingling of loose change. He pulled out a couple quarters and stepped closer to me.

“I can cover for you,” he said politely, cocking his head to the side.

“No, it’s totally okay,” I retorted politely, holding my hands up in defense.

“Are you sure?” He asked, extending his arm and offering me the change. I simply nodded and returned back to the bench, sitting on the side away from the corner.

“I’m positive, but thank you so much for the offer.” The boy simply smiled at me and inserted the coins he was holding.

“Suit yourself,” he stated, looking at the options in the vending machine. He let out a long, exaggerated sigh.

“Hmm, I seem to be having trouble choosing,” he began, turning slightly to face me, “What would you recommend I buy?” I laughed at his adamant efforts, nervously fixing my hair.

“I don’t want you to buy me anything, honestly,” I laughed.

“But, what do you think tastes the best?” He asked, somehow keeping a straight face. I looked down at the floor and playfully shook my head.

“If you really want to know, I guess I’d buy the chocolate covered pretzels, but please don’t buy them because of m-” before I could finish my sentence he had already bought the pretzels. He shuffled over to where I was sitting, his long legs making his journey easy.

“Do you mind if I sit with you?” He asked, his voice dripping like honey.

“No, not at all,” I responded, a bit too quickly, not knowing how to handle myself around him. He sat next to me, where I had previously been sitting in the corner, but he wasn’t so close as to make me uncomfortable. He leaned his back against the wall and opened the bag of pretzels, instantly offering me the some. I took one from the bag and placed my three quarters on his lap. He laughed, brushing the coins off his legs.

“You don’t have to pay me for pretzels.” He placed the change in my lap and I shoved it back into my hoodie pocket. There was no winning with this guy. This guy. Maybe I should get his name.

“Thank you, -?”

“Chanyeol,” he stated as he took a pretzel from the bag. He looked at me as if waiting for a response.

“Y/N,” I replied quietly. He repeated after me, my name easily rolling off his tongue. God, who was I? I had just met this guy. I had to relax. I analyzed our conversation in my head, suddenly remembering that there was a question I wanted to ask him earlier.

“I don’t mean to pry,” I began, my gaze fixed on the floor, “but earlier you said you were sorry about the people in the room next door to mine, as if you were apologizing for their actions. Do you know them?” Chanyeol slowly nodded as he finished chewing his pretzel. I glanced up at him, his eyes now focused on mine.

“I know one of them,” he stated, flashing me a weak grin. I didn’t want to force conversation, but I was curious.

“Can I ask who?”

“My friend- well, bandmate, Baekhyun, is in that room,”

“And his girlfriend…?” Chanyeol looked down at his feet, shaking his head in response.

“Baek doesn’t have a girlfriend,” Chanyeol said, clearing his throat shortly afterwards.

“Oh,” I responded awkwardly, realizing that what was going on in that room wasn’t anything more than a sloppy hookup. I should have figured. Now I just looked stupid. I decided to change the subject before I dug myself an even deeper hole.

“So you two are in a band?” I asked with a smile. Chanyeol slightly nodded, clicking his tongue as if looking for the correct response.

“We’re in a group with a couple of other guys,” he began, “you see, we didn’t put on a good performance tonight,”

“I’m sure you weren’t that bad,” I responded.

“Maybe not,” he began slowly,  “…but Baek thought he screwed everything up.” I suddenly understood what he was saying, letting out a sound of realization.

“What he and that girl are doing… that’s what happens after a bad show?” Chanyeol simply nodded. He probably thought I was a bit of an idiot, but my mind was too busy wondering about other things. If that’s how they took out their frustration after a bad show, I wonder how they celebrated a good show? I clenched my legs at the thought. Chanyeol seemed to notice my shift in demeanor.

“We don’t have to talk about this anymore,” he said as he discarded the empty pretzel bag. I really looked at him, taking in the way the dim lighting bounced off his silky skin and perfectly outlined his tone muscles. His hair was just the right amount of messy and his eyes were a bit droopy due to his tiredness. His tank top hung off of his body and his sweatpants sat just right on his hips, just low enough…

“Why aren’t you with someone tonight?” I whispered, unable to believe that I dared to ask him such a question. Who was I? Chanyeol let out a low chuckle.

“I don’t really know how to answer that,” he began, his gaze flickering down my body, landing on my exposed thighs. “I guess… I am a bit lonely tonight.” I felt my breath hitch at the back of my throat. I shifted my eyes and looked at Chanyeol, knowing that this was a chance I couldn’t let go to waste. But before I could make a move, Chanyeol’s lips had already crashed onto mine, pulling an involuntary moan from me. Chanyeol took this opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth, working it against mine. He cradled my head in his large hands, running his thumbs over my jaw and pulling me closer to him. I decided that that wasn’t good enough. I lifted myself from the bench and slowly straddled him, placing a knee on either side of his lap. Chanyeol let out a small moan at the feeling of warmth against his crotch, his hands gripping at the backs of my bare thighs. His lips were once again on mine, the intense kissing bringing a sting to my flesh.

Chanyeol slowly ran his hands under my hoodie and tank top, brushing his calloused fingers against my burning skin. I moaned into the kiss, getting a rise out of every touch he was giving me.

“You’re so responsive,” he panted, his breath fanning over my neck as his lips worked at the soft spot behind my ear. I rested my head in the crook of his neck, tangling my fingers in his hair, tugging at the soft strands,

“Is this okay?” He asked as he trailed down my neck, nipping at the sensitive skin. I could feel his lips curling into a deviant smirk.

“Yes,” I breathed, taking my fingers out of his hair and desperately latching onto his shoulders. Chanyeol ran his tongue over the developing bruises he had given me, soothing the irritated skin. He took the hem of my hoodie in his hands, eyeing me as if asking for permission. I eagerly nodded, too caught up in the moment to think about anything but his hands on my body. Chanyeol removed my hoodie and gingerly brushed my hair out of my face. His lips worked at my newly exposed skin, starting with the soft flesh of my collar bones.

“Chanyeol,” I breathed, my hands wrapping around the back of his neck.

“Hmmm?” He hummed against my skin.

“I’m lonely tonight too,” I stated quietly.

“Yeah?” Chanyeol cooed between kisses as he trailed his lips down to the tops of my breasts that my tank top left exposed. He slowly ran a rough finger up my arm, tugging down the straps of my bra and shirt. Even though Chanyeol was a complete stranger, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see how much I craved him. The heat pooling between my legs was evident to people miles away, and the pressure of Chanyeol’s growing erection against my clothed core was already enough to send me over the edge.

“Chanyeol,” I cried out desperately, “I want you… so badly.” I’m sure that was music to his ears, but he reached out a hand and held my shoulder to still my movements.

“Not here,” he stated, his gaze meeting mine. Obviously I didn’t want to do it here, next to the vending machine where anyone could walk by. I mean, that could be fun, but I just nodded my head, biting my lip to stifle the eager sounds I wanted to make. Chanyeol lifted me from his lap and took my hand in his, leading me up the stairs and down the hall to his room. To my surprise, it was directly across the hall from mine. Chanyeol wasted no time fumbling with the door key like I would’ve, and we were immediately in his room, his foot closing the door behind him.

Without wasting a second, Chanyeol worked his mouth against mine. His lips were undeniably soft and I could feel how swollen they were as my tongue brushed over them. I tugged slightly at Chanyeol’s bottom lip with my teeth, earning a throaty groan from him. He skimmed his fingers down my sides and peeled off my tank top, leaving me in my bra and shorts. I felt his hands run down the back of my thighs as he told me to jump. I did as I was told, my legs straddling Chanyeol’s waist and my back banging against his door. Chanyeol’s lips attacked my neck as he unclasped my bra, letting it fall to the floor. I took this moment to look around at his room. It was far from organized, but it wasn’t terrible. Things from his suitcase were scattered randomly throughout the room. I noticed that he seemed to have fancy things and brand name clothing. Maybe his band was more successful than I had thought? I looked around some more, noticing a pile of what appeared to be gifts by the coffee table. There was a variety of things like stuffed animals, bouquets of flowers, and a literal ton of cards and notes.

My attention was pulled back once Chanyeol’s lips made contact with my nipple, swirling his tongue around the sensitive nub. I gasped at the contact, tugging desperately at Chanyeol’s hair, signaling him to continue. He smirked against my skin as he massaged my other breast, his thumb flicking at the hardened bud. I threw my head back against the door, a soft moan falling from my lips. My panties were literally drenched at this point and I moved my hips against Chanyeol’s waist as a desperate attempt to relieve some tension.

“Easy,” he chuckled against my chest as he held my hips still. Chanyeol removed his lips from my breast and walked us over to his bed, gently setting me down on his ruffled white sheets. He hovered over me and I wasted no time, feverishly tugging at the hem of his loose tank top.

“Someone’s eager,” he teased as he grabbed at the collar of his shirt, slowly pulling it over his head. He brought his body closer to mine, allowing me to run my fingers down his firm torso, his hot muscles contracting under my cool touch. Chanyeol teased the waistband of my shorts, brushing his fingers over the skin of my lower stomach.

“Can I take these off?” He asked softly. I could only nod, my body so ready for his touch I was barely able to form words. Chanyeol slowly removed my shorts, his rough fingers grazing over my legs as he did so. He cocked his head and clicked his tongue upon noticing the wetness that had collected in my panties.

“Y/N,” he said as he slowly massaged my thighs, “you’re so wet and I haven’t even touched you properly.” Chanyeol’s words were like velvet, his voice reaching something in me his body couldn’t. As he spoke, he ran his finger down my clothed core, pressing lightly against my clit.

“Chanyeol,” I mewled, spreading my legs further for him as soft moans fell from my lips. Chanyeol slipped his finger under the hem of my underwear, tugging them down my legs and tossing them on the floor. The cool air made contact with my wetness, causing a low groan to escape me. I’d never felt like this before; this fucking needy. My body was literally shaking with anticipation. Chanyeol’s fingers were so long and rough and I knew they would work wonders inside of me. I pulled his fingers closer to me, running them along my soaking slit. Before I could do it for him, Chanyeol inserted two fingers inside of me.

“Shit,” I moaned at the sudden intrusion. After allowing me to adjust, he pumped his fingers into me at a quick pace, curling them perfectly to hit my g-spot. I threw my head back against the pillows, allowing my nails to dig into his forearm.

“More,” I begged, not caring about how disgustingly desperate I sounded. Chanyeol inserted a third finger, deliciously stretching out my walls. I could feel the familiar knot forming in my stomach as Chanyeol’s thumb worked at my clit. I shut my eyes, my lips parting as harsh pants fell from my mouth.

“I can tell you’re close, babe,” Chanyeol stated as he quickened his pace, relentlessly driving his thick fingers into my core. I nodded with a stifled moan, rocking my hips against his skilled fingers, nearing dangerously close to the edge. Chanyeol applied even more pressure on my clit, running his thumb in quick circles. That was all it took. I cried out his name as I came around his fingers, a wave of pleasure washing over my entire body. Chanyeol kept pumping until I was totally spent. He pulled his fingers out of me and brought them to my lips, allowing me to taste myself.

“Good girl,” Chanyeol hummed. He wasted no time in undressing himself, removing his sweatpants and boxers in one fell swoop, his erection slapping against his stomach. Chanyeol was certainly well endowed and if his fingers caused my walls to sting, I knew his dick would fucking destroy me. He gathered the precum that had collected and swirled it around the head of his cock, lubricating himself with his own arousal. He reached into the bedside table and grabbed a condom, opening the package with his teeth and discarding the wrapper. He pulled the condom down his length, hissing as the rubber snapped against his skin.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” He asked as he hovered over me, his large hands gently gripping my hips.

“Do you even have to ask?” I laughed breathlessly, knowing that this was the most I had ever wanted someone. Chanyeol smirked at me as he ran the tip of his cock down my slit, ogling over my wetness. His head brushed over my clit several times, each time pulling an involuntary groan from the back of my throat. Chanyeol bit his lip as he slowly entered me, my wills still sensitive from my last orgasm.

“Fuck, Chanyeol,” I cried out as I looked down at his length buried inside my drenched core. Chanyeol dropped his head into the crook of my neck, his breath fanning over my sweat dampened skin.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he grunted. I gripped onto his shoulder, signalling him to continue, but he refused to move.

“Chanyeol,” I groaned.

“What baby?” He asked, a playful smirk tugging at his lips. How could he have so much control over himself?

“Please…” I whined.

“Please what?”

“Please, do something,” I cried desperately, bringing my fingers down to my clit to help myself. Chanyeol slapped my hand away and scolded me, a lazy smirk plastered to his face.

“Babe, just tell me what you want me to do.” I was far beyond the point of being embarrassed. I was absolute putty in Chanyeol’s hands and I was fucking desperate for him.

“Please, just fuck me already,” I begged. Just like that, Chanyeol pulled out and rocked his length back into me, his grip on my hips tightening.

“Fuck,” I panted. Chanyeol continued thrusting into me at an even pace, his dick filling my walls just right. I took this time to admire him, the way his hair had fallen in his face and how the sweat had stuck to his skin. I needed more of him.

“Faster,” I barely managed to say. Chanyeol began barreling into me, his hair falling against my neck as he leaned down to suck on my collar bone. His fingertips dug into my hip bones, surely bruising the soft skin. I raked my nails down his back, feeling his muscles twitch under the harsh contact. Chanyeol hissed against my skin, the pain only egging him on. He somehow managed to quicken his pace, his headboard now banging against the wall, my body being pounded into his mattress. The stinging between my legs was excruciating, but for some reason, I fucking loved it. I bit down on my lip, the slight taste of blood mixing with my saliva.   

“Chan-yeol,” I cried, practically able to feel his thrusts hit the back of my throat.

“Hmm,” he grunted against my neck.

“I’m close,” I breathed. Right when he was about to say something, there was a sudden knock at the door. My eyes widened as I felt my body jump out of my skin. I tried to push Chanyeol off of me, but he only slowed inside of me, his hand quickly clamping over my mouth and holding me in place.

“Shhh,” he said, seemingly unphased, “don’t worry, the door’s locked.”

“Chanyeol?” Someone called from the other side, “It’s Sehun, can I come in?”

“I’m about to hop in the shower,” Chanyeol called out as he continued to slowly thrust into me. I moaned into his hand, tasting the sweat that had accumulated on his skin.

“Oh alright, text me if you want to do something later,” the voice responded as I heard footsteps shuffling away. Chanyeol took his hand off of my mouth and pushed my hair out of my face, grinning down at me. He began quickening his pace as if picking up where we had left off before the interruption. His thrusts were painfully deep and he managed to hit my sweet spot every fucking time. I threw my head back, my eyes screwing shut. Chanyeol had turned me into a moaning mess, rendering me totally incoherent.

“I’m- going to-”

“Oh no, not yet baby,” Chanyeol grunted as he sucked harshly at the soft spot behind my ear.

“Just, fuck!” I screamed as I gripped the blanket, tears threatening to spill from my eyes as I struggled to catch my breath. I threaded my fingers through Chanyeol’s hair and harshly tugged at the strands. I wrapped my legs around his waist, digging my heels into base of his spine, pulling him deeper inside me.

“Fuck,” Chanyeol breathed as he filled me completely, totally bottoming me out. He let out a low, strangled moan, his voice rumbling through my body as he began pounding into me, somehow reaching deeper than before.

“Shit,” I cried out. It hurt. It hurt so fucking good, his thrusts sending electric pulses throughout my body. My entire being was buzzing with the Godly sensation of pain mixing with pleasure.

“Fuck,” I breathed. Chanyeol brought his finger to his mouth, sucking on the tip and running the slick digit over my swollen bundle of nerves. I completely lost it, finally hitting my second high. My walls clenched around Chanyeol as I orgasmed, pulling him over the edge. His thrusts grew sloppy as his breathing became erratic, a string of curses falling from his bruised lips. I felt him twitch inside me, releasing into the condom. He continued thrusting into me a few more times to ride out his high.  

I just laid there, brushing my hair out of my face and attempting to catch my breath. Chanyeol slowly pulled out of me with a low moan. I watched as he pulled the condom off his sensitive cock, hissing at the painful feeling. I looked up at his face, taking in his flushed cheeks and wonderfully swollen lips. My eyes trailed down his body, admiring the way the sweat had accumulated on his skin. Chanyeol reached out towards me and brushed a couple strands of hair out of my face, tucking them behind my ear.

“What are you staring at?” He asked with a devious smirk. I shook my head, feeling embarrassed that he had caught me admiring him. Oh well. Chanyeol pulled on his boxers and handed me the box of tissues from the night stand.

“Thanks,” I said as I went to sit up. I quietly winced at the sudden pain between my legs, deciding to wipe myself off while laying down. I tried to be quiet, not wanting Chanyeol to see me in the state I was in. I immediately discarded the used tissues and tried to stay still. Chanyeol sat next to me, reaching down and running his finger across the bruises he had left on my neck, shaking his head with a sigh.

“Was I too rough with you?” He asked sincerely as he placed his sheets over my body.

“No,” I answered, holding the material over my chest. Chanyeol cocked an eyebrow at me, looking down at my legs.

“Then sit up.” I did as I was told, but the pain between my legs was obvious and it turned simple movements into a fucking hassle.

“I’m just sore,” I admitted as I shrugged my shoulders. I knew he wanted to be sorry, but I could tell he felt accomplished knowing he fucked me so hard I couldn’t even walk right.

“So,” he began quietly, “we’re really not supposed to have girls in our rooms.” Too late. In all honesty, I could take the hint. He wanted me to leave. I didn’t know him at all, and we both got what we wanted, so it didn’t really matter to me.

“Okay, I can go-”

“I don’t want you to leave, though. Plus, it’d be really fucking douchey of me kick you out,” he stated as he handed me one of his t-shirts, a plain black one that would definitely be large on me. He flashed me a smile as he combed his fingers through his hair.

“Are you sure?” I asked. Chanyeol took the shirt he gave me and pulled it over my head.

“I’m positive,” he said with a sweet grin. He laid down next to me and beckoned me to join him. I smiled as I rested my head against his chest, his arm wrapping around my shoulder and his fingers delicately running through my hair. Chanyeol pulled the covers over us, the warmth from his body and the blankets totally engulfing me. I pulled out one of my arms and pointed at the gifts gathered by the coffee table.

“You must have a lot of fans. Just how famous is your band?” Chanyeol took my hand in his and brought it to his lips, softly kissing the back of it. He replied in a sleepy voice,

“We’ll just have to save that story for tomorrow morning.”

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#i want to write malec with guns so badly' do it jdhjkdf kill us with the power couple <3


i already have so many aus where they have guns that are just chilling in my head and i would love to write one long form but i’m gonna give you and myself something to tide me over

under heavy grey skies that were threatening rain, the city was impassive and unchanging, slick lines of glass and metal, skyscrapers reaching like jagged fingers towards the sky. and underneath them, magnus reclined against the slick black mustang, all of the harsh lines of his black suit lit up by the bleak light just before a storm. drenched in black like that, with his hair slicked up and the goatee around his mouth standing out against his skin, he was beautiful and you didn’t have to be smart to know this man was deadly. there was something sharp about every single one of his edges, something too calm about the way he reclined, like every single one of his muscles was taut and ready to jump into action. and honestly, they were. which was why the minute he heard a door behind him he reached into his jacket, fingers curling around his pistol.

the way he turned was so painfully fluid, forearms resting steady on the top of the mustang, the gun steady in his hand and his painted fingernails curled around the trigger, as lanky legs and a matching black suit sped down the steps towards the car. there was a shot, glass breaking, but alec didn’t stumble for a second. however magnus’s attention wasn’t on him, it was on the man who stepped out of the building after alec, a heavy kind of anger resting in his face, and a shotgun settled in his hands. magnus didn’t give him a second to use it.

the shot was clean, it rung out through city streets, a headshot leaving the man and his gun dropping to the floor. magnus paused only for a second to smirk, before he went for the door to the car.

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it is a loud sunday morning at 221b, all laughter and shouting and causing a ruckus, wrestling and tickling one another, staticy music spilling out of an ancient radio set by one of the windows, a rare morning of sunlight, mrs hudson bustling in with a tea tray and scones with jam and giggling when sherlock lays a big kiss onto her cheek so that she goes back downstairs with a smile, the both of them yelling crossword clues and answers across the flat in turns as sherlock pokes around an experiment in the kitchen and john lounges lazily on the sofa, where sherlock finds him to give him a kiss and a tickle, john teasing sherlock pretending to be asleep but then grabbing the belt of his dressing gown and tugging him back to the sofa when he tries to fluff off in an obviously false huff of wayward curls and soft pyjamas, pulling him down, kissing him soundly, licking the indignant giggle out of his mouth

Guys. Lucretia erased a lot of information. Like, a lot. It left the world unable to remember the relics it had waged war over her friends were left in a staticy haze, and Davenport’s mind was so altered the only thing he could remember on a good day was his name. Fisher’s abilities had taken everything away from all of them at Lucretia’s behest but…her friends weren’t the only ones affected.

The whole world knew about these relics, about their power, about their thrall. The names of the seven relics were practically household, so all of that info was erased, right? So what happened to those lost in the relic wars? Wouldn’t they also be forgotten, if the reason they died was too?

Somewhere, there is a little orc girl sitting in a chair that’s far too big for her or her mother, but they can’t quite remember whose chair it was. After a year or two, they stop trying.

A halfling teenager wears a necklace around their neck, one portion to a Best Friends pendant. Who has the other half, they have no idea. But every time they look at it, their heart aches for a face they can’t recall. After a while, the chain breaks and the pendant skitters away, and the halfling forgets to search for it almost as quickly as they forget it’s existence.

A dwarf knows there’s something missing when he studies a family portrait hanging above the mantle. It holds the figures of him and his mother and his siblings…and one other person. A father? A brother? An aunt? He doesn’t quite know, and his mind turns to static before he can come up with an answer.

Millions. Dragon-born, human, elf, orc…everyone lost at least one person to the violence. Even if they hadn’t been battling directly for the artifact, there was collateral damage. The towns that the Phoenix Fire Gauntlet decimated. The villages drowned by the Gia Sash’s power. The people cut down by armies brought to life by the Oculus. How many were killed when that child used the Philosopher’s Stone to turn their village into candy? At least dozens, probably a few hundred. All of these people had stories. All of these people had people who cared. And one day, all of these people just…disappear. from homes, from history, from memory itself. Did Lucretia even consider that when she fed her journal to Fisher?

I don’t know, guys. This is kind of fucking me up.

the thing is i actually really like SU angst, but not the kind that questions/erases how much the Crystal Fam love, care about, and strive to do right by each other, which seems to be a lot of it…so I’m gonna be the change I want to see in the world right now

here are some thoughts about older!Steven (or at least more-experienced Steven) acting as the team medic, like when YD lands and stuff:

  • Garnet steeling her jaw like a vice, her back supported on Steven’s arm as he heals a hairline fissure in her (Ruby, although who knows how much that distinction matters) gem with a little give-your-ol-mom-a-kiss peck, and then frantically licks his fingertips to see to other wounds, murmuring ‘keep ‘er together guys it’s not over yet’
  • Amethyst squirming in his gentle hug, yelling ‘I’M GOOD, I’M GOOD! LET ME AT ‘ER!’ while Steven tries to inform her that this is not a good plan. She breaks free and levels a high-impact hit on their foe, spin dash style, but comes out on the other side a little shaky fluff curled up on the ground. Steven rushes to her side and tries not to say I told you so. ‘Had to soften ‘em up for ya, Tiger. What’s a tag-team for?’ she manages, before grunting ‘hang on to me okay?’ and poofing
  • Pearl knocked out with a hard blow to the gem, her head twitching in Steven’s lap as staticy, frantic, disjointed holograms–half-formed memories of a millennia-long fight–writhe and buzz over them. Tears come to his eyes when he hears his mother’s voice, glitchy and disconnected from any related image, murmur ‘You have to stop doing this.’ They spill over when Pearl mouths ‘I’m trying.’ When he heals her he’s braced to be called the wrong name again, but instead she flings her arms around him and says ‘STEVEN, you did it!!’ with so much pride he forgets about crying.

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Spark merging headcanons for tfp Shockwave? Im love my boy...


  • He’s reluctant for a long time before you two spark merge. Emotions are difficult for him and part of him is afraid one day he’ll just… wake up not loving you anymore.
  • It’s overwhelming for both of you the first time, but especially for Shockwave. He jolts and his vocalizer glitches while his optic flashes. You nearly have to stop.
  • It’s a torrent of emotions, and he clutches you close and repeats “I love you, I love you” over and over in a staticy voice.
  • He buries his helm into the crook of your neck. You swear you feel something wet fall on your shoulder.
  • Afterwards he cuddles you close, rubbing your back. 
  • For a while his EM field is a mess of emotions and he’s shaking; he doesn’t know what to do with all these feelings. 
  • You notice subtle changes in his behavior. He spends more time out of his lab, brushes your servo in passing, and comes to berth on time. 
History [Rafe Adler] [1]

Pairings: Rafe x Reader

Request: none

About: Working with the reunited trio of Nate, Sam and Sully, the reader finds themselves wound up with someone they share a lot of history with. 

Warnings: none

Inspiration: x

Part 2

Originally posted by ughrafe

“Rafe,” you said carefully, feeling your stomach twist and turn into an abundance of knots.

“(Y/N),” he acknowledged, nodding his head. The silence between the two of you was suddenly awkward; it’d been many years since the two of you had seen each other, and you hadn’t exactly left on the best of terms. “You look well.”

You felt heat crawl up your neck as you took in the sight of Rafe in his white tux, and your mind drifted to your once probable wedding. Would he have worn something like this? “As do you, Alder,”

“I was wondering if I’d ever see your face around these sorts of things again,” Rafe admitted, a small smile on his face as he suddenly looked towards the ground, adjusting his grip on his scotch glass. “It’s been a long time.”

“Yeah, it has,” you sighed, folding your arms over.

“Would you like a drink?” He offered, looking slightly sentimental and genuine, and for a brief moment, you felt something set alight inside of you and you smiled.

“Yes; thank you,” you agreed, smiling at him sweetly as he walked away. The moment he was out of sight, you let out a huff of air, feeling your skin turn hot. “Did you hear that?” You questioned quietly, adjusting your earpiece quietly.

“Yeah,” Nate responded first, “Rafe’s here.”

You chewed on your lip, suddenly feeling very torn. The trio had no real awareness of your history with Rafe, though knew you had been somewhat romantic but thought you had lost touch altogether after Sam’s presumed death. 

“Sounds like he’s getting you a drink,” Sam added, “he’s into you.”

“I should hope so,” you thought, twiddling your ring finger. A warm, gentle hand lay on your shoulder and you turned, being greeted with that smug assholes grin again, his hand holding out a flute of champagne for you. 

“Thank you,” you smiled, taking the drink and immediately having a sip. “You know, I was thinking,”

“Yes? About what?” Rafe questioned, turning his body toward you. His gaze was not subtle as he looked you up and down again, and you shifted your arms a little to express your discomfort. 

“I haven’t seen you in forever and we didn’t leave on the greatest of terms, really,” you decided, biting on your nude-painted lip. “And I suppose I should explain everything to you before it get’s messy.”

“Messy?” Rafe laughed. “Why would it get mess-” 

Noticing how his voice trailed off and his eyes darted aside, you turned your head to realise that he’d spotted Sully, who was caught up in a conversation with a woman you didn’t recognise. You felt your heart sink in your chest.


He moved past you swiftly, heading casually towards your companion. 

“Oh. Like, “dead”, out?” The woman asked, her eyes a little wider with curiosity than when you had first stolen a glance from her. 

“Oh, no. More like “retired”,” Sully said with a smile. “Last I heard, he settled down, got married.”

“Hm,” Nadine responded, taking a sip from her drink.

“Well, then he might as well be dead, right?” Rafe laughed, shaking Sullivan’s hand. 


“Excuse me,” you said quietly, stepping aside and taking yourself to the bathroom, fiddling with your hand again before uneasily clutching the marble counter of the sinks.

“Everything alright?” You heard Nate ask. “Sounded ‘messy’.”

“Hmm,” you responded, “I’m sorry, Nate.”

He was quiet for a while. He hadn’t known about you and Rafe, nor had the other two. It’d probably hurt their feelings, after everything. You couldn’t help the way you felt about him, and you desperately hoped that Nate understood that.

“It’s okay,” he said, finally. “He’s not worth your time.”

“I don’t know, Nate,” you breathed out, clutching the marble edges of the sink. “We were engaged.”

“Aw, Jesus, (Y/N),” Nate cussed. “How on Earth did you and him-”

“The auctions starting,” Sully warned quietly. 

“What’re you going to do, (Y/N)?” Sam asked. 

Suddenly you felt extremely dramatic. Here you were, a probable asset to the trio who desperately needed as much help as they could. You clenched your fists and readjusted your posture. 

“Don’t worry about me,” you said, “just get on with the plan. He’s not worth my time, anyway. Prick.”

“Well get on out here, the assholes started bidding,” Sully ushered you. You quickly glanced over at yourself in the mirror before frowning and turning out and heading back towards the auction, snatching up a spare paddle that was dotted around the room. 

“Do we have any other bids?” The lady asked.

Sully raised his paddle.

“We have one hundred thousand euros in the room,” she announced, to which the crowd stared at Sully, and then back to Rafe who lifted his paddle, a lace of annoyance to his face. 

The bidding continued to rise, until Sully began to hesitate. Stealing a glance from Rafe, who noticed you in the room, you lifted your paddle.

“Two hundred thousand euros,” the lady noticed, nodding towards you as a spotlight shone towards you.

“Five hundred thousand euros; let’s get this show on the road,” Rafe said, and you smiled to yourself. It was a small victory and you were going to take it, and-

The lights suddenly shut off, and in your rushed panic of emotions towards Rafe, your feet stood frozen solid, unable to move. As the lights came back on, his eyes turned towards the crucifix which everybody realised with a gasp that it’d vanished. 

In the panicked flurry of the crowd, Rafe immediately made his way towards you and snatched your wrist, dragging you out of sight before throwing his paddle to the ground with a loud clatter.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” He spat, his grip still hard on your wrist until you yanked it away. You suddenly felt very immature for the little stunt you had just pulled before quickly remembering why you did it. It was for Sam’s freedom, right?

“You don’t get to talk to me like that, Rafe,” you said firmly, stepping backwards. “We’re done here.”

“We are not done here,” he said, “you don’t get to make the decisions anymore.”

“Rafe, I-”

“We’re leaving,” he grabbed your arm again, pulling you with him. “And there is no way on hell I am letting you go back to that triage of fools with all that you know.”

“What on Earth do you mean?” You asked. 

“Everything I told you,” Rafe’s grip tightened, “everything about Henry damn Avery and his goddamn ship.”

“I know that you might be a little obsessed with his treasure, Rafe,” you shook your head, “but that doesn’t interest me. I’m sorry, but we are done here.”

“You are not leaving without me-”

“Get your hands off of me,” you warned, pushing him. You cursed yourself for having tried to give him a chance not that long ago. What the hell was going on in your head?

“Shit, (Y/N), what’s going on?” Nate asked, his voice staticy and distant. “We need to get out of here!”

“You are not leaving me again,” Rafe said, less angrily, his hair slightly mussed from where he had pulled at it from stress. His eyebrows furrowed together and your breath hitched, the closeness alarming and frightening you. In that brief moment, you made a decision.

“Go without me,” you said hurriedly, reaching for your earpiece. You could handle Rafe, you knew him better than anyone. As long as the trio got out in one piece, you’d be happy. 

“What? (Y/N)?” Sam called.

You ripped the earpiece out. 

“If I come with you,” you took in a sharp breath, “you leave them be.”

Rafe hesitated. “I make no promises.”

You narrowed your eyes, “Rafe.” You warned.

“Look- fine. I won’t kill them,” he said, “good enough?”

Sighing, you realised that’s all you were going to get out of him for now. Nodding your head, you went with him. 


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Somewhere in the dark streets below you, amid the beggars and drunks, a shot rang through the night. Followed by another, then the howl of a dog in the glow of the full moon. Then running feet, people fleeing from the scene as the victim lay gasping for air and spluttering blood.

In the comfort of your apartment, you shot up from sleep in a cold sweat. You gasped for air too, looking around in the dark for something, you just weren’t sure of what. You woke abruptly, as if you were in the middle of everything occurring outside, and yet you didn’t know anything about it at the same time.

Still, you couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong gas you failed to fall back to sleep, wishing more than anything you weren’t alone. And that everyone you loved was ok.

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Talking to @geek-fashionista about that new Voltron image with Shiro and Matt and she told me to just imagine Matt getting to talk to Pidge through Shiro’s communicator. So I did. ^_^ Enjoy!


There was as sudden crackling noise by Shiro’s head, causing him to flinch involuntarily before he realized it came from the speakers inside his helmet. His breath caught in his throat as an impossible hope swelled up and grabbed his lungs.
“Shiro?” Matt was looking at him, concerned. “What is it?” But all the Paladin could do is raise his hand for him to wait.
“Hello?” he asked, a touch louder than he normally might. “Is anyone there? Team Voltron, can you hear me? Do you copy?”
“….-ro? ….ou th…”
A snatch, oh God, a tantalizing snatch of a familiar voice.
“Hello? Yes, I’m here! Guys? Can you hear me?”
“…hear…Yes! There we go! Shiro?! Do you copy?” Coran!
He gasped in relief, his exhale almost sounding like a sob. “Yes, I copy! I hear you loud and, well, mostly clear!” His grin was so wide and honestly happy that Matt couldn’t help but smile, too, watching him. He could hear little snatches of the voice on the other end of the communication, like listening to someone else’s phone conversation. Suddenly, though, Shiro grabbed him by the arm and brought him closer, so they were facing each other. “Is everyone alright? Is everyone there?”
“We’re alright,” Allura’s voice came through only about half staticy. “We’re all here and have been turning the universe upside down trying to find you.”
Shiro laughed. “Well, you found me. And not just that. Pidge? You listening?”
“Yeah, I’m here,” she sounded happy, if maybe a little confused. Why was Shiro singling her out? She probably would have paid money to see Matt’s expression at the exact moment he heard his sister’s voice.
“There’s someone here who wants to talk to you.”
The two former prisoners shared a significant look, laden on a breathless moment in the heartbeat before Matt unstuck his voice and said, “Katie…?”
There was some kind of choked noise that got mostly lost in static, then a sudden confusion of voices clambering on top of each other.
“Is that who I think it is?!” “You broke her!” “She can CRY? I didn’t know she could cry!!” “Your name is KATIE?”

Shut Up

Yay day 2 of whump week!! Only a couple minutes late,,, Well, day 2 is hypothermia and this is what I got. Significantly longer and better than day 1, I think. Also yay to more klance amiright haha,,

Lance hated this mission. To the highest degree of hate you could feel, Lance hated it. This planet was way too cold. And he would not stop saying so. Even if he had a job to do, it wasn’t going to stop his complaining.

“Lance, can you shut up for one moment and focus on the mission,” Keith grunted into the comms.

“I am focusing. Worry about yourself, mullet,” Lance responded, his pout made known through his voice.

“Both of you, stop it. The Galra will be here any second to take these people’s treasure. We must defend it with all we have,” Allura interrupted their bickering.

That shut both of them up. The princess had an uncanny knack for that, shutting people up. Lance sighed and looked around from his perch. The people on this ice planet had a treasure related to their culture that Lance didn’t remember fully. All he knew was that it was very important to them and held some sort of power the Galra wanted to use. So the Paladins of Voltron were here to protect it. Keith waited on a ledge across from Lance, sword at the ready. Hunk, Allura, and Pidge waited below, hiding behind a wall of rocks. The treasure waited in the middle of an icy lake, a smooth and shiny blue ball sitting on a stone podium.

“Get ready, Paladins, the Galra are heading your way,” Coran’s staticy voice reached them from the Castle.

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His High Lady - Part 3

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His Soldier//Part 1//Part 2//Part 2.5

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