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Glad I did answer :p I have the worst memory ever Hahahhaa and here it's pretty sunny, went to the beach today, but only for 2 hours :/ I want to experience snow and cold though, it'd be awesome.

Come visit meee!! There’s no doubt we will have snow again this year :)

staticrougecurves asked:

Well, been busy with work and kind of been lazy these days. Hahaha, btw, did I ever answer back on the post to help with an outfit idea? I was searching through my tags today and I just saw the answer to my ask. If I didn't, i'm so sorry :( Not sure where my head was. How's the weather? And the chances of you coming to Aruba? :D

I think you did, and thank you for that! :) I ended up forgetting to check back on tumblr because I was rushing though. Weather is complete shit lmao Its 80 one day then 30 the next, ridiculous right? Aruba seems to be put off because my dad is busy building a new shop but I’m pretty sure after that Aruba is definitely on the map!!! I need to ask him for sure next time I see him, I don’t car about the business part of the trip I just want to shop, sunbathe, and hang out with you XD