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hey can u give me a brief synopsis of the cryptid video i’m a scared baby and i don’t wanna watch it

sure! there’s no jumpscares, i promise you. just some creepy music and dark’s creaking noises.

but the whole video is that: you wake up in the van, its dark out, except for the tv static going on. you turn on a flashlight and look around the van, and there’s this ominous deep spooky voiceover that echoes, and its a little hard to make out but some parts i think say “we were going to do great things together” and “i saved you”(?) and then you check the temperature of the tv, but you think that the reading on it isn’t right, so you toss it to the ground. then you hear the echoey voice say “go back to sleep”, before you turn off the tv. you look around the van one last time before you turn off your flashlight. and that’s pretty much about it. 

Reposting because I forgot Don’t Play This Game (or as Mark called in on Twitter Don’t Play His Game)

I’m not worried
It’s not like Dark has a history with videos that start with don’t
I’m sure that voice was nothing, and it certainly doesn’t related back to when we were in Mark’s van in the Halloween video staring at the TV static

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You wake up. The night terrors seemed to be getting worse. Each time you sleep, you remember what happened. The shot. And how it happended. You brace your stomach, squeezing it tightly; just to check. No wound. No bullet hole. You sigh, and turn to see the old tv flashing static. You hear him. You hear them. Your eyes begin to water and you start hyperventilating. You hear his voice; not theirs. You check around, turn off the tv, and try to sleep. Just trying - violet


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We don't remember. We don't know of we should remember. We reach for the television

The static is loud, too loud to sleep through, and we squint through the blinding light. The car is off, the world around us quiet and dark, almost peaceful. It was peaceful when we went to sleep, a familiar, friendly space on the seat almost entirely obscured by dog hair. Wasn’t it?

We don’t remember.

We scramble upright, breathing a little heavily. We’ve seen too many horror movies to not believe that a white-dressed girl with long hair and too-long, skinny limbs is about to crawl through the screen. A moment, then our mind catches up to our racing heart. It’s only a television, after all. It couldn’t have turned itself on. Someone, or something, must be here. We look around, hoping for a clue. Mark playing a prank? Someone? Anyone?

We don’t know if we should remember.

The static seems to be forming a picture, but it hurts our eyes too much to look. We’re bleary, and push ourselves forward, flashlight flicked on. Mark was right– we are scared of the dark. The static and the white noise doesn’t seem so monotone anymore. There’s a ringing, a creaking, like broken bones or the settling of a house. We swear that we can hear a voice, echoes of the day before. We suddenly wish that we weren’t so alone. Nothing for it, we think, swallowing our fear, but to go back to sleep. No reason to become conspiratorial, right?

We reach for the television.

Don’t Remember Theory

So a while back I made this gif of Mark:

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I was surprised Mark liked it (and the 2,000+ notes thanks guys), so I thought he he was confirming that there wouldn’t be any Darkiplier stuff just goofy van videos. At least for a while. :3

I was SO sure he wasn’t going to pull any Darkiplier crap on us but… Today he released the video “Don’t remember”.

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I realized the static on the TV in the video is the same as the static towards the end of WKM. Is Darkiplier capable of leaving his reality and bleeding into ours through the static? I really love the world Mark and Teamiplier created through visuals.

But another thing caught my eye:

Don’t blink

Don’t move

Don’t Play this Game

Don’t remember 

Those are titles to previous Darkiplier videos. 

Remember guys, Darkiplier is a social manipulator, he wants us to do the opposite. Reverse psychology. So by that logic, he wants us to remember. What he wants with us though, maybe something sinister? For example, he can’t get to Markiplier but we can so he can manipulate us to kill hurt him. Or he can trick us into helping him possess Mark. 

Ahhhh, and most of all, when Darkiplier says, “go back to sleep”, I think it’s ironic because it’s 1:35 AM here and I can’t sleep! Thanks Dark, now I’ll lose my beauty sleep.

Don’t remember (spoiler warning)

(this is a story don’t worry XD)

Dark sat silently in the van, no noise leaving him, not even his usual ringing. He watched your sleeping figure before sighing and smiling softly. He still remembered, but, at the same time, he didn’t. He frowned slightly before looking forward and sighed. He sat in silence before hearing your breathing pick up. He looked back at you before tilting his head…who was this person?

You jumped awake before looked around the van, sighing, and looking at the static TV, confused as to why it was still on. You grabbed your flashlight and used it to help you look around, not quite sure why you had decided to sleep in a van. You looked back at the TV before hearing a soft ringing along with a voice.

“Do you remember,” the voice asked softly. You were confused as you looked around the small van, not knowing where the source of the sound was. “I said, we were going to do great things together.”

You grabbed a laser thermometer and pointed it at the static TV, shaking it a few times, not knowing if what it read was correct or not. You sigh and toss the laser to the ground before looking forwards and started to turn off the TV. “Go back to sleep,” they whispered, just as you turned off the TV and plunged the back of the can into darkness yet again.

You looked around the van one last time before turning off your flashlight and laid down again, thinking it was just a nightmare. After you fell asleep, Dark reappeared by your side and looked down at your smaller figure. He smiled before laughing softly. Even if they couldn’t remember he was going to keep them, make sure they knew about him and what he did.

“Don’t worry,” he said in the same soft voice he had used just minutes before. “Now we’re, going to be together…forever.”

the signs as aesthetics

aries - dirty high tops, varsity jackets, sunrises, graffiti, pins and patches, lightning, live concerts, wide grins, lollipops, skinny jeans, matches, the moment before the drop on a roller coaster

taurus - flower crowns, oversized sweaters, mom jeans, mugs, leather, log fires, sunlight peeking through the window, leaves, succulents, journals, sleeping in on the weekends, messy buns

gemini - bright eyes, bicycles, overalls, new friends, art museums, iced coffee, infectious laughter, pastel colors, bubblegum, new books, speakers, yellow highlighter, singing in the shower

cancer - the beach, hair blowing in the wind, bath bombs, conch shells, balloons, the moon, soft serve, the sound of raindrops against the window, knee high socks, running barefoot, inspirational quotes

leo - gold stars, sparklers, mascara, romantic poetry, mirrors, sunflowers, running through a meadow, glitter, fairy lights, hot baths, monarch butterflies, sunny days, bright eyeshadow

virgo - french braids, calligraphy, bookstores, collared shirts, to-do lists, teacups, watercolors, mason jars, dainty hands, cuffed pants, fresh linens, classic literature, potted plants, bullet journals, clear aviators

libra - cotton candy clouds, bubble baths, cherry blossoms, lace, lip gloss, ferris wheels, gentle eyes, holding hands, pink lemonade, candy hearts, novels, birds chirping, strawberries, vintage cars

scorpio - sunsets, midnight conversations, driving on an empty highway, listening to the radio, rainy days, crescent moon, tv static, all-nighters, white sheets, the ocean

sagittarius - road trips, beanies, doodling, maps, getting lost, stargazing, forests, fireflies, polaroids, cameras, paint-stained jeans, light bulbs, messy ponytails, traveling the world

capricorn - architecture, silhouettes, sheet music, mountains, old books, coffee shops, high ceilings, history museums, skylines, nude lipstick, spiral staircases, neat handwriting, cobblestone

aquarius - combat boots, neon signs, geodes, starry skies, pool water, song lyrics, bulky headphones, space, telescopes, multi-colored fairy lights, smoke, activism, 24-hour gas stations, dyed hair

pisces - daydreaming, umbrellas, finger paint, sketchbooks, getting lost in your thoughts, ice cream trucks, earphones, leggings, sweatshirts, paint chips, swing sets, daisies, milkshakes, bubbles, scented candles


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